// i got my tin number at laaaaast. grabe naman, such a short process for a semi-long trip. -__-;

// then. i had to beg ate theresa (mommy's sec) na isama ako sa lahat ng lakad nya for this day because i was super bored at home! i have a head-splitting headache, a runny nose and a fever.... i shoudl've stayed na lang to rest but noooo.... parang lalo akong lalala sa bahay. wahahaha. i felt like i need to go out naman. what the fuck, right? chka oo, bigla akong nag-crave sa street food. kumain ako ng banana-q, calamares, squidball, isaw blahblahblah. yumyumyum. what a fulfilling day!
// my feet hurts!:sweaty: but at least, the headache is gone! hahaha! it was fun being with her! kasi naman i can talk about anything! wahaha especially about my majorcrush. sengihnampakgigi hohoho, i can't talk about it to my mom kahit na she's nagging me about it kasi ikkwento nya yun kay daddy, so.. patay. e lalo na kay terai! i tried! but she ends up being insecure, e ayoko naman non. hohoho. i miss my LB friends tuloy. henako, gusto ko naman ng girl friend. xpasti

// lam nyo yun??? ang dami kong kwento! gusto ko ng may ka-girl talk. teenager parin naman ako eeeeeh. maarte din! jelir

// last night a close friend of mine talked to me over y!m about her plans. na super similar to what i've just been through. you know, the shifting/transferring shit. shempre at this point it's soooo impractical na nga naman to shift out. graduating na sha e. buti kung irregular sha like me hahaha pero hindi eh. she has all the brains to endure her course (bs cs. ateneo). but she says it's becoming unbearable how she can't do what she really wants: graphic design.

tsk. what's it with artists and people who entered college at a young age?
alam nyo un? there are certain things in life that manifest only at a certain age. like passion. it takes time to actually acknowledge it. malas lang namin na mejo it's too late in our case.

naisip ko tuloy. kung mga 17 or 18 ako nagstart ng college, maybe i would be in a course na talagang gusto ko. yung hindi ko pinili because of its future monetary glitz. kasi i'm sure na on that age, i already know better than to sacrifice happiness for money. ows? naniniwala ba kayo sakin? hahaha

// dahil dyan. gooooood night. i feel drowsy. blur


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