how to get past raymundo gate in 3 ways! (of course when it's closed, duh!)

i think i wrote yesterday that i'm not qualified to have fun last night. but guess what, i just broke it. wahahahaa

anne and i went to lb square to drink... coffee.
and because raymundo gate is already closed, we decided to just fit ourselves on the relatively big gap on the side of the gate.

actually there are 3 ways to get over raymundo gate when it's already closed (11pm).

1. you can climb over the gate. i've never tried this before because i'm afraid of falling but some people can manage through this step quite easily so with that, i guess it's a feasible option.

2. you can actually fit through the underside of the gate. there's enough room to crawl under it. thing is, it's pretty hard to do the ROTC crawl, so to make it easier... you must lie down, face-up and slide yourself head-first through the gate... if you're tall, you can slide perpendicular to the gate... the more petite ones can manage parallel to the gate (this takes much lesser time)... hehehe

3. the last option! this one is the most commonly used technique to get past the blasted orange gate... we'll be using the side of the gate with that relatively big gap! at first glance it might seem like anyone can fit there... but lo and behold, it's quite a challenge, srsly. haha so, this takes a lot of energy... and for people who are not skinny thin like me, wear pants i guess... just to protect your legs from scratches. hehe so, you have to mount the side and let your butt sit onto that uhh, whatever that is (you'll recognize it as soon as you get there hehe). you can use the bars on the top if you find it hard to fit yourself. then when you're already seated, it's just a matter of sliding yourself in (or out). for your caution, you must mount sideways. :) hehehe

ok, so i said we went to square to drink coffee... hehehe, i had a great time!!! hahaha :)

then when we got back to the dorm (through the gate again hehehe), we went out again! this time with ate jayjay... we went to grove... then... FREEDOM PARK! yeah!! we spent a lot of time there... just chilling out... it's unusually empty... understandable naman kasi finals week. hehehe

tapos... UPF came!

haha FIRST TIME KO MAKA-ENCOUNTER NG UPF (univ. police force). and he was even reprimanding us badly... hahahaha yan kasi...

so yun lang.
masaya, grabe!!

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