a sudden feeling of depression

i need to divert my thoughts from this. everytime i think of it, i feel hopeless, i feel drained. waaah.

i regret bursting out like that to my sister. i even cursed her. wtdhl.
e kasi naman, her problem is: she doesn't know how to get along. this trip (btw, i'm in elbi) is not all about her!! i agreed to accompany her through her registration because i also wish to pass by some of my teacher's cubicles, but when i pause to get my classcard she's like, "ay mauna muna ko ha?"

ay fuck naman. hindi makapaghintay? classcard lang naman! puta. ayown.

srsly, i don't know what's up. why can't she think practically? naturingan panamang econ. she always picks the hard way. she always asks the dumbest question.

gaaar. i'm losing patience.

i wanna go out!
i wanna go on a date with a friend whom i can just talk to and rant and rave and be shallow and wtdhl, CRY!!!
because if i go out with a group, i'll just end up forcing myself to be happy when i'm not. hey, that helps but eventually when they're all gone i have to face my problems alone.

^ which should really the case.

yehey. jesse's with me!
now i don't feel so alone!
we can do this!!!

wait lang ha.
ugh, i'm stuttering.
i'm trying to get used to not going online everyday... our modem just got fucked up that's why i'm here. wahehehe.

ok, sister is calling me! (no, not terai. ate bubbles! :D)
company at last! XD

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