what a short vacation

i want to do a lot of things but i can't get myself to start because i'm sure halfway through, my mind's forcibly going to be occupied with things of greater importance (like summer classes), and i'm going to be left with an unfinished project.
i want to save a lot for this year. my parents promised us a laptop by june. not that i don't trust them, but i'm not counting on it either. i'm saving for my own. and if they did buy us a laptop, then that money's going to be for a different item (like a rechargeable digital camera). i hate asking my parents for material things, as long as i have the ability to save for it, i would. and besides, i have come to fancy a lot of gadgets which are expensive and being a brat is on the least of my options.
stupid me. i forgot to save the header image as gif!!! now, i have a fixed white uneditable background. and i want a different shade. rar.
custom teenage rant:
cos i hate my full body shots i look like i just came from the delivery room. bwahahaha
i'm overweight! according to the BMI scale... hehe my sister is an obese-1 *snickers*. oooops!
maybe it runs in the family?
but i'm skinny thin when i was in... grade four. and my mom is also thin... back on her 20s. lol
hohoho. i'm acting exactly like those uber conscious teenage girls out there. i have the right to be conscious!! i'm in this particular age bracket where it's a sin not to even think of being an anorexic. lol but i don't want to.
exercise should do.
plus a dangerous withdrawal from sweets. yeah, i could just die from it. T___T;
i wanna swiiiiiimmm!!!!

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