//ang lungkoooooot ng district9. naiyak ako. maybe because it was open ended pero di rin. hanggang ngayon depressed parin ako. chka ang labo e (SPOILER ALERT). why didn't MNU just help the aliens fix their mothership if they wanted to get rid of them? it doesn't seem like the prawns want to settle on earth naman. so why????

[ETA: ah, i think i already know. maybe it's because they want to further study their super advanced weapons technology, kasi ang kickass naman talaga. hahaha but it's nothing worth risking the entire planet for! weird parin.]

//eto, win! mika gave me an autographed copy of neil gaiman's the graveyard book! super awesome! yehey!

// ambient sounds pala tawag dun sa favorite mini concert ko sa trinoma. fridays-sundays, 12nn-2pm; 6-8pm. :) meron ulit kanina! cielo-piano duet naman. super cool. kaso, hmmm, minsan offkey yung cielo. violin na lang kasi. haha. oks. you know where to find me.

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