the sound of losing someone

just woke up from a dream! bwahahaha. dreamt that i was in our programming class, and our teacher asked us to pair up and do something on photoshop. yeth was my partner, we finished early then played games. blah blah blah i played something like lineage II or adventure quest only it was cooler cos i was dressed up like a mage and i have a beautiful white winged unicorn and we were both fighting this black dragon in 3D blah blah blah supercooool, i know. i wasn't just playing it, i was in the game. virtual reality tops. but i lost, my unicorn was stabbed, sort of, then it became black and flew to the part of the clouds that would send us to the world of the dead. yes, with me! i kinda died as well. our short ascend to the world of the dead looked so dramatic cos suddenly, river flows in you by yiruma (the unofficial bella's lullaby), played in the background.

hehe. he was in my dream too, again! well, can't be too suprised, i have a mad crush on the guy after all. before finishing the photoshop assignment, i just stared blankly at him. well, he's kinda blank too. then goes the VR game and stuff. blah blah blah. somehow, i woke up depressed. it's the music's fault. -_-;

tomorrow night. tomatokick with BTS! :) mainly to get acquainted with larz's boyfriend. haha sabi ni inez eh! hahaha

:lamagawa:nakakatawa tong emoticon na to. lang magawa. hahaha

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