hakuna matata

what a wonderful phrase. most of the net memes i share here are from Lola Techie!

|| greta (alex de rossi) and ramon (coco martin) are the only reasons i watch Tayong Dalawa. i cried so much on the episode earlier because greta died protecting ramon. it was too tragic for menangih. i couldn't agree more if someone says Tayong Dalawa is really meant for the two of them. sengihnampakgigi i don't care about audrey, jr or dave. just die already and give the show to them, they act better anyway. i'm happy for ramon because next week, his fake emo bangs will be finally off. yehey.

|| i'm getting tired of tutoring our neighbors. it bores me and saps all my patience because they're kinda, yeah, you know? hahaha teaching isn't for me, but i have to force myself sometimes because i can't just throw them out when they've already barged in my room, right? and besides, they're a family friend. they're mom's clients. yeah roight! must remind them that i can't commit to them next term cos i'm going full load. senyumkenyit hohoho

|| i want to go out! to draw. i can't do it here because the internet always gets the better of me. hahaha

|| i wish i could learn cprompt better. i find it interesting. on another note, i wish i could learn more c++ at school, but it seems we're stopping at loops. that's not even what makes c++ hard right? i know it's not going to be useful in the future but i want to learn so much! it's like i dropped from too hard to too easy, and it's becoming toxic because i believe i'm capable of learning much more than this. sorry! i don't wanna sound bragging. forgive me because it's the first time i actually got interested in a subject which isn't art related. peace

|| i was wondering, if i was taking this at a different school (a relatively harder one), will i still be as interested? is it easy because i like it? or do i like it because it's easy? ah, i know! the interest will always be there, maybe if i were taking this at uplb, i would be in a i-like-it-but-it-doesn't-like-me-back case. haha, at least that's much better than the i-don't-like-it-and-it-doesn't-like-me-either case i had when i was still struggling through chemical engineering (which sucked up my entire life, btw). hmm...

|| it's 2am and i'm not sleepy.

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