strawberry-banana ice cream please.

goooooood morning.

@ my mom woke me up and asked me to construct a letter to this AIG person regarding her stocks. they sent her a letter regarding a reverse split of common stocks. i just copy pasted the blasted term, i have no idea what it means. then my mom burst out saying how fucked up these AIG people could be for sending her something she can't understand.

i'm hating AIG now for sucking up my mom's dollars, and for sending her an overly incomprehensible letter (that i now have to deal with).

@ i'm getting the hang of bella's lullaby now! i can play it na! yehey! though i didn't finish the entire piece note-for-note because it just keeps on repeating itself. hohoho. i can't say i'm out of the curse, cos technically, i wasn't able to finish the 3 pages. hahaha ano baaaaaaa. -___-; playing bella's lullaby makes me want to buy a real piano, or a Casio CDP-200R (last check, 40k).


@ my teacher said i have a potential of becoming a good programmer. i don't believe him. i hardly take compliments seriously nowadays, especially in my new school. xpasti

@ oh right. i think i'm out of the school paper organ, they call it FCLC. i didn't attend today's meeting, which will decide the final staff members. whoever is absent gets eliminated. so, i'm out! hahaha i kinda hate compromising my siestas. and i also hate going home alone. ang babaw. pero i'd rather be with my friends (or be in my room sleeping) than draw for the school newsletter. hohoho


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