before the day ends,


minutes from now will be jomuel's birthday, but i'll keep the shoutout at FB instead. :)

so, right.
i say a lot of useless stuff when i'm bored so there, you have been warned.

my entire super long weekend was extremely boring (including this day), i'm kind of missing school already. not because i want to study, but because i miss being out of the house. yes, i miss my classmates too.nangih

i have no life. really. the minute part of it as of now revolves around school and the greater part is ONLINE. well, another tiny part goes to daydreaming about my majorcrush and thinking of ways to avoid being tangled up in false hopes. i suck at reading hints. plus i'm more unassuming than numb so i appreciate straightforward guys better. hm, i actually want to cool off with the internet for awhile so people wouldn't think i'm never offline. but i doubt that'll ever happen.

which is why i want to create a new layout (connected much?). a black one. to save energy. not really, i just want something new. see, i'm tired of this layout already. it's not even a week old! proves how much of a net potato i am. but but but, if i use a black background, the onion emoticons would look ugly because they're boxed with a white background. i'm pretty OC will these stuff. lol will compromise soon.

i'm missing a lot of people lately. specially majorcrush! yeah, it's not like i see him everyday. wait, i also miss my sister! she always goes home very tired, and she can't have the weekends for herself. which means, i won't have anyone to spend the weekends with outside anymore! even on sundays! sucks big time. i'm all alone nooooow.bising

mac texted me awhile ago about seeing 2 of our org tarpaulins posted at butterfly dorm (my previous dorm). he asked me if i took them from last year and i said no, cos i left that dorm 2 years ago, and the tarpaulins were made last year. freakin suspicious! and i could only think of one possible accusation: the "other" org stole them last year and a member of that org currently lives at butterfly. what else could it be? and why would they freakin post it? the event advertised on the tarps were dated last year. idiots, apparently.

oh i know now, it's our anniversary week already this september. swuzdacatch?

hey. i have a really bad body clock. i don't sleep in the afternoon now and i still can't sleep at night. wassup with me? so if i'm not online during the afternoon (hardly ever the case), i'm most probably watching dramarama sa hapon. hohoho.

i've mentioned how i hate marichuy from maria de jesus right? haha, i still hate her but earlier's episode was really romantic! gaaaawd, the two just got married.senyumkenyit well, i don't like both of them (LOL. can anyone spank me for consistently contradicting myself?), juan miguel's height wins it all but his head is too small for his body and his eyes are too big. but sometimes he's hot. like awhile ago senyumkenyit marichuy? i do like her cos she's pretty and she's not too skinny and her hair is so awesome but her acting, her flirtatious acting puts the fuck in what da. go figure. i don't really watch it everyday... but you see, mexicanovelas are the type of telenovelas that you can quit watching for a month and still know what happened, what's happening and what will happen.

lol. just buy my excuse! gatai

see, i knew it was juan miguel who raped marichuy in the earlier part of the series without even watching! it was so obvious and predictable.

so much for talking about something i claim to hate. banyakckp

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