because i can't stop myself

i'm happy. can't you seeeeeee?
i'm on a 20/hr promo here in netopia FCM! back in Convergy's they charge 40/hr! booooo.

i just came from my pm class. hehe learned another useful technique. hey, i didn't know i could memorize scientific names that easily! yehey!yehey!

and so i'll plug.

Convergy's Commonwealth (lower ground)

that's not the main branch but it's the nearest franchise so my parents went for it.
i'm telling you this because i know it works. and you've got to believe me on this. :) their demo looks like this. they ask you to give them 10 items with corresponding numbers from 1-10... randomly.

demo-er: give me a number
demo-ee: 5
demo-er: a word?
demo-ee: whiteboard
demo-er: next
demo-ee: 10.castle, 6.baloon, 4.mickey mouse, 7. molasses....

until you finish ten items.
then, the demo-er will effortlessly recite them back to you... IN ORDER. wooooh.

pardon the demo-er/ee. just don't know how to put it correctly.


whitney my love by judith mcnaught.
sorry yndi, i can't wait! hahaha
i'm so excited to read it! a lot of people are recommending it kasi and i can't resist cos it's romance! bwahaha, here goes my fetish.

ohgosh! i need 250x7 pesos to buy all the Coehlo Books (that i don't have yet) in national bookstore! huhuhuhu

someone give me moneeeeeyyy!!!

you know what, if i had known earlier (or if had just thought of it earlier) that i'm not really going on double probation last sem, then i could've taken summer classes instead!

But God is GOOOOOD. sooo Goooood he didn't want me to know yet because he has a better plan, and it's PM.

thank you so much.

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