happy april fools day

blogging through mail!
i kinda hate the keyboard here in astra... they're all hard and unuser friendly. i don't even know why i can wait for a long time just to get a seat here when i could've transferred to another cafe upon un(in?)-immediate vacancy.
fyi, i came here only for the aircon. wahaha and astra's the coldest by far, errr... primelink's colder i guess but since there're too much noise in there brought about by those gamers... better chill here.
i'm not in the mood to joke, even though this day supposed to be a jokeful one.
first and worst, IT'S FINALS WEEK. would you still have time to pull pranks and joke if you were in our non-existent shoes? NO YOU WOULDN'T! even if i'm happy most of the time, i cannot afford to joke right now.
i am DEPRESSED. look at me, do i look like one?
i've asked enough and they won't believe i'm experiencing an extreme emotional downfall. iwannadie!!! no, that's an exagerration.
i just want to get over this week! no, i want to get over this week plus next week!! if only i can catch a glimpse of the future to see what is really in store for me... hayhayhay.
i wanna get over the exams!
i had my first just now... the micro1 more system type exam... at least it wasn't that hard y'know... i mean, if i gave enough time to memorize more things then i could've answered more thouroughly but i don't regret anything... whew...
tomorrow, hist2 finals! i can't believe i'm a finalist! the cutoff is 3.0 my friends... which means i'm either 4 or 5. i couldn't care much, but i don't want to repeat that blasted subject either. >____>; it's a fckn GE subject FCOL!
ugggh, a halohalo from kuya will fix this. hmm...

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