i have no right to say i was deprived of the chance to go out and explore during my highschool days just because i'm so stuck inside the unimplemented but felt stereotype present during those damned years. last night, because i can't lull myself to sleep listening to my mp3 player, i browsed through our yearbook... actually reading my batchmates' profile write-ups.

then i realized... oh she likes to draw? put she's a pep squad member! and hey, she's quite artistic for a jock.

so you see, all of us in the batch are 'victims' of sort, of the huge influence our designated stereotype imposes. it's not like i didn't enjoy being part of the geek squad or the teenage mutant ninja turtles (yknow, artists)... actually, it's the best thing that happened to me. i met my barkada, and as they say birds of the same feather (make a good feather duster!!! - quote rufa mae quinto hahaha) flock together. it can't be helped that you are being grouped based on your dominant traits because really, that's just how it is.

it's a natural phenomenon to have a whole mob of highschool students grouped into whatever it is that binds him/her with her close friends.

but it is also important not to treat it as a barrier. it is merely a distinguishing factor which sometimes gets exagerrated to the point of limiting the student within specific bounds. just because she's a geek doesn't mean she can't do an aerial flip.

well guys, i don't even know why i bother with this. it's just that sometimes i think i didn't gave my best when i was in higschool, i didn't use my potentials to the core. i just drew and drew for myself and for the club... and even when i wanted to sing i just didn't have enough confidence to back my fidgeting limbs.

so now it's the issue of confidence.

ugggh, this might get longer yknow. haha hafta stop!

wait, i'm kinda pissed off right now because i'm supposed to download Dead Fantasy but the site's undergoing some maintainance which i gather they do everyday, at this hour... it happened yesterday and i waited till the next day to be able to download it but since it's 100MB and the downloading speed is at max 4kbps, everytime i disconnect (which isn't in my will, someone always always has to use the phone), whatever chunk of file i've downloaded gets erased and i have to restart with the shit.

i hate it, really.
i want to have a copy of it because i got hooked when coach gave us a preview of it in high def. man, it's crazy, even i who isn't a final fanatasy or dead or alive fan am enjoying it!

a must watch. definitely.

in need of some flattering

if i badly wanted to flatter myself i go to my account and just check my stats. so far, it always flatters me to see my stories getting good reviews. much more, it boosts up my ego learning that there are actually people who put me in their favorite authors list.

it's not a big thing compared to other authors who dig their noses perfecting their craft but hey, it's still a good thing that my works get credited for what hideous grammatical and structural error it has that, so far, were never corrected.

hmmm. i'm reading Interview with a Vampire. folks, it's a fic... not the one with brad and tom. :) hmmm, okay pala sya ha. kala ko pangit, well of course, authors always think their work is crap until someone drops them a glorious comment. i left it unfinished, now i'm aching to continue, it's just that... my head's not bent too much on harry potter anymore and i could vaguely remember the characters now. haha, the only people i know by heart is duh, harry and draco. but anyway. i'll get my ass on it when i have time. hehehe

for now, i have to be really really religious with getting a decent workout. >__>;

man, i'm so fat naaaa! hahahaha

typical annoying, immature, teenage rant diba?

she can't be serious

well you know, it's still a good 7 months from now so i'd be sure to forgive them if they suddenly backed out or changed plans. mom says she'll bring me to hongkong for my 18th birthday celebration (of course with my family). haha, i'm glad to hear that finally i'd be able to ride on an airplane and go out of the country and experience Disney Land! but you know, err, check the first sentence. hehe i don't even have a passport yet.

btw, just got back from calatagan, all in all took us 12 hours travel time cos of the traffic and comfort room stop overs. oh frkn body pain! we bathed in the pool for 9 frggn hours! and i tutored my big sister and my little nephew the basic swimming skills. apparently, i can only teach well up to the flutter kick... teaching freestyle needs a lot of patience! and fck, i almost drowned saving my little nephew cos he's dragging-slash-strangling me down i was like, 'wtdhl! you're choking me you bastard!' so i just pushed him with all the force i can manage to bring him to the gutter. where the hell did my rescue 101 lessons go?

anyway, can't say i didn't have fun! my arms and legs hurt like hell and i have a really big zit on the forehead (it bothers me because when i sleep in the car, i always lean on my forehead but now i can't cos it may pop haha) but i had a great time. i've been meaning to spend quality time with my family, especially with my cousins. bwahehehe

haaaay. i should be going now! hafta read! yaaaay!

i've been waiting for this!

2 things

♥ i'm finally able to go online right here at home! meaning, daddy already got tired of me pushing him into spilling his 'secret' why the modem just won't fucking work. then he fixed it in front of me, like i'm demanding him on a gunshot. lol, it was so funny treating my dad like that. like he can't do anything but to get the screwer, unscrew some access panels underneath the laptop and remove that thing he stuck in the modem port to prevent it from working. and i was like, LOL DAD! i can't believe you have to go this far just to drive me away from the laptop! but you know, there's zuma and ravenhearst manor, plus the old school chicken invaders and marbles 98. i'm so sick of computer games and everytime dad walks here i have to put up a facade that i'm actually enjoying them when in fact i'm mourning for my apparent incapability to solve the internet problem.

but you know, before he solved my problem, i somewhat ran through the system and did a lot of changes just to see if it will work. well, i forgot to restore them to their original settings so when he tried the internet, it did connect (yeaaah!) but he can't access the net! booooo! and my mind went, 'whaaaatttt? oh come on daaaaaddd!!!'

that's just my mind, i blurted this instead... hah! you think it's over? no daddy, noooo!!! i did a simple trick to prevent you from accessing the web even though you're connected! and lol, why'd you have to reboot? it has nothing to do with that! nothiiiinnng! hahahaha

but deep inside i didn't know what to do! i was mentally cursing myself for ever playing around the internet properties but eventually, i found out what's wrong and spilled the beans to dad. lol

anyway. that's about it.
and that's just item number 1

♥ we're off to Calatagan in an hour! woooh! adventure at last!! swimming yeaaaaah!!! oh come on, i need a break! though i'm not really tired and deserving of it, i still need to feel the summer for its adventure and not for the scholastic workload it dumps on us. so, hoooraaaaay for later!


i just finished whitney my love yesterday! also in time for a new book! coach lent me good omens by neil gaiman and terry pratchett! man, i've been aching to get a hard copy of it cos apparently, i feel screws drilling on my head when i read the ebook. damn the headache. so, thanks a lot coach. :) it'll keep me busy this weekend!

yesterday too, after my pm classes i headed to teriyaki boy katipunan to meet with my friends. we planned a little surprise to our dearest hannah (which i wasn't able to become part of cos i'm late) and it worked! at least i know it did. hehehe by God, i missed them all!!! i truly truly missed the gang!

so may 9, everyone!! i'll be the host! wahehehee

she said goodnight

this actually happened weeks ago, i just didn't have time to blog about it, or maybe i always forget to blog about it. :) the 'she' in the title refers to my previous previous previous crush's mother!!! lol, you wouldn't know how dumbfounded i am to actually earn a 'good night' from the mom of my previous previous previous crush!!! the person whom i'm fantasizing to be my mother-in-law, well that's a year ago, and i didn't really think of her becoming my mother in law because in the first place, i never dreamed of getting betrothed to my previous previous previous crush. hahaha

pardon my exagerratedness (gm?), it actually came by chance. i texted her son, asking him about some things. and he replied alright... it says that he's changed his number already and attached is the current number. so i said sorry and thanks... and he (well, she!) replied, 'ok lang. mom nya to. gud nyt.'

hehehe. haaaappy. well, just that!! no burried feelings arose, thank God.
oh, i replied with a good night as well.

haaaay, it's hannahbanana's birthday soon. :) i'm so glad for you pare! lol
will be meeting with my friends later at teriyaki boy katips, i have no idea where exactly that is but i know it's just on the side parallel to ateneo. i even forgot how to commute there already. grrr... >___>;

hay, pera. asan kaaaaa!

damn you headache

my head's been hurting since our class started but i managed to forget about it eventually. ah, we pushed through with the dinner. coach and jay were actually planning to go to burger king (some branch i didn't hear well) but coach got a wee bit guilty about me being dragged on to their, uhh, selfishness? so we ate at tapa king instead.

honestly, i'd like to dine in burger king, at least it's cheaper than tapa king and i get to hitch for free. damn it, both of them has cars so it's like when we push to BK, jay's gonna drive me... then it's coach's turn on the way home. lol, i seriously would like to consider the BK option better. haha, but i was, lemme guess... too shy to approve of it. hahaha

lol. it's actually my first time to eat at tapa king, whattaloser.

and you know, it's fun listening to them. honestly, all i ever did there were do nods of agreement, laugh at certain points and answer briefly when asked. uggh, seriously, i was not very social but i'm very welcoming. and i happen to like what they were talking about it's just that, i couldn't pry in... because, dammit i'm shy!!! hahahaha

maybe because they're both my seniors and... err, yes... that's the only thing. but come to think of it, if they fell a little closer to my age, i would've been more open and jolly and talkative but then you know, not that i refuse to behave more socially... i'm just... whatever. SHY!

ok, no need to read more coz it's gonna be all that junk about this weird thing i feel in my chest whenever i recall those times we 'shared' together. fcktall.

i'd hate to deduce this as love, though seriously, i can't be entirely sure about it.
whenever i think of him, or whenever i think of the times we 'shared' together, i can't help but smile and feel all giggly and just so teenybopper. i even hate sounding like one but since i'm not yet 18, i should be given due right to act all shallow. hahaha

i don't want to entertain the feeling because the chances are slim that we'll meet again.

but hell, i'm still counting on it.

what a fool of me

to actually believe my dad that our modem got fucked up (btw, you have to get used to these seemingly barbaric terms to get the drift of my mood swings). and no, even if i discovered the sordid lie, i am not about to beg him to move out of the chair and give way to my ravishing the computer.

i want to agitate my dad by being gone from home without even as much as a peck on the cheeks. fine, so he lied to me about the absense of internet connection to save me from sleeping too late doing whatnots online. he is too much of a father to grant me the discipline i have long lost with my studies by dragging me away from my favorite solitary companion. i appreciate that, as much as i appreciate his having to lie to me about it.

case closed.

haha, no i'm not really serious with provoking my dad! i just want to go online, that's all!! i love the internet! it gives me the freedom i long for! freedom to express everything under my sleeve without being judged for who i am. i love it so much to stay away from it. maybe i can keep my urges in moderation, but to completely remove myself from the browser window forever? definitely not.

will eat dinner with coach bruno ang jay later. have i told you i'm on a diet? naaah. whatever. i single dinner with them couldn't possibly earn me a million calories would it?

oh, i'd also have to credit coach for sharing to me Dead Fantasy. go search in youtube. a marvelously directed animation featuring characters from Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive in a seemingly endless combat. it's magnificent, i promise. go watch it.

oh right, i have classes.

so that's how it is!

bitin ako sa binili kong siopao. >___>; on the way to the henlin store, my mind is making a mental struggle whether to buy a siopao for 28 or a big shawarma for 45, apparently the siopao won. i thought it would weigh the same in my stomach but no. haha. anyway, i'll just got to satiate myself with buttered corn later.

i just came from my pm class awhile ago. well, i might say i'm kinda lagging behind already. gotta concentrate better! but the techniques are still unbelievably effective.

i'm currently reading whitney my love. why, i am so enthralled by romance novels i thought i could also make my own. but then, mine would be so boring because i have no idea what to write. besides i've just come to realize that i don't know men... AT ALL.

being the only girl in our class, i kinda have to settle being the shy type. well, naturally, i am... specially around people whom i know are way senior to me. so i just have to endure their chatting, which aren't at all boring, in fact i'm thinking our coach is an actual geek, he knows a lot. man, and jay, my classmate is just as enthusiastic about the infos they share almost every meeting. yeah, their close. and it's so fun because i get to learn a lot.

and you know, with their talking i get to sneak on how 'guy' talks come about. i learned that just like in the teen movies where men converge to talk about which girl flipped and flopped their senses, they're pretty much the same.

so to spare my girlishness, i thought they actually had to scale down their chatter. i never thought amanda bynes looked hot to men, actually it's the first time i heard she did bring a sizzle to their uhh, what...minds? idunno. i always thought of her as annoying... but cute...i have to credit her for putting up a good show at 'she's the man'...but hot?

just how do you judge someone's hotness?
men, really. i also gathered in a could-be-hasty generalization that most guys prefer agressive girls. i could just laugh at the way jay agrees to it (with paris,britney and lindsay -the flirtatiously deranged trio). hahaha, and coach is much of a spectacle too when he mimics action stunts and growls. lol.

it's a fun pack, i tell you.
i'm grateful i didn't waste my summer bumming over zuma and ravenhearst manor. which i'm partially doing. haha

because i can't stop myself

i'm happy. can't you seeeeeee?
i'm on a 20/hr promo here in netopia FCM! back in Convergy's they charge 40/hr! booooo.

i just came from my pm class. hehe learned another useful technique. hey, i didn't know i could memorize scientific names that easily! yehey!yehey!

and so i'll plug.

Convergy's Commonwealth (lower ground)

that's not the main branch but it's the nearest franchise so my parents went for it.
i'm telling you this because i know it works. and you've got to believe me on this. :) their demo looks like this. they ask you to give them 10 items with corresponding numbers from 1-10... randomly.

demo-er: give me a number
demo-ee: 5
demo-er: a word?
demo-ee: whiteboard
demo-er: next
demo-ee: 10.castle, 6.baloon, 4.mickey mouse, 7. molasses....

until you finish ten items.
then, the demo-er will effortlessly recite them back to you... IN ORDER. wooooh.

pardon the demo-er/ee. just don't know how to put it correctly.


whitney my love by judith mcnaught.
sorry yndi, i can't wait! hahaha
i'm so excited to read it! a lot of people are recommending it kasi and i can't resist cos it's romance! bwahaha, here goes my fetish.

ohgosh! i need 250x7 pesos to buy all the Coehlo Books (that i don't have yet) in national bookstore! huhuhuhu

someone give me moneeeeeyyy!!!

you know what, if i had known earlier (or if had just thought of it earlier) that i'm not really going on double probation last sem, then i could've taken summer classes instead!

But God is GOOOOOD. sooo Goooood he didn't want me to know yet because he has a better plan, and it's PM.

thank you so much.

magpapa burger akoooO!!!

@ - i got to learn a fantastic memorizing technique from PM yesterday. i am so bewildered by the effect... and frankly speaking, it isn't that hard to get! look, i got to memorize 20 middle eastern countries, 6 inert gases, and the 9 fruits of the holy spirit plus 20+6+9 relative objects. that's roughly 60 something terms and i still can't forget it... i can even recite it backwards. man, just how useful is this class?

@ - i also got to meet my one and only classmate, jay. coach bruno was right, he is really good looking. :) (he wears glasses but isn't nerdy looking bwahaha, they're frameless kasi) i enjoyed his company, really. he's friendly and accommodating and is a complete gentleman. he also stayed in new york for a quite some time so my slang is being tested. hahaha just where do you get such package? thing is, he is training to be a minister and is already 28.

i didn't just hear an aww, did i?

@ - after all, i'm not really dismissed. woooot woooooh!

@ - ugh, i deserve a celebration! bwahahaha

something to look forward to

i attended my first power memory classes awhile ago. well, it's a make-up class really because i wasn't around yesterday (i was in elbi remember?).
hmmm. it was really interesting, though at first it was so intimidating cos they gave me this diagnostic test which would measure my memorizing skills.
my mind went: "WTH? 50 unfamiliar terms in 4 minutes?!?"
so i went full force... naussa, harare, gobone, belmopan... ugggh!! ok, so it was hard and infuriating at first but coach bruno during the lecture process taught me all about harboring the right attitude for every walk of life! it was so enlightening and yeah... go look at the title. :)
i got a below beginner grade when they checked my paper but they say it's ok and normal, and even added that it's even higher than the others who took the test. but it was still.. disappointing. bleeeeh.
i was planning to go online after the class - cos i'm in convergy's and there's netopia upstairs - but my parents fetched me so gaaah, can't sneak out. good thing we visited lola so here i am - nakiki-internet! woooooh!!
haaay. still have to go back to elbi this friday to do some stuff hehe, i won't be staying for the whole day cos i have class at 330 that day. hehe
i only have one classmate in PM this summer, a filipino-american one if i heard it correctly... hmmm, interesting. :)
alright, it's time to stop being a bummer!
btw, i'm back to exercising regularly! woooooh!

a sudden feeling of depression

i need to divert my thoughts from this. everytime i think of it, i feel hopeless, i feel drained. waaah.

i regret bursting out like that to my sister. i even cursed her. wtdhl.
e kasi naman, her problem is: she doesn't know how to get along. this trip (btw, i'm in elbi) is not all about her!! i agreed to accompany her through her registration because i also wish to pass by some of my teacher's cubicles, but when i pause to get my classcard she's like, "ay mauna muna ko ha?"

ay fuck naman. hindi makapaghintay? classcard lang naman! puta. ayown.

srsly, i don't know what's up. why can't she think practically? naturingan panamang econ. she always picks the hard way. she always asks the dumbest question.

gaaar. i'm losing patience.

i wanna go out!
i wanna go on a date with a friend whom i can just talk to and rant and rave and be shallow and wtdhl, CRY!!!
because if i go out with a group, i'll just end up forcing myself to be happy when i'm not. hey, that helps but eventually when they're all gone i have to face my problems alone.

^ which should really the case.

yehey. jesse's with me!
now i don't feel so alone!
we can do this!!!

wait lang ha.
ugh, i'm stuttering.
i'm trying to get used to not going online everyday... our modem just got fucked up that's why i'm here. wahehehe.

ok, sister is calling me! (no, not terai. ate bubbles! :D)
company at last! XD


Question Here: I love this site!! x0000
- thank you! :D

let it go.

i'm fcking crying right now. in astra.

goodbye, UPLB.

hello, FEU!
i promise to get a job soon!

i don't know how to pick myself up. srsly, i need someone to talk to.

where's the light?


sensei alvin: you have become a really fun teacher although most of time you're kupal to us. and even with that, i still can't get to hate you. thanks for the 4, i really thought i'm getting a 5 for the second time.


here's the drill.
i have two subjects with a grade of four. if i fail to remove both of them, i'd be getting my 2nd probationary status in a row, in short = dismissed.

but if i pass 1 of those subjects, i'd be given another chance to stay in the university.

that, i like.

but my parents are giving me another option, in case i pass and was given chance to continue toiling over being a chemical engineer... i could just drop it off and get an HONORABLE DISMISSAL, enroll at FEU-fern and take the course of my preferrence.

ay ang sakit ng ulo ko.
kaka typhoid shot ko lang.

Lord, Lord, Lord.
iba ka talaga!
i mean, if i didn't have you around maybe i'd be enthused enough to kill myself out of misery but no! you constantly give me something to smile about amidst the threatening adversity.

Thank You.

i could be violet sky!

woooh! i'm enjoying grace kelly by mika! thanks anne for sharing it to me! wahehehe... i could be brown, i could be blue, i could be violet sky, i could be hurtful, i could be purple, i could be everything you like...

have you heard of Ceragem?
it's a actually a bed massager that claims to be an effective preventive measure for various illnesses. my parents are planning to buy the product so as customers we are given a free trial at their center in q.ave (sunshine bvd, above klownz). they are offering free trials for people who can't afford to pay a trip to the hospital... they have around 30 of those Ceragem beds and people come there everyday to try the product.

i was overwhelmed by how much it has helped a lot of people, especially those who can't afford. imagine, they open at 9 and there are lot of people in line already! they do it by batches of 30 individuals who will use the Ceragem at an automated time of 45 minutes, after them, the next batch will follow. the center gets an average of 16 batches a day! now that's a looooot of people!!!

i am impressed by the charity of this institution. there's a common area there where people wait and while waiting, there's a Ceragem staff in front who holds a sort of seminar on the benefits of Ceragem. what i like about it is that, it's not at all an advertisement but a kind of health-awareness campaign. they show videos and do fun activities, they even have a cheer before leaving their seats and walking to the beds for their time. something like, 'aja!aja!aja!ceragem!ceragem!ceragem!'

hehe. i got to experience the bed for the first time. it was, hot. whew. the bed rollers underneath produce far infrared ray that penetrates the body and lasts for 6 hours... the rollers are made of err, if i remember correctly it's something like epoxy carbon panels and jade stone. i have no idea how effective those materials are but hey... i liked the effect. i felt really nice and sweaty in a good way. and it's entirely different from getting a good sweat from a workout because after a tendious exercise i tend to cool down immediately. but after using the Ceragem and drying myself off, the wind from the fan didn't seem to bring me shivers at all. it feels like the heat remained inside my body.

haha, testimonial agad?

what a short vacation

i want to do a lot of things but i can't get myself to start because i'm sure halfway through, my mind's forcibly going to be occupied with things of greater importance (like summer classes), and i'm going to be left with an unfinished project.
i want to save a lot for this year. my parents promised us a laptop by june. not that i don't trust them, but i'm not counting on it either. i'm saving for my own. and if they did buy us a laptop, then that money's going to be for a different item (like a rechargeable digital camera). i hate asking my parents for material things, as long as i have the ability to save for it, i would. and besides, i have come to fancy a lot of gadgets which are expensive and being a brat is on the least of my options.
stupid me. i forgot to save the header image as gif!!! now, i have a fixed white uneditable background. and i want a different shade. rar.
custom teenage rant:
cos i hate my full body shots i look like i just came from the delivery room. bwahahaha
i'm overweight! according to the BMI scale... hehe my sister is an obese-1 *snickers*. oooops!
maybe it runs in the family?
but i'm skinny thin when i was in... grade four. and my mom is also thin... back on her 20s. lol
hohoho. i'm acting exactly like those uber conscious teenage girls out there. i have the right to be conscious!! i'm in this particular age bracket where it's a sin not to even think of being an anorexic. lol but i don't want to.
exercise should do.
plus a dangerous withdrawal from sweets. yeah, i could just die from it. T___T;
i wanna swiiiiiimmm!!!!

o sya, sige ,pwede na rin


i'm bored with my previous layout. this one's uglier i guess... not because it features one of my artworks as header (swear, i don't know how to make headers from non-stock images) but because... o sige na nga, i think it's because i don't like the header. bwahaha i'm not a photoshop pro

i hate it.
i won't be able to install the selective expandable code for awhile because my source page just exceeded its bandwidth. accck! hateit!!! grrr... it was so stupid of me not to save that tutorial before this unfortunate thing happened.

i hope they fix it soon. i need that code.



nangagati nanaman akong magpalit ng layout!!!
bakit ba hindi ako makuntento?

napapangitan na naman ako dito!!!

went to trinoma with my sister awhile ago. aba! wala kaming pera. well, i have money... but i have no intention of buying anything at all... gusto ko lang magpalamig at, well, mag DQ. wahehehehe

minsan i wanna go there just to observe.
grabe talaga... ang mga kabataan ngayon. yeahyeah. clique no? pero di nga, talagang makikita mo ang borderline ng sosyal at feeling sosyal.

i mean, nasa pananamit naman diba? pero nakakalungkot talaga.
alam mo yun...
yung mga rich looking teenagers dun, hanep pumorma... ganda ng damit and all, may kasama pang yaya!

joke, actually... parents pala nila yun! ang judgmental ko diba?
pero ang simple lang ng nanay na ito (ayun sa aking observation), naka tshirt nga lang eh... pero alam mong mayaman. kasi nga yung anak nya.

ayoko mangstereotype.
SM parin ako!!

kasi di mo kailangan makibagay! it's for everyone!!! wooooh!!!

tapos alam mo yun... ang sungit nung mga lady guards pag nagtatanong ka... parang kasi feeling nila sosyal din sila pag nasa trinoma. nakakainis. usually naman mabait ako sa mga ganun... pero dun, yung naglilinis lang ng CR ang nababati ko ng masaya kasi masaya rin sya.

buti pa sa SM. lol.

what do you get when you fall in love

a guy with a pin to burst your bubble...

hello saturday! bwahaha...
i wanna go out!!! terai left me!!!! grrr... i told her to wait for me while i wash the dishes coz i wanna to go to diliman too! but what the fuck she left!!!! i won't forgive her for that!!! i just lost the chance to consult the college of fine arts!!! what the heeeeelll!

are the departments open during saturdays?

still. I HATE HER.

have i told you we already found an apartment??!?!?!
YEAH. i'm so excited. wahaha... hello independence!!! i mean, the real one. wahoooow.


hahahaha... HPDM still rocks. and i was deceived by a fic in ffnet entitled DH (or HD, too lazy to look at the other tab)... IT WAS...WEIRD. the author was, sorry. but i was amused by his/her weirdness!!! let's be friends!! lalalalalalaaaa... wait, the story was weird, i didn't get the drift... xept for A/N which says... DH doesn't necessarily have to stand for harry/draco... for all you know it could be dobby/harry or dumbledore/harry. and wtf, it's rated M for mentioning candy-sucking? heh? and weird talaga.

ok, ayoko na ng monopoly. i'm back to Zuma!!! it won't bore you, promise!!! yeah, it's that type of game that even though you've finished the ultimate level already, you'd still enjoy repeating the process. hahaha.

ack. gusto ko ng mario!! bwahaha

ok, so looks like di na ko makakalipat sa diliman.
kasi.. err... tinatamad na ko maglakad?? ughh... ako lang naman kasi and game dito eh. my parents are kinda supportive but they're not really hands-on with it.

i'm stuck! i'm stuck!
and i'm still probably going to be a college student after a decade or so.
oo, it's a safe assumption on my part. lol.


haha. i just had to blog about this.
early this morning our parents fetched us from elbi, where we already brought ALL of our things home.
mind you, i had like 10 bags to carry!!! laundry, clothes, books, whatnots, junks, shoes... good thing tita beth agreed to keep my electric fan for a while... hehe i put it with anne's luggage (hehe, you might not know this yet.. anne. hehehe).
i also, intentionally, left my tennis racquet on the top compartment of my cabinet... i'm sure no one's gonna notice it's there... i'll take it back when we transfer to one silangan this summer. hehehe
it's called Crazy House.
no. actually it's Lapis Apts. still in Raymundo, in front of White House.
i'll be sharing it with 4 others: anne, ate jayjay, steffi and yndi.
so ultimately, it's safe to call it Crazy House. bwahahahahaha
i'm frkn excited.
so much so that i immediately placed a partial downpayment this morning to reserve the unit... the rest of the fee will follow later on. hayhayhay.
kkkkk, different story now:
my dad and i just got back from Renaissance Hotel. He is an awardee, yey!!! and he asked me to escort him so ako naman SURE!!! partypartyparteeeeh!!
i didn't know there was a theme: Latina.
but we didn't really comply, at least i didn't wear something farfetched. :) i wore a red cocktail dress... the one i wore during jami's debut. i'm running out of cocktails!! bwahaha
actually, i came for the FOOD....
and the possibility that we'd be having a good stroll together around greenbelt's tech zone. wooh, i always favor strolling with my dad with it comes to techy stuff. but no, we didn't have enough time.
well, we're not used to Makati. if double/side parking is legal then we wouldn't have any problem at all but heck, there are no free parking spaces around so we just left. hahaha, you know much it cost us with just the hotel parking fee? if i heard it correctly it was 200something!!!
WTF diba?
ang ewan kasi ng tatay ko. i told him not to take the valet parking but he said he just wanted to try how it works. whatever. so much for 200something. =\
here's the difference: with the regular parking, you take your car to the parking area. with valet parking, you leave your carkeys to the valet staff at the main entrance and they'll do the parking. then when you leave you just have to wait at the entrance and the valet staff will drive your car in front of you, then off you go. no hassles! but wtfee?!?!?! hahaha
ok lang din, honestly ngayon ko lang din nalaman kung ano yung 'valet parking' na yun eh. hahahahaha ni hindi ko nga naisip na may extra charge pala yun eh... kala ko it's a free service for those who are in a rush and don't have time to waste looking for a good parking space. heh. but no...
ahm, hindi naman talaga kami sosyal ano... mejo case to case yan eh. if the situation calls for it, then go, pwede naman kami magmukang sosyal but on a regular basis we keep our heads low. and most of the time, PAGKAIN talaga ang deciding factor ko.
minsan lang makakain ng libre at masarap!! hahahaha
foodtrip spells heaven talaga.

how to get past raymundo gate in 3 ways! (of course when it's closed, duh!)

i think i wrote yesterday that i'm not qualified to have fun last night. but guess what, i just broke it. wahahahaa

anne and i went to lb square to drink... coffee.
and because raymundo gate is already closed, we decided to just fit ourselves on the relatively big gap on the side of the gate.

actually there are 3 ways to get over raymundo gate when it's already closed (11pm).

1. you can climb over the gate. i've never tried this before because i'm afraid of falling but some people can manage through this step quite easily so with that, i guess it's a feasible option.

2. you can actually fit through the underside of the gate. there's enough room to crawl under it. thing is, it's pretty hard to do the ROTC crawl, so to make it easier... you must lie down, face-up and slide yourself head-first through the gate... if you're tall, you can slide perpendicular to the gate... the more petite ones can manage parallel to the gate (this takes much lesser time)... hehehe

3. the last option! this one is the most commonly used technique to get past the blasted orange gate... we'll be using the side of the gate with that relatively big gap! at first glance it might seem like anyone can fit there... but lo and behold, it's quite a challenge, srsly. haha so, this takes a lot of energy... and for people who are not skinny thin like me, wear pants i guess... just to protect your legs from scratches. hehe so, you have to mount the side and let your butt sit onto that uhh, whatever that is (you'll recognize it as soon as you get there hehe). you can use the bars on the top if you find it hard to fit yourself. then when you're already seated, it's just a matter of sliding yourself in (or out). for your caution, you must mount sideways. :) hehehe

ok, so i said we went to square to drink coffee... hehehe, i had a great time!!! hahaha :)

then when we got back to the dorm (through the gate again hehehe), we went out again! this time with ate jayjay... we went to grove... then... FREEDOM PARK! yeah!! we spent a lot of time there... just chilling out... it's unusually empty... understandable naman kasi finals week. hehehe

tapos... UPF came!

haha FIRST TIME KO MAKA-ENCOUNTER NG UPF (univ. police force). and he was even reprimanding us badly... hahahaha yan kasi...

so yun lang.
masaya, grabe!!


i'm still not sure what will happen to me in the remaining days i stay here... i'm done with all my exams (sans the possible removal exams i'd still take).

good news: it turns out i'm really exempted in the hist2 finals... our prof posted another note at the bulletin board excluding my name on the list of finalists! so much for the fckn hours i spent studying.

chem40 finals: i can smell take-3!! it was hard, as usual. i don't know, i couldn't care less. i'll definitely be pushing through my Fine Arts dream! (or escape, rather)

i don't want to put up another paragraph regarding my redundant insights on my personal escape from doom.

wooooh! even though i'm left with particularly nothing important to do (aside from packing my things and looking for a good good apartment), i don't believe i have the right to party or engage in anything more fun than going online and watching hana kimi! T___T;

i feel like i still have to deprive myself of a night life because i'm still unsure of my other exams... esp. micro1!! but i'm glad i'm already guaranteed to earn 8 units this sem. that's my ultimate goal remember? get at least 8 units to get a move on with my life!

hello, sophomore!!! :D :D woooooooh!!

wait, i'm excited for Baguio! it's gonna be my first time... err, so hopefully we push through. whahahahaha
if not, then i'm happy to just skate with my friends or go to a beach somewhere! wahahaha :)

♥ ♥ ♥
i can't believe it's still HIM after all this time. :)

happy april fools day

blogging through mail!
i kinda hate the keyboard here in astra... they're all hard and unuser friendly. i don't even know why i can wait for a long time just to get a seat here when i could've transferred to another cafe upon un(in?)-immediate vacancy.
fyi, i came here only for the aircon. wahaha and astra's the coldest by far, errr... primelink's colder i guess but since there're too much noise in there brought about by those gamers... better chill here.
i'm not in the mood to joke, even though this day supposed to be a jokeful one.
first and worst, IT'S FINALS WEEK. would you still have time to pull pranks and joke if you were in our non-existent shoes? NO YOU WOULDN'T! even if i'm happy most of the time, i cannot afford to joke right now.
i am DEPRESSED. look at me, do i look like one?
i've asked enough and they won't believe i'm experiencing an extreme emotional downfall. iwannadie!!! no, that's an exagerration.
i just want to get over this week! no, i want to get over this week plus next week!! if only i can catch a glimpse of the future to see what is really in store for me... hayhayhay.
i wanna get over the exams!
i had my first just now... the micro1 more system type exam... at least it wasn't that hard y'know... i mean, if i gave enough time to memorize more things then i could've answered more thouroughly but i don't regret anything... whew...
tomorrow, hist2 finals! i can't believe i'm a finalist! the cutoff is 3.0 my friends... which means i'm either 4 or 5. i couldn't care much, but i don't want to repeat that blasted subject either. >____>; it's a fckn GE subject FCOL!
ugggh, a halohalo from kuya will fix this. hmm...

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