bonday with terai!

hurrraaaay for my jumpshot! well, there's more but i either looked like i was falling from a cliff or was pushed by some imaginary force from behind. either way, they looked crappy so i'm saving them for multiply sometime this week. hehehe terai doesn't want her jumpshots published but i will... soon. haha

that was at MoA btw. we didn't push through LB cos her meeting took 5 freaking hours! and i waited for around 2 hours at jollibee. which was good cos i was finally able to finish The Choice! grabe maaaaan, sobrang sakit ng dibdib ko! i wanted to cry so bad but i was in a public place and i didn't order anything at jollibee so nakkahiya naman magskandalo don. and i just put on eyeliner, thought it was too early to make a mess of myself. yon.

i missed spending the entire day out with my sister! and although we pretty talked about the same thing, her job and my crushes... what's cool is that err...we're in a different place?. uhh, not really. :P it was a very spontaneous day! MoA was out of the plan, i just thought of sm north, alice in wonderland, taters popcorn and siomai, but she suggested MoA! and we ended up with zagu, siomai, kfc and DQ! aaaaaall her treat! >:D >:D

oha! we were so tired after the jumpshooting haha. aba e ang hirap i-rehearse! timing is really the keeeey! one-two-press-jump! >:D best jumpshoot ever. no one is too heavy for a jumpshot! >:D

hmm... sige tulog na ko! >:D

crush ko parin pala sya after all... well, after i read his poem na mejo magulo pero cool kasi it's about God. >:) sana hindi na sya magyosi. >:(

haaaaaaay. ang sakit cos we can't beeeee. hintay naman kasi no!!!! >:(

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