maynila by dominic rubio

nice contrast sengihnampakgigi

that's another cool exhibit at the art center.

maynila by dominic rubio.

because i thought i needed some inspiration to get my drawing mojo back, i went to megamall to check out what's new in the galleries, what's up in cyberzone, and also to eat ice cream. nothing much, just one of the things i enjoy doing.encem

WWJD. what would joo do?

when your sister throws a tantrum in the bus, cursing loudly and throwing coins out the window just because the bus guy (ano ulit tawag dun kay manong ticket?) short-changed her?
whew! gooooose frabaaaaaa. it works. never ever decide on something out of rage cos it will only make matters worse.
what would happen to you if i weren't there? you silly girl.:siga:

Lord, why do you always use my sister to test my patience? sedih

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