our exam proctor was so unfair, last saturday at the end of the exam, he practically shoved our section out of the lecture room to be able to have some time alone with his lab section. what's unfair about that? he didn't want US to know the good news that our very own lab instructor failed to inform us. and he's so selfish he wants to keep it to his own section alone.

the supposed-to-be good news: no lecture this morning. fuck. and i even went back here sunday night. i woke up 6am this morning worrying if i'm going to get my labgown because the washer service hasn't delivered my clothes yet. i arrived at the lecture hall at 7am sharp then i waited for a freaking 30 minutes for the teacher (and the rest of the class) to arrive. by then i was already suspecting that there were no classes cos it's already past 7 and there are only a few people in the classroom. what's more suspicious, and utterly infuriating -mind you-, is that the whole section of A-3L is missing. duh, because their lab instructor told them beforehand. it's soooo unfaaaiiiirrr. i should've stayed the night over at our house. grrrr...

and wait. their teacher is like mocking us in the lab awhile ago, "aww, kawawa naman A-1L pumasok kaninang umaga." che.

i would never ever want to share the same room with A-3L during exams, their instructor is so biased. and besides, i might miss a very important news again.

but i don't hate them, or their teacher for that matter. i simply don't have enough grounds to call what he did to us as something to be held as a grudge. he just favors his section to much because most of the cute guys are there. hah. we all know that and we fucking don't care. at least i don't.

i just hope i pass the first exam. our lecturer said it was the easiest, but hell, you know me... i sweat over the easiest things.

sunday morning

He can live anywhere in the universe, but he chose to live in our hearts. Above all places he opted to live in the most impure, sinful and imperfect place, the human heart. Now be flattered and start cleaning, a King is not worth a dirty heart. same goes to me.

Yesterday was both fun and tiring. after the exam i headed to megamall to meet with my friends. we're only five but i had fun! yey, it was my first time to skate so i'm not expecting not to fall, in fact i fell thrice. once hands-down and twice on my ass. hahaha but at least i learned how to walk and glide a little. in fact, i'm so lucky because i got a discount from my BDO rewards card, i got a free one hour skating time. i extended until five hours and i only paid 120 because Karla left the earliest so i just transferred my discount to her and paid the extending fee, so she left using my BDO receipt and i used her unlimited ticket. thanks. gulo no?

awww Karla, you should've stayed longer! say alonzo and PJ of Posh along with their partners were there for the show 'Stars on Ice'. they're practicing, so they kinda skated with us. that's fun, for the most part i was starstrucked but not too much since i'm wasting my money gaping at celebrities. hahaha, kara david was also there with her daughter. :)

hehehe after skating hannah's dad treated us to frito frito (the real fried ice cream). lol. joketime lang pala yung fried ice cream. see for yourself! hahaha anyhow it was nice! thaaaaannnkkkksss. then they dropped me to fairview caltex where my parents fetched me. yey. home sweet home

i woke up this morning feeling really sore, both my arms and legs hurt! yeah, muscle pain. much worse, my same old right knee is starting to hurt again. i guess i pushed myself too hard last night i wasn't able to consider my injury. e kasi naman, i thought the meniscus chorva has healed already. it's been more than a year! i forgot that it's permanently torn na pala so yun. and my mom is back to her paranoid reminders of me not taking into extreme sports. no tennis daaw!!! extreme ba yun? ang extreme, yung bungee jumping, motocross, wakeboarding, para-sailing, sky diving, drag racing... basta. extreme daw ang tennis... nyeeee. haha, of course i didn't argue like that, it's natural that she's concerned about my knee because we can't afford another trip to the hospital. hahaha.

wotcher. i got reprimanded because of it during breakfast, and my only defense is that i'm having too much fun i forgot about my knee, sorry. ok, so it's not really a defense, i'm just too negligent of my health. it's ok! i have no regrets! i'm going to skate paren, maybe next year. yeeey.

but for now, please pray for my chem17 grade. i need to pass. :)


Happy 17th Birthday Hannah!!


miss you pare!

come on saturday!

i can't go to hannah's birthday. well, i was supposed to but our teacher scheduled our first exam on a saturday morning which means that i'm still stuck here on a friday, which is hannah's birthday. which gives me only one thing to look forward to this week... saturdaaaay!

yeah! as in i'm going to bring all my stuff in the exam and after that i'll go directly to the bus terminal then on to megamall! come on, i need a break. i have a really tiresome schedule. i've told you before that they resumed our schedule to the original one which starts at 7am. meaning, i can't anymore spend sunday nights at home! i have to be back here at sunday. sucks. biiiiig time. and wait, i have to bring a lot of things, including that fucking zumdahl book that weighs a lot. and i'm so ashamed to carry it in the mall. yaaak. parang, ok? i'm going mall strolling with a chemistry book. ang adeek talaga. haha but fck i have to make a full report on chemical equilibrium so i need the reference.

anyhow. i've realized i've grown to appreciate chemistry a lot! i owe this all to prof. dabalos. he does sound like a terror but he taught me to look at things on a chemical basis, which i am so grateful for. kat, july and i are talking like weirdos already, making poems and confessions using chemical principles like, 'i'm not like other elements who need 8 electrons to be stable. i am a hydrogen atom, i only need one to be complete.' haha ang corny talaga pero you see the application naman. lol and it's not just that we also have this, 'i see you as a force that excites me, an electron on ground state, to a higher energy level. but when you're gone and you leave me on that state, i become unstable, leaving me with nothing to do but to revert back to a lower level, or much worse... back to the ground state.' :( hahaha, eh ano baa? corny na kung corny pero madrama talaga ang buhay ng mga electrons.

Vista's pretty good naman pala. in fact i'm using it right now in spacehub. pretty much like XP din pala. well i just love the themes. they have a 'ferrari' theme! awesoooome!


hey it's been more than 2 weeks since i last drank coffee! would you believe it? lol. i can't either. i mean, i find it hard to drink in starbucks now that i know mike's not behind the cash register. lol. but anyway, i plan on indulging this weekend, let's just hope that my schedule complies ~.^

i'm the only customer here in astra. hahaha. i checked my stats again. i got new referrals from search engines, a couple searching for the backmasked message of pare ko by eraserheads (from yahoo) and a claudine and raymart on extra challenge from search.msn. i don't remember writing anything about the couple... hmm. anyhow, another search string that could refer my blog is "blessed bucks". yeah, i do remember sharing about it some time ago.

so really, it's a good thing to be in blogger because it's tied up with google. go traffic!

it's back to normal, i have classes from 7am to 2pm STRAIGHT. uhh, well i have a 15 minute break from 845 to 9 but that doesn't let me eat breakfast anyway. haaay. it's ok. i'll get used to it. no breakfast mornings make me cranky but yeah, i'll get by with rebisco crackers. and look, we're almost halfway through the whole month! which means that i was able to inject 3 months worth of lecture in just 2 weeks. amazing! let's just hope it shows in my grades. my prelabs and postlab suck. grrr...

come on weekend! i'm counting on you!


the previous entry was made in primelink where i paid a freakin 10 pesos for only 15 minutes. e bat ganon? biglang nagmahal? whatever. i don't like to surf there anymore. kulang sa features! they don't have y!m (which is like a necessity in every computer node), they don't have java and macromedia flash installed (meaning no youtube. fck), their media player is not installed as well. >.< the only programs lined up in their start menu are: 02jam, pangya, dotA, flyff, audition at kung ano ano pang games na pang adik. obvious naman diba? i'm the only girl there! i can't blog.

ok. tama nang paninira. the more important thing is, i'm here in a better place. haha. not really, but at least they have y!m, i can play neopets, listen to imeem and watch on youtube. hahaha.
anyhow, primelink gave me good enough internet cafe memories. i wouldn't be called trojan queen in the dorm if not for that blasted internet cafe. and wait, their computer node 1 (which i used last week) is using microsoft vista as its primary OS. i had a really good feel of microsoft's newest installment on their lineup of operating systems. the interface is really cool, modern and well... just amazing. but just like other people who complain about its lack of compatibility with most common softwares, i have a couple of complaints as well. not a lot since i only have1 hour to navigate through vista...

in vista:
they won't let me print because like usual, their printer driver isn't compatible with vista's yet.
no firefox, no y!m, no flash and java... well on these, it's not entirely vista's fault. the computer shop management haven't installed them yet. wtf. and of course windows default security still sucks. uuhm, oh yeah i had a hard time looking for the right microsoft office programs because their default icons has changed as well. it requires a little getting-used-to to navigate through vista swiftly but then, even though i would say the interface is one of the best i've seen and tried, it all comes down to how much it can handle foreign software and programs. it's not readily compatible with everything, unlike XP so for now, i guess we must still stick to XP until they have made the proper arrangements on this newly released OS.

on the bright side though, there are loads of new features added like a win dvd maker and a win aero (it's just the improved graphical interface actually ^^;;). oh well, if only they could use Win Aero with XP configuration then i'd most probably switch to vistah!

for a more detailed look on windows vista, click


ano ba to. walang ym, walang flash, walang java meaning walang youtube, walang imeem.
ano tooo?

okay. bye primelink.

please take my idea! you'll need this tooooo

good news! our teacher said we're not going to have classes this day so after my afternoon class yesterday, i hurriedly packed my things to go home. mehn. that was like the best news i've heard this week. and you know how much that saved me? i was able to spare 2 meals worth on that, an hour in the internet cafe, a nescafe freeze (that i can't seem to live without) and a pilot ballpen (lol i was planning to buy a new one because the previous one conked on me). i saved a generous amount of moneeey and i'm so happy!

i also found out another good point with my darned schedule. since my first class on monday is at 9am, it means that i stay in our house on a sunday night and just leave early monday morning. it's works just fine instead of leaving on a sunday night and spending the night in the dorm... =( it also means i have the WHOLE sunday afternoon to chill, go to the mall and try to at least give myself a tiny break after a whole week of classes. elbi is such a desert, everytime i go out i feel like a skewered slab of pork being grilled raw under the scorching heat. ugggghh.

which led me to this: why don't we invent umbrellas with fans on it? can you imagine that? when you open your umbrella with a button, it will first strech out to its usual form, only then can you push another button on the crookhandle that will enable the fan to work (this is a safety measure so you don't accidentally open the fan when the the umbrella is not yet open). it's the most useful thing i could have this summer! and look, if you have a really big umbrella (of course bigger umbrellas will have bigger fans, thus more AIR!!!) and you're going to the beach, you can just let it sit on the mat and you'll have a shade and a fan rolled into one.

if you're worried about the weight, you shouldn't because i'm sure our mechanics will have the right solutions to make it really light. and if you're worrying about your hair getting stuck in the fan, come on.. i can't just let you die of that would i? of course there'll be safety parts included, the propellers (which could kill you and cause a rain of blood under the umbrella) will be secured enough not to let even a strand of your hair tangled within. yeah

of course, it's just an idea! but it's so possible!!!
tell me it's amazing. lol

DISCLAIMER: ok. i just realized that i'm not the first first person who thought of this. but IF EVER you got this idea from me first and plan to execute the proper procedures to produce the product, you must ask for my permission first. i'm very generous to people who ask. i might even help you.

lol. i'm not joking. i'm seriously considering having a gadget like that. if it sounds ridiculous to you, tell me so. i'm just proposing it to anyone who would appreciate. i mean, i don't have the proper skills to produce such thing that's why i'm posting it here.

hahaha. please be kind.


our lessons were ok. real torture will come on the succeeding weeks where everyday we have a quiz, everyday we pass prelab reports and everyweek we have exams. hmm, exciting. why, i just can't afford to fail this subject. imagine the feeling of fulfillment when you passed chem17 on you FIRST TIME, in just 1 MONTH. that's remarkable enough to consider yourself a genius, but then again my only goal is to get on the real schedule along with my regular batchmates. after that, all the next summers are mine. but apparently, that won't happen until 3 years since i have to fill up the 18 units i'm delayed in. ah, whatever.

yey. i wanna go to the mall!!

*i'm putting this under category: tech because... because it sounds appropriate. does it...?

balik primelink

haha. i'm back at primelink.

i just went to check my stats today.
i realized i'm rank#1 on yahoo when you search 'opm songs backmasked'
i'm also on some google search feed page when you search 'penshoppe'
this site can be found in windows search live when you key in 'ferrari'
in msn search i'm part of the first page when you look for 'penshoppe stretch pants'

so yeah. what's saddening is the fact that i just merely mentioned those keywords in my blog and i'm not really supplying enough information on the matter. heck this is a personal blog, what do you expect. hah. couldn't care much.

i'm excited to go home.
no matter what happens i'm gonna buy new flats and that white musk perfume from body shop (care for an advanced birthday gift?). i was trying to save for the perfume because they have a promo so i get a free moistuzer for every thousand but what happens to my allowance is... well it goes poof! gone. i eat a lot. well, i really need to eat a lot because i'm in a very poor health condition.

chem17 has started. the lecture was boring. the lab... it could be fun, but our first quiz was like 'whoa. where the hell did that came from?' i doubt anyone got that blasted question right. and you know what, i'm sooo overusing the word 'fuck'. not just in this blog. well, i think it's better than a shet and PI. hahaha. i freak a little when i hear someone curse in Filipino. e kasi mas nakakatakot pakinggan. diba??

i like our first experiment, 'Flame Test'. coooooll. elements when heated give off a unique trend of colors! they're just so wonderful to look at. i spilled HCl on my hand and it itched and burned like hell. haha good thing it wasn't that bad. my lab gown stinks already and i can't bring it to the laundry because we have lab everyday. hahaha. fun. i'm starting to love chem, seriously. but then again... my brewing passion for chem is inversely proportional to my grades.

very. ironic.

the good, the bad, and the ugly

my previous summer schedule says this
now it says thisso parang nabaliktad lang naman.

the good: the good thing is i still have breakfast and lunchbreaks. well, that's the only good thing.

the bad: ugggh. i hate it. why do they have to put the lab before the lecture? that's like so useless! a lecture pretty much sums up to a prelab! and prelabs are so fucking important and most of the time the 'key' to our predated quizes. mehn. i hate my schedule.

and wait.

the ugly: i'm gonna skate with my friends on the 28th! how do i fit that into my schedule? the1st sched is already a big ok-i-think-i-can-handle-that because i have the whole saturday afternoon to spend malling and skatiiiinnng (the only thing hyping me up. that was before). but now... i don't know what will happen to me.

the least you can do is pray for me that i pass this blasted thing.

lol. i miss mike.

mehn. i really hadn't thought of this

how can i be so happy about my 665th post when the next is err.. the 666th. if kat hadn't reminded me of it, i seriously wouldn't be fussing over it. hahaha. so this is my 666th post. and no i'm not going to post something radical this day. i just went online because of the aircon. the dorm still stinks. my illness is getting more serious everyday. i can't stand the smell anymore. i sneeze at average of 10 per day. you think that's cool? no, that's hell. last night when i wheezed out for the nth time, my chest contracted painfully. it scared the hell out of me, it reminded me of the fact that you can break a rib just by sneezing and wtf i don't want that to happen to me.

my sister, uncle and mom should be visiting me here today. you know what... i badly want to go home. just to breathe fresh air. apparently, renovations are 'in' this summer. the whole street smells like paint. it feels like a desert. i don't want to stay here anymore. how am i going to study? the paint could be harmful to my brain. it can impair my vital organs, and i'm staying here for a month. you think the smell of the paint will go away after a month? especially this summer where the increase in temperature critically affects the solidification of the paint mixture on the walls? wtf.

i dreamt of my previous crush last night. hah. it's the second time already. only, i forgot what happened. but i know it was a nice dream. haha.
gosh. i want to go home already.

arrggghhh, i miss mike. =(

happy 665th post to me

would you believe i've reached post number 665 already? there's nothing really significant with that number. but since i've been blogging for 3 years already... and has been feeding this blog with utter nonsense and shallow rantings for a long time, you've got to congratulate me for being consistent! come on congratulate me! haha wtf.

ahahaha. i just can't shut up. especially that my parents gave me money to waste online. wait. i'm back to starving myself just to go online. oh well, i'm planning on getting thinner anyway. so... i went online because i can't take the smell in the dorm. you know, paint. well, my nose is running fast. hahaha. after an hour i'm going back to eat.

yehey. i feel wierdly happy. hahaha.

heeey! i'm going to relive the neopets mania once more! i'm gonna play! yehey! hahaha

still lucky

i thought i'm gonna die of lovesickness. what?! every fucking minute i think of him my heart is filled with mixed emotions. i'm happy because i met him yet sad because there's a slim chance of us meeting again. i just hope he still remembers me. err, well i'm trying to discard the thought of 'us' since it's quite settling into my nerves that in his work, he has to be extra friendly to his customers, no matter who they are. but i just can't stop thinking! that day when i sat down with my cup of coffee i was secretly eyeing this group of teens who also bought coffee from him. i want to prove that he's not always like that, you know, talking to people... to girls, befriending them and putting hearts on names with the letter i. then i saw the difference... hahaha. i still won. LoL. my name is written really big... and it has a heart. hah. beat that! so is my second cup, where instead of a heart he just drew a sun. whatever. can i just shut up? ok! shut me up! shut me up!

i'll shut up about him now. oh, for your information... i'm back in los banos - where i'm starting to get weaker and weaker because of the freakin smell in our dorm. i'm wheezing like hell here! apparently, our dorm has just been repainted last week so the stink still lingers. i can handle that, it's been around 5 years since i last stayed in a newly repainted house and i'm not missing it. haha but i can bear the smell alright.

life has been terrific. haha, you ask? i don't really know. i'm just becoming my usual optimistic self. my previous crush, the one i was online-stalking - would you believe my luck - is going to take summer classes too! (well, i think so because i saw him just now and now is the summer registration date) great! i'm gonna see him! good Lord. but it doesn't mean the feeling's going to come back. heck. i'm still a poor lovesick puppy. i said i will shut up.

so. early morning i went to men's dorm to meet with kat. yey. i missed her! then we went to CEAT for our form 5. blah. summer registration procedures are extremely boring so i'm gonna skip them. the point is, i'm already registered and all i have to do is chill out until the 18th comes for the start of classes, which is already on wednesday. i'm taking chem17. please pray for the continuity of my sanity. a lot of people have been warning us not to take the blasted subject because it's too hard but as i would love to spend summer at home, i have no choice but to take it. ah, you know my reasons. anyway... that's pretty much it.

i can't wait till april 28! ice skating with barkada! golly, i miss them! and for heaven's sake... i need a break!! i haven't gone swimming yet! oh maybe when we pass chem17 i'm gonna treat my friend-classmates to go swimming! yahahahahaaa. and then by that time i may have saved enough money to treat myself to MoA! i will see him at last!

i'll shut up now.

what do we need them for?

i'm finding it hard not to see him. fuck. i'm aching to go back to mall of asia, purchase a cup of coffee, and in the process have a little conversation with him again. i miss him! i hope he'll still talk to me when we meet again. come on, he should remember me... he's the first one who talked to me anyway. i wouldn't have noticed him in the first place if he didn't take me into that conversation! it's his fault. yah, seriously. i miss him baaaaddddlllyyy.... coz apparently, i can barely remember his face anymore. hahaha and it sucks because the feeling is getting bigger and heavier and blaaah. love is really weird. it's confusing and damn hard to distinguish. i don't know what it means. wtf i'm not in love. definitely not. this will expire in due time, just like what happened recently, i completely forgot the guy i was online-stalking because of *checks yesterday's receipt* mike ♥

LoL. oh, about the title. yeah, i received a quote about that once saying one of the reasons we need guys for is to constantly assure that we're not fugly tramps but something more beautiful. in short, girls are uber insecure and they can't take their friends/and anyone else's word for it. why, it's more credible when a guy says you're beautiful. much more credible than having to hear it from your mom... who'll probably still stay you're the most beautiful girl on earth even when you've just walked out of a septic tank. whatever.

aaaah, well actually i'm not trying to say anything at all. i'm just, not sure of the term, love-sick, whatever that means. i hate to call myself like that, especially that it's just a little (maybe a bit more) crush. and come on, everybody loves starbucks baristas. roight.

and so i introduce to you another doodle in the making, the title: 'parker doodle'. really. it's lame i know. hah, it would've been lamer if i called it 'Mike' since he's the once who inspired me in this big time and if not for him, that (bottom) piece of paper will be empty. why parker? ah, because i'm using a parker ballpen for it and believe me... if this would've been an ordinary ballpen, you'll throw it out with utter hate and remorse but because it's a parker... you'll feel sorry for the 350 bucks you paid for it and the shiny metal plating tearily pleading "please don't throw me, my ink may have disappointed you but wouldn't my shiny silver dress with golden laces make up for it?". the ink sucks. i have to retrace the linearts one two many times just to make it visible to the human eye... i'm just putting up with it because it's a freakin parker. and it's my dad's. parker ballpens have gone cheaper now that Cross is enjoying the spotlight, locked behind the clear glass sheves of National Bookstore for everyone to gape upon. just that.

alright, on to my doooooodle. it's not yet finished. i'll post the finished thing soon... =)


wanted: patient reader

wednesday afternoon:

met with mika at starbucks, sm north. had my precious dose of coffee. the barista heard my name wrong. it's ok, it's not always that you get christened with a new name. though it sucks cos i forgot to mention that my name's Adrianne and not Arianne (or Marian, whatever). watched 300 at last! great film. laudable edits. distracting abs. COOL queen. love the queen. super. hehehe. basta, there were only a few people in the cinema that time and that's good. although i can't seem to figure out why the film is only r-13 when it could've been r-18 for those err, boobs. lol. after the film we strolled a bit, looked around and... blah. then mika and i separated. met with my sister in the bag area and from there we went up to get my jumper replaced. ok, done. then our parents texted us, they're gonna fetch us so... hooray for that. we strolled even more! mehn, i'm so tired. i can't wait to get home.

finally! we got home at around 8. mehn, my feet are sore! but i had a great day. thank you Lord.

yesterday after lunch:

my sister invited me to go malling. AGAIN. AGAIN. so we're like SM hopping this whole week. i was supposed to refuse because... i'm tired and i feel like i'll be having my period anytime that moment. in the end i went with her. our parents dropped us off at Buendia where we took the bus to MoA. we arrived there at around 1pm. and fuck, i was right. i have my freakin period already. good thing i was wearing emergency pads. thank goodness. because of that, i nearly spoiled my sister's day because i can't go strolling with her kasi masakit puson ko. T_T. but she's fine with it. super. i thought we're gonna quarrel the whole day but no, she even suggested that i just buy a drink from starbucks and sit down while i wait for her to finish her usual mall strolling.

and so, i bought coffee. again. haha. i was like struggling to walk properly to the counter because the abdominal cramps are killing me. my mood was so hellish i want to transform their chairs to a bed so at least i could lay down properly and rest. i almost hated this day... almost.

me: isang venti mocha frappe po.
barista: name po nila?
me: arianne po
barista: san pa kayo galing?
me: ha, fairview po.
barista: layo ah!
me: onga eh.
barista: nagpa-shuttle kayo dito?
me: hindi, commute lang po.
barista: diretso yun? ano sinakyan mo?
me: bus, papuntang MoA.
barista: alam mo yung sa 'Soldiers'?
me: hindi, san yun?
barista: diba sa fairview ka?
me: oo, sa west kami eh pero di ko alam yun. village ba yun?
barista: :) dibale, sorry di ako familiar sa fairview eh.
me: hehe ok lang.

weee. he's so cute. i almost forgot i have a monthly curse to bear with. i was so grateful that someone talked to me that way because i feel really cross that day. instant mood uplifter. i was about to exit the shop and i heard him say, "thank you, arianne!" i just gave him a thumbs up without turning around.
uggh, sometimes i act really weird around guys.
wait, before going out the store... or before the guard let me out, the guard asked me if i know how to make a star out of a paper. i said, "sorry, hindi po" and he just smiled, thanked me and opened the door. what do you need an origami star for anyway? heh. so there. i sat down relieved that the fucking tension in my abdomen is starting to fade away. haha, and to think i'm drinking something cold. i don't have anything productive to do. i could've doodled on the their tissue paper you know, but i don't have a freakin pen or something. heh. so i just turned on my mp3 player and stared into places while i sip through my favorite drink. my sister arrived with a bag of chips from the dep't store snack bar. thanks a lot, i could use that plastic bag to keep this almost-empy venti cup.

confession: haha. this sounds so pathetic. i'm actually collecting starbucks plastic cups. i usually keep those who got the spelling of my name right, but this time i'm going to make an exception because he put a heart on my name. fuck. hahahah. now, LOL all you want. mehn, you just have to bear with me sometimes because i'm just fond of documenting rare things that happen to me. like this. and besides, my life has been dull enough so forgive me for indulging like this.

and because my sister still have plans to leave me to stroll EVEN MORE, i bought another cup. haha. why, i love coffee too much i think i'm gonna die of it. so i walked back to the counter and ordered another cup.

me: isang pa pong venti mocha frappe
barista: anong name ilalagay ko?
me: arianne na lang ulit
barista: mag-isa ka lang?
me: di, kasama ko ate ko
barista: ah *gives receipt and change*
me: senxa, nabitin ako eh matagal pa ko tatambay dyan eh. hehe
barista: arianne, ilan taon ka na?
me: 16 po
barista: :) hindi mukha
me: onga eh (i actually saw this coming T_T)
barista: san ka nag-aaral?
me: UP po
girl barista from behind: wow sosyal! (sosyal na maging taga UP? or sosyal kasi afford ng isang tagaUP -FOR NOW- na magkape? lol) sa manila?
me: los banos
barista: layo ah! :)
me: onga eh, full time kayo?
baristas: yup

so i took my cup again. yey. this is so heaven! then the girl barista asked me, "arianne gusto mo tikman yung banana java chip namin?" i answered, "free ba?" she replied, "oo naman! teka lang arianne ah, dyan ka lang." hehe. how nice, i get a free taste of their newest drink. so there, i carried them all out, careful not to drop anything because i'm holding the venti cup, my wallet, phone and the other cup... blah. just so you know, i'm not rich. maybe you think i am because i can afford to drink like that but truth be told, i'm just a coffee addict. i spend more for coffee than anything else. heck i can tighten my wallet on regular meals just to get a decent cup of coffee. it's my drug. my personal heaven on earth. sorry.

my sister and i left at 5pm and commuted to megamall because our parents are going to fetch us there. we're almost running out of time because our parents are already there, waiting for us. they even called and told to us to just commute our way home but noooo, i don't have enough money. fuck. good thing the driver of Rainbow Express is such a law breaker. he did everything! speeding, tailgating, overtaking on highways, loading/unloading on prohibited places... everything! and to think he didn't know we're on a rush . we're like on the 'super' ride of our lives!! it was an ordinary bus so i could feel the violent gush of air from the window that threatens to throw be aback. fuck. the hell i care. we used to hate these kinds of drivers but in reality, they come in really useful. hahahaha

whew. after that, i came home with a skullsplitting headache. this is what you get for drinking too much coffee, wasting too much money and riding on Rainbow Express.

but honestly, i don't regret doing all those. =)

the good, the bad, and the 5 hour stroll

terai and i went to smf awhile ago. hahaha. the hot and sticky feeling the rain left on us didn't stop us from going to the mall. so we commuted there and loooked around. yeah, we're the mistresses of window shopping. we practically tried every shoe (that fits) in the department store and entered those expensive looking boutiques without anything on our wallets (aside from the fare). we even spent a lot of time in body shop testing their items and talking to their sales lady... without buying anything of course. hahaha. but i did buy a couple of things, a sleeveless top from surplus shop, a book, and 3 cheap ballpens. well what can i do, they're all ON SALE. hehehe.

what i want to buy when i have enough money:

-the white musk perfume from body shop. damn how come it's that expensive??? ;__;
-running flats. yeah i need them.
-the choco melt lipgloss i saw in skin food. fuck. there's not even gold in it.
-books. books. and mooore books. i want to complete my harry potter series and reread them. i also want to get any neil gaiman, paulo coehlo, dan brown or meg cabot book.

hahaha. ok, where are you money???

READ our Verse of the Day!!! 1 Timothy 6:6-10 =)

the sun is shiinnniiiing! duh

in the heat of the summer, would you believe it just rained? it wasn't hard though. but it did skrew up my plan to go to the mall later. yeah, i want to go to the mall today... even though i'm going to the mall again tomorrow! with mika! i hope 300 is still showing mehn.

fyi, i don't have enough to spare for my mall cravings. in fact, i just love window shopping and tagging along with anyone who's going to the mall. oh well. good news, there's already a starbucks nearby. uhh, walking distance from here in fact. err... it's a long walk but it's still walking distance. wtf. i'm getting poorer and poorer by the moment.

i'm scouting for a new counter. with better stats. all i get with my counter right now are yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly stats. i found a potentially good one in 'webstats', their demo stats are amazing, you get the usual timely update, top 10 referrers, top 10 keywords, top 10 search engines, top 10 browsers used, country visitors, last 20 visitors' details... uggh, they're all useful. but but but, their website is kinda weird. it won't let me update my account and i can't login. shit.

if i don't get that, i'll wait until blogpatrol is ok again. coz they're currently unavailable wtf.

ooh, the sun is shinniiiinnngg again. should i go out? mehn. it's not like i have to give myself a break. these are just pointless cravings.. mga luho kung baga. but wait, i'm not really indulging on something (of course aside from coffee). heck i don't even need anything material right now... but, i just want to feel the mall again. eeehh ang weird ko eh. gusto ko lang pumasok sa SM para tumingin-tingin.

Nokia Aeon Concept Phone

take a look at this wicked phone

wow. it's really cool. from what i've read i think nokia hasn't started distributing it yet but since they've spilled out enough beans on this thing they better speed up with finishing it. it sure is one of the most unique designs i've seen on cellphones. and wait, the whole surface is touch screen.



point made

3rd Philippine Blogging Summit
April 13 and 14 at the UP Dilimian College of Economics Auditorium. details here

you can reserve a seat by registering. i plan on joining but i have plans on the said date. haay. anyhow, i'm not really interested with the speakers. what they could possibly say about blogs is already available in the internet. try looking at their agenda (on the site) and you'll know. but then it's still a good thing to know from Filipino experts. though seriously, you can just check the net for everything and not waste your time and money on the date. err.. but you know. just support it... come if you want.

bleh. it looks like i'm promoting it and at the same time discouraging you to join. but whatever... just wanna let you know.

how was this day?
oh, really ordinary. i exercised, which is a good thing but it's boring me already. i'm doing to the same same thing. but hell, i have to be thinner for clothes sake. yeah it's all for clothes and swimsuits sake. and also for an improved well being! haha. but yes getting thinner, or just the mere thought of you being successful in disciplining yourself and battling your inner procastinator is a good way to bolster up your ego. ooh and it shows in pictures.

point made. i want to get thinner.

you betcha, sigmund freud

currently reading: naruto fanfics

i had a semi-good dream last night! this time starring me and a certain friend. nothing much, we just walked... like usual. from class back to the dorm. and i have to credit sigmund freud's psychoanalytic studies for proposing a definition of a dream which says that our dreams are the fulfillment of unmet desires in reality. sorta kinda true. i missed walking with him. =)

then you know. yesterday we went to church and we passed by this huge tarpaulin in front of sm north edsa annex that shows a full view of the new and improved SM. it was... whoa. i didn't know it was that good but i can't quite imagine SM looking that new and glamorous. heck the semicircular space in front of the main building was a good catch but how is it in reality? it's barred by pink chicken wires. not a good sight, i tell you but as long as safety measures are concerned. sige, pwede na rin.

after church we went to SM to eat but before that we went to the dep't store first. i bought a white jumper... but i'm going to return it because i figured i don't have leggings to go with it (it's a skirt jumper) and it's too short. blah blah blah.

i found the perfect lipgloss. mehn. i want it! but i still have a nivea lip care thingy (but it's not glossy it's more like a balm!) and it would be unfair to dispose it like that. besides, i found it in Skin Food and it's hell expensive. it's freakin 575 pesos. reminds me of the lip and cheek tint a body shop staff showed us when they were demonstrating in our school, she (or he coz he looks gay) told us it's a good catch for 500 bucks, and we we're like... o.O and ~_- haha. kay nvm.

ok. so i'm so bored. it's still so early in the morning so nothing much has happened. yet.

happy easter sunday!

my eyes are all heavily swollen. instead of watching a 'Jesus' film from the 12in1 Jesus Films dvd my dad bought, we watched a war movie. a waaaar movie. and it's damn great it made me cry like i've never had before on a damned movie. and now i'm adding it to my favorites. err... actually i forgot what the title is... it's something along the lines of 'Tenpuku' or 'Tengpuku'... whatever.

ok, so it's korean. the war settles during the 1950's between the democratic South Korean nation and the communist North Korean bitches. obviously i'm for the 'yellow dogs' -- that's how commies call their south korean captives. so the story is about 2 brothers who got caught in the war. well... you have to read other plot summaries i'm not writing 'em here. but i swear it's a MUST WATCH. the most dramatic war film i've ever watched. and yeah, only asian war films can stir up this kind of emotion in me. the movie is gruesome, it depicts how depressing and homesicking a soldiers life can be. and when you're not really a soldier but someone who just got dragged along the marching line, it's even more traumatic.

oh well. the main characters are brothers Lee Jin-Tae and Lee Jin-Seok. and both are played by Kenneth of All About Eve and ANDREW of Endless Love 1 respectively. ♥

hey. i found the title already... it's called 'Tae Guk Gi'. =) lol.

a dream is a wish your heart makes.. lalalala

it's super rare to find me either smiling or laughing the moment i wake up but because i just had one gurrreyt dream i guess it better if i share it before it slips out of my memory! upon retrospection, the last gurreytest dream that i shared to you was when i dreamt of adrian of love letter (a koreanovela)... or was it when i dreamt of daniel radcliffe sitting in MMA? nevermind.

ok. so obviously, i dreamt of my crush! just in time when i was 'almost' forgetting him because of lack of... err... because i'm not seeing him anymore and i'm growing tired of all the useless information i get from google (useless pala ha?). yeah. we had our 'moment' in my dream. and it includes a big bowl of noodles, a computer with internet connection, hannah, mara, charles (typically - charles should be there. lol becuase he knows... hahaha) and an ICE SKATING RINK! a skating rink! a skating rink! is this a sign?? oh dear Jesus i hope sooo!

i forgot the WHOLE dream, i just remember fragments of it. i went out of the classroom to eat. then i entered some sort of a canteen. i sat down. there's the computer in front of me. i was supposed to do my usual 'stalking' routine. then he sat down next to me. i don't really remember how it started but we sat there like we know each other. so duh, i have to stop my 'google' thingy for now. there's this sign-up form that popped on the screen. i asked him to sign up. i asked for his name (acting like i'm clueless of it). he didn't give it to me. instead, he asked me to just type his friends' names in the freakin form. aaaah, i don't know what happened next. all i remember is that... we're sharing the bowl of noodles already. cool. cool. not even a bit romantic but deep inside i was flushing like hell.

forget that. after eating i got up and went the water dispenser to drink. i took two glasses. i filled the glass#1 through container#1 while the other using container#2. glass#1 overflowed. lol. i just gave it to him. then we went out. he stepped out first.

and now he's skating.
* how the skating rink appeared in front of the door remains unknown as well as how skates suddenly replaced whatever footwear we have before stepping out. weird huh.

and well, i don't know how to skate so i just stepped out and let myself stumble on the cold floor. ok so he's kind enough to pull me up and drag me out of the rink. thanks dude.

so i'm out of the rink. i walked back to the classroom and heard a lot of people fussing about the exam tomorrow. which i'm totally clueless about. so i walked in...
* how the skates suddenly disappeared from my feet remains unexplainable.

-saw mara laughing with her friends.
-hannah greeted me in. and per usual, she's holding a notebook! hehehe

i was beaming like a madman you know. then i saw charles. i ran to him squealing like a fangirl. i just want to tell him what happened to meeeee...

uhh. seriously, i don't know why i want to tell him. but for the most part, he's the only one inside the classroom who knows about my crush. and i can't contain the overflow of excitement within me so i have to splurge it out.

the dream ended that way. without me knowing if i told him the story or what... i coudn't care much.

all i know is i love the feeling of waking up after a terrific dream.

the end.

sun of the beach!!!

i wanna go to the beach!! everyone's flying to boracay, to bohol, to palawan... blah. and i'm here. stuck in the house without a life. and look! the only highlight of this summer will be my summer classes. now that's so boring it could kill me. wait, i did say i was excited to take summer classes but yeah, it's still boring. huh? weird me. okokok. so the only place where i could indulge myself in, because i couldn't see myself -in any way- in the beach, would be the MALL. great huh. now where's the money? wheeerre? i don't have money!

and shit. banco de oro increased their maintaining balance from 1thou to a freakin 5thousand! meaning, if i'm going to withdraw whatever small fortune i have in that goddamned bank, i have to leave 5 thou. and how much do i have in there anyway??? nevermind.

above all things, i want to give my parents a break. yes, a big break, away from their work and from the traitors of their circle. they're facing a really difficult SHITutation here and i know i couldn't be of any help so at least i want to treat them somewhere... somehow... to a full body massage or spaaaaa. they refuse to travel because they have yet to fix the stupid whatnots in their work.

ok. i'll accept that i'm probably not going to have a terrific summer this year but i do hope karma's working its way already for a 'terrific comeback'. whew. it didn't suck to know i'm going to spend this season dead and bored, if it's the price to pay for passing chem. fine, i accept it.

oh come on, i'm concluding things again! this summer's going to be a blast i know!!! yeah, it's just a matter of buying more ice cream that is. and getting more motivated in excercising and getting fit.

wait i need a man too. yuh.

happy good friday!

currently listening to: draw me close - michael smith

dad bought a couple of cd's yesterday. 2 piano cds and 2 gospel cd's! he bought don moen's newest! mehn, i couldn't be anymore happier! my last don moen cd was when he doesn't have those wrinkles and white hair yet but now, he's looks pretty old. but mehn, the respect is still there! imagine he's been offering his voice to the Lord for yeaaaarrrssss!

new found favorite! michael smith! mehn, he's a hottie! much more than that, he uses it for the Lord. why i love his album? i practically know every song! we're always singing those in church. mehn. i love love love his album! even more than don moen's latest (but i still love him to bits!)!!

mehn, i'm gonna rip those music files and put them in my player! which means i have to refresh my player and probably delete a couple of songs. weeeeeeeeeeeee...

hey, bad news! we don't have waaatteeer! hehe, can't take a bath till this afternoon. =/

oh, i'm excited to skate with my friends! it's gonna be my first time! make a wish! good thing they planned it on a saturday afternoon becausseeee.... i have classes in the morning. sucks i know but i'm excited to PASS chem17. super. you see, i can't afford to fail even a single chem subject because it's gonna do me gazillion years of delay and that sucks. big time!

daddy says we're going to watch 300 tomorrow. hope it's true!!!

have you heard of this?

it was featured a day ago in Convergence (my favorite tech show. net 25)

the product is called My Vu (my view) and it's an award winning eyewear that projects a big viewing screen virtually with an ipod. so it's like your typical shades, you attach it to your ipod video and you can watch your vids on a virtually projected screen! the coolest thing i've ever heard so far.

what's good with this is the screen, which is big. what's bad? it's only for ipod vids.
that's around 15,000 php i guess.

experimenting on labels

i think it's really useful for categorizing my entries. =D yey.

i tried adding labels on page elements and found it misaligned with the sidebar. for that matter i temorarily used a link list for the labels (though it won't include how many entries are included for each label). obviously, i'm skrewing things up again. i'll find a way to fix it. grr... T_T;;


ok. time to bellydance!!!

PS: i'm adding more labels soon... like 'tech'. but seriously, i'm considering labels like 'the good', 'the bad' and 'the ugly' to classify my days. the good being the good encounters, the bad being the bad.. duh, and the UGLY, yeah the UGLY FOR MY HATELIST!!! lol

and of all the matter of facts


i'm literally laughing my ass out. my october 2004 entries are so stupidly hillarious! during that time i was ranting about how hellish our intrams practices were. i also have a lot of 'hate-list updates' and because i'm blind-iteming them too much, i can't remember them anymore!


the title: grabe i was choking sa katatawa when i read that in one of my entries. it's supposed to be "and as a matter of fact" .... LMAO. i'm so stupid for committing such an obvious mistake.


you have to go through hell before you get to heaven

i passed chem16!!!


i'm taking chem17 this summer.


but i have no choice, really. it's either i follow a regular schedule or i face a 1 year delay. of course i want to get in the real sched and get in sync with my other batchmates. hahaha. i don't want to be left behind. anyhow, after knowing my grade (which is really LOW but at least i passed) i readied my wallet already for a treat! and where else would i indulge in? coffeeeeeeeee!!

i also treated my family to mcdo. hehehe that's all i can afford for them. lol.

oh yes i'm a fool for you

i've been getting too much information from google. and now i'm laughing at it. fuck. i have to stop before i actually mention his name. his WHOLE barkada's names. his most recent ex girlfriend. his school. his birthday. his type of girl.


yeah. most stalkers are.
but you have to admit, there is a certain feeling of fulfillment upon knowing private things like that. it makes you promote yourself as an accomplished investigator. lol

meeeehhn. stop it dude!

on to this day:

terai and i went to sm north to buy a gift for someone. i finally claimed my ponds age miracle trial pack from watson's. haha. i'm not really interested with the product because i believe i still look relatively like a teenager but i was so keen on not letting a freebie pass. i'm a perk freak. anyhow i'm going to give the blasted cream to ate theresa. she needs it more than i do. hehehe.

damn there's 300 in the Bloc! i wanna watch! mika can't go this wednesday.... someone watch with me??? come on! those abs look sooo.... exaggerated and computerized! hahaha

spartaaaaah mehn!

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