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hi. I LOST MY ENTIRE LINKS LIST while doing this thing. so if you're part of it, sorry but i have no plans of reviving it (for now). i'm also narrowing the chances that this blog would appear at google if you search for your link. wala lang.

i like it because it's black and totally imageless. i'm under the impression that black webpages save energy (ever heard of blackle?). i'm also in a semi-dark mood right now for being extremely bored and dead-smitten with my majorcrush and photoshop refused to cooperate so, there, no header at all. xpasti huuuuh?

time check: 4:30am.

i really have nothing to tell you guys, except that i lied when i said i wanted this term to end already. xpasti


//ang lungkoooooot ng district9. naiyak ako. maybe because it was open ended pero di rin. hanggang ngayon depressed parin ako. chka ang labo e (SPOILER ALERT). why didn't MNU just help the aliens fix their mothership if they wanted to get rid of them? it doesn't seem like the prawns want to settle on earth naman. so why????

[ETA: ah, i think i already know. maybe it's because they want to further study their super advanced weapons technology, kasi ang kickass naman talaga. hahaha but it's nothing worth risking the entire planet for! weird parin.]

//eto, win! mika gave me an autographed copy of neil gaiman's the graveyard book! super awesome! yehey!

// ambient sounds pala tawag dun sa favorite mini concert ko sa trinoma. fridays-sundays, 12nn-2pm; 6-8pm. :) meron ulit kanina! cielo-piano duet naman. super cool. kaso, hmmm, minsan offkey yung cielo. violin na lang kasi. haha. oks. you know where to find me.


yehey. i'm done with the entire c++ project! :) print and burn na lang. hahaha XP i even uploaded the entire thing at ning for my classmates. :)

whew. awhile ago i felt so doooooown, i wanted to cry. basta. hahaha XP but a few things consoled me immediately naman like the wondergirls (or boys) video larz shared, kim's buddy poke (which is another reason i'm being swallowed alive by FB), airai winning immunity, and ingrid smacking JR on the head. pero diba, temporary lang yun.

i fucking hate men whose words cannot be taken for real. idiots who call themselves smart to impress people. guys whose overwhelming actions don't mean a thing. asses you cannot trust. liars, in general. they should all fucking die, rot in hell, and get skewered by satan. these freakin weeds should get completely combusted so they don't pollute the air. a tough experiment.

this is what i get being dead smitten with an undeserving jerk.

wahaha. i'm counting on next term to productively preoccupy myself.

swim swim swim

i knew it. i shouldn't have gone to school. it was a waste. i was looking forward to more loop examples (lol i still couldn't get the pow function to work. dmt) but our prof only gave the schedule of the final exams then dismissed us, without even getting the attendance. garupale and because we were all bored ('we', referring to dan, yeth and i. brian and pe, if you're reading this, we miss you already! wish you were there. wahaha!) and it's still too early to retire for the day, we decided to hit the pool at our clubhouse.


hohoho. it was fuuuuuun!!! just the break i needed (break from boredom, yeah). my mom doesn't even want me to push through cos i still have colds but that's the point in swimming nga eh. hahaha so i kinda sneaked out of the house. waha, suwail na anak.

whew. i love the pool and my dear friends! wahaha! ang saya lang eh! yun lang. wahaha it rained so hard during the afternoon so we weren't allowed to swim for a while baka tamaan daw kami ng kidlat so we just played basketball under the rain. super cool grabe kahit madulas ung court keri lang. wahaha thanks manong for the ball. sengihnampakgigi

thanks dan and yeth for this cool afternoon! peace

soooo, when i got home, walang kuryente! so sad. haha i was planning on blogging about the thing immediately pa naman. atat much! anyway, my parents invited me to church so i came with them. turned out we're attending a dinner banquet in celebration of our church's 21'st anniversary. coolness. kuh ledesma sang for us and delivered an amusing testimony on how she battled against her marital problems with Jesus and how she conquered them all. grabe talaga, i hate guys who dig homebreakers. useless jerks. i almost cried when she closed her message with the song 'Above All', so heartfelt! it's my all time favorite gospel song. btw, she's so pretty pala in person! she's like Loren Legarda, seriously! even the way she talks. hehehe

haha goodnight. wasn't able to watch survivor and tayong dalawa tuloy. haha xpasti


before the day ends,


minutes from now will be jomuel's birthday, but i'll keep the shoutout at FB instead. :)

so, right.
i say a lot of useless stuff when i'm bored so there, you have been warned.

my entire super long weekend was extremely boring (including this day), i'm kind of missing school already. not because i want to study, but because i miss being out of the house. yes, i miss my classmates too.nangih

i have no life. really. the minute part of it as of now revolves around school and the greater part is ONLINE. well, another tiny part goes to daydreaming about my majorcrush and thinking of ways to avoid being tangled up in false hopes. i suck at reading hints. plus i'm more unassuming than numb so i appreciate straightforward guys better. hm, i actually want to cool off with the internet for awhile so people wouldn't think i'm never offline. but i doubt that'll ever happen.

which is why i want to create a new layout (connected much?). a black one. to save energy. not really, i just want something new. see, i'm tired of this layout already. it's not even a week old! proves how much of a net potato i am. but but but, if i use a black background, the onion emoticons would look ugly because they're boxed with a white background. i'm pretty OC will these stuff. lol will compromise soon.

i'm missing a lot of people lately. specially majorcrush! yeah, it's not like i see him everyday. wait, i also miss my sister! she always goes home very tired, and she can't have the weekends for herself. which means, i won't have anyone to spend the weekends with outside anymore! even on sundays! sucks big time. i'm all alone nooooow.bising

mac texted me awhile ago about seeing 2 of our org tarpaulins posted at butterfly dorm (my previous dorm). he asked me if i took them from last year and i said no, cos i left that dorm 2 years ago, and the tarpaulins were made last year. freakin suspicious! and i could only think of one possible accusation: the "other" org stole them last year and a member of that org currently lives at butterfly. what else could it be? and why would they freakin post it? the event advertised on the tarps were dated last year. idiots, apparently.

oh i know now, it's our anniversary week already this september. swuzdacatch?

hey. i have a really bad body clock. i don't sleep in the afternoon now and i still can't sleep at night. wassup with me? so if i'm not online during the afternoon (hardly ever the case), i'm most probably watching dramarama sa hapon. hohoho.

i've mentioned how i hate marichuy from maria de jesus right? haha, i still hate her but earlier's episode was really romantic! gaaaawd, the two just got married.senyumkenyit well, i don't like both of them (LOL. can anyone spank me for consistently contradicting myself?), juan miguel's height wins it all but his head is too small for his body and his eyes are too big. but sometimes he's hot. like awhile ago senyumkenyit marichuy? i do like her cos she's pretty and she's not too skinny and her hair is so awesome but her acting, her flirtatious acting puts the fuck in what da. go figure. i don't really watch it everyday... but you see, mexicanovelas are the type of telenovelas that you can quit watching for a month and still know what happened, what's happening and what will happen.

lol. just buy my excuse! gatai

see, i knew it was juan miguel who raped marichuy in the earlier part of the series without even watching! it was so obvious and predictable.

so much for talking about something i claim to hate. banyakckp

mess (2 of 20)

finished (at long last!) awhile ago at wendy's sm fairview. sabi ko naman senyo i'm more creative when i'm out and bored. sengihnampakgigi

hakuna matata

what a wonderful phrase. most of the net memes i share here are from Lola Techie!

|| greta (alex de rossi) and ramon (coco martin) are the only reasons i watch Tayong Dalawa. i cried so much on the episode earlier because greta died protecting ramon. it was too tragic for menangih. i couldn't agree more if someone says Tayong Dalawa is really meant for the two of them. sengihnampakgigi i don't care about audrey, jr or dave. just die already and give the show to them, they act better anyway. i'm happy for ramon because next week, his fake emo bangs will be finally off. yehey.

|| i'm getting tired of tutoring our neighbors. it bores me and saps all my patience because they're kinda, yeah, you know? hahaha teaching isn't for me, but i have to force myself sometimes because i can't just throw them out when they've already barged in my room, right? and besides, they're a family friend. they're mom's clients. yeah roight! must remind them that i can't commit to them next term cos i'm going full load. senyumkenyit hohoho

|| i want to go out! to draw. i can't do it here because the internet always gets the better of me. hahaha

|| i wish i could learn cprompt better. i find it interesting. on another note, i wish i could learn more c++ at school, but it seems we're stopping at loops. that's not even what makes c++ hard right? i know it's not going to be useful in the future but i want to learn so much! it's like i dropped from too hard to too easy, and it's becoming toxic because i believe i'm capable of learning much more than this. sorry! i don't wanna sound bragging. forgive me because it's the first time i actually got interested in a subject which isn't art related. peace

|| i was wondering, if i was taking this at a different school (a relatively harder one), will i still be as interested? is it easy because i like it? or do i like it because it's easy? ah, i know! the interest will always be there, maybe if i were taking this at uplb, i would be in a i-like-it-but-it-doesn't-like-me-back case. haha, at least that's much better than the i-don't-like-it-and-it-doesn't-like-me-either case i had when i was still struggling through chemical engineering (which sucked up my entire life, btw). hmm...

|| it's 2am and i'm not sleepy.

gala galore

this afternoon, i went out with ate theresa again! same drill! dakilang tag along lang... basta lang makalabas. hahaha XP

robinson's metro east then ortigas then shang plaza then trinoma then sm north. wahaha

oha. naka-apat na mall kami! e anong ginawa ko dun? WALA! la naman akong pera e... hahaha banana-q nga lang gusto kong ma-encounter sa daan e, kaso di kami nagtagpo. sedih

@ sm north: may launch something yung joel cruz perfumes sa sky dome! madaming artistaaaa! sa loob! haha invitiational eh... or bibili ka ng pabango e di namin trip yun! ang trip john lloyd!!! haha pasilip silip lang kami everytime bubuksan yung door. henako. di namin sya mahintay so umalis na lang kami. but at least! nakita ko si alfred vargas chka si dennis trillo! waepek naman. lalo na si lovi poe at pauleen luna. kebs lang.

@ hohoho! nakahingi ako kay kuya krispy kreme ng adult hat! dahil tuwang tuwa ako, i walked around the mall wearing it. oks lng, di naman ako mukang tanga e. wahaha

@ then we went to check terai cos she's on duty! opening to closing pare! aww...

terai calling out customer #15.

wala lang.

stalker stage sister much?



it pays to be honest! sengihnampakgigi

on the other hand,
this is how it goes in the Philippines:
i'm somewhat biased but shit like what i've illustrated above still happens.
i never considered rallies as a diplomatic movement.


// i got my tin number at laaaaast. grabe naman, such a short process for a semi-long trip. -__-;

// then. i had to beg ate theresa (mommy's sec) na isama ako sa lahat ng lakad nya for this day because i was super bored at home! i have a head-splitting headache, a runny nose and a fever.... i shoudl've stayed na lang to rest but noooo.... parang lalo akong lalala sa bahay. wahahaha. i felt like i need to go out naman. what the fuck, right? chka oo, bigla akong nag-crave sa street food. kumain ako ng banana-q, calamares, squidball, isaw blahblahblah. yumyumyum. what a fulfilling day!
// my feet hurts!:sweaty: but at least, the headache is gone! hahaha! it was fun being with her! kasi naman i can talk about anything! wahaha especially about my majorcrush. sengihnampakgigi hohoho, i can't talk about it to my mom kahit na she's nagging me about it kasi ikkwento nya yun kay daddy, so.. patay. e lalo na kay terai! i tried! but she ends up being insecure, e ayoko naman non. hohoho. i miss my LB friends tuloy. henako, gusto ko naman ng girl friend. xpasti

// lam nyo yun??? ang dami kong kwento! gusto ko ng may ka-girl talk. teenager parin naman ako eeeeeh. maarte din! jelir

// last night a close friend of mine talked to me over y!m about her plans. na super similar to what i've just been through. you know, the shifting/transferring shit. shempre at this point it's soooo impractical na nga naman to shift out. graduating na sha e. buti kung irregular sha like me hahaha pero hindi eh. she has all the brains to endure her course (bs cs. ateneo). but she says it's becoming unbearable how she can't do what she really wants: graphic design.

tsk. what's it with artists and people who entered college at a young age?
alam nyo un? there are certain things in life that manifest only at a certain age. like passion. it takes time to actually acknowledge it. malas lang namin na mejo it's too late in our case.

naisip ko tuloy. kung mga 17 or 18 ako nagstart ng college, maybe i would be in a course na talagang gusto ko. yung hindi ko pinili because of its future monetary glitz. kasi i'm sure na on that age, i already know better than to sacrifice happiness for money. ows? naniniwala ba kayo sakin? hahaha

// dahil dyan. gooooood night. i feel drowsy. blur


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