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awhile ago was epic cos we watched icon quest for a star. it was extremely hilarious. i never my noticed my classmates until now! when i heard one sing, i was like whoaaaaa dude, kinilig ako dun! //crush #1.

when i heard another, i was like shit! you nailed it dude! you nailed it! //crush #2.

when he walked upstage, i was like damn, how could you lose with that smile. fashion sense na lang kulang sayo bro. //crush #3.

when he played for intermission, i became a temporary secondhand serenade groupie. //crush #4.

these guys are awesome. i see so much potential in them. all they need is to, err, grow up. give or take a few years and they'll grow to be mature men (then i won't look like a pedophile hahaha).

and hey, they're all in my class (xept for #4).
one-night only crushes, yeah. hahaha :D

sucks to be old.

somehow, i feel guilty. *headdesk*

// you're right. what you're trying to get me into is something i'm least educated at. and apparently, you're not someone i want to get into this with. now don't say you're just trying to give me a piece of it (for experience), that's just stupid cos no one goes in this fucking thing alone. if you want me there, deal with me until we both decide to give it a slack.

// one thing you lack: sincerity. maybe i've grown numb, quite accustomed, or extremely unassuming, but i just don't see it in you. i'm drifting away from my feelings and it's good cos i realized i deserve someone more serious.

// i'm not against it. it's part of growing up. that is you. this is me. we seem pretty much in sync except for one matter, which breaks it all down.

// image building is part of the business. :\

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