swim swim swim

i knew it. i shouldn't have gone to school. it was a waste. i was looking forward to more loop examples (lol i still couldn't get the pow function to work. dmt) but our prof only gave the schedule of the final exams then dismissed us, without even getting the attendance. garupale and because we were all bored ('we', referring to dan, yeth and i. brian and pe, if you're reading this, we miss you already! wish you were there. wahaha!) and it's still too early to retire for the day, we decided to hit the pool at our clubhouse.


hohoho. it was fuuuuuun!!! just the break i needed (break from boredom, yeah). my mom doesn't even want me to push through cos i still have colds but that's the point in swimming nga eh. hahaha so i kinda sneaked out of the house. waha, suwail na anak.

whew. i love the pool and my dear friends! wahaha! ang saya lang eh! yun lang. wahaha it rained so hard during the afternoon so we weren't allowed to swim for a while baka tamaan daw kami ng kidlat so we just played basketball under the rain. super cool grabe kahit madulas ung court keri lang. wahaha thanks manong for the ball. sengihnampakgigi

thanks dan and yeth for this cool afternoon! peace

soooo, when i got home, walang kuryente! so sad. haha i was planning on blogging about the thing immediately pa naman. atat much! anyway, my parents invited me to church so i came with them. turned out we're attending a dinner banquet in celebration of our church's 21'st anniversary. coolness. kuh ledesma sang for us and delivered an amusing testimony on how she battled against her marital problems with Jesus and how she conquered them all. grabe talaga, i hate guys who dig homebreakers. useless jerks. i almost cried when she closed her message with the song 'Above All', so heartfelt! it's my all time favorite gospel song. btw, she's so pretty pala in person! she's like Loren Legarda, seriously! even the way she talks. hehehe

haha goodnight. wasn't able to watch survivor and tayong dalawa tuloy. haha xpasti

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