in need of some flattering

if i badly wanted to flatter myself i go to my account and just check my stats. so far, it always flatters me to see my stories getting good reviews. much more, it boosts up my ego learning that there are actually people who put me in their favorite authors list.

it's not a big thing compared to other authors who dig their noses perfecting their craft but hey, it's still a good thing that my works get credited for what hideous grammatical and structural error it has that, so far, were never corrected.

hmmm. i'm reading Interview with a Vampire. folks, it's a fic... not the one with brad and tom. :) hmmm, okay pala sya ha. kala ko pangit, well of course, authors always think their work is crap until someone drops them a glorious comment. i left it unfinished, now i'm aching to continue, it's just that... my head's not bent too much on harry potter anymore and i could vaguely remember the characters now. haha, the only people i know by heart is duh, harry and draco. but anyway. i'll get my ass on it when i have time. hehehe

for now, i have to be really really religious with getting a decent workout. >__>;

man, i'm so fat naaaa! hahahaha

typical annoying, immature, teenage rant diba?

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