yehey. i'm done with the entire c++ project! :) print and burn na lang. hahaha XP i even uploaded the entire thing at ning for my classmates. :)

whew. awhile ago i felt so doooooown, i wanted to cry. basta. hahaha XP but a few things consoled me immediately naman like the wondergirls (or boys) video larz shared, kim's buddy poke (which is another reason i'm being swallowed alive by FB), airai winning immunity, and ingrid smacking JR on the head. pero diba, temporary lang yun.

i fucking hate men whose words cannot be taken for real. idiots who call themselves smart to impress people. guys whose overwhelming actions don't mean a thing. asses you cannot trust. liars, in general. they should all fucking die, rot in hell, and get skewered by satan. these freakin weeds should get completely combusted so they don't pollute the air. a tough experiment.

this is what i get being dead smitten with an undeserving jerk.

wahaha. i'm counting on next term to productively preoccupy myself.

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