bwahahaha! headache still isn't gone but i'm very very happy because of 2 things! (then later on i'll tell you the sad bits)

#1) i was depressed the whole night yesterday because i couldn't find my drawing notebook in my bag. that notebook contains 4 of my most precious artworks, 2 of which are unscanned and LOOOOT of doodles that contains heavy cheesyness and mild swearing. something i wouldn't want others to read. anyway, i found it at the library. it seemed that i left it when i was on duty. yey! >8D that alone made my day. >8D

#2) when i first saw it, i knew i was attracted to it and i mentally vowed to get it someday. well, today is that day. my sister bought me another drawing journal! BWAHAHAHA i'm never gonna run out of paper to draw on! plus it's more compact since it's smaller. it's also bloody red so i'm loving every part of it. i don't think it's cheap though. it's worth 248, kinda like a moleskine with the garter but at least, it's not moleskine. you see, my 2009 moleskine planner is a big failure! i sorta promised to write on every page, every day but i wasn't able to do so hahaha dahil dyan, i don't believe in daily planners anymore. monthly, sure! since all i have to do is put X marks every day. no effort. di ko alam kung ano ggawin ko sa moleskin na yon. pamigay ko na lang kaya? sayang ba? hmm...

yun lang. masaya na ko!

haaay dyusko, ang kulit ni blandy. ayoko pa naman ng hinuhuli kasi hindi ako makatakas. !@#$%^&*()

one day, nasa lib ako katabi ko si chamel. tapos biglang pumasok si JM at umupo two tables away from us, pero kaharap ko. O_O; hindi ko mapigilan ngumiti. at dahil muka na kong tanga, nakababa na nga yung ulo ko sa lamesa e... umalis ako sa lib. hindi ko kaya. nakangiti na ko forever. haaay majorcrush. naalala ko, gantong ganto rin ako kay leopardo. at least friends kami! wahaha!

craving for: regular pearl milk tea with extra pearls from zagu, beef chowfan sa chowking at siomai from master siomai. gutom na kooooo.

pahinging ketchup pleaase?? @___@;

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