i've been waiting for this!

2 things

♥ i'm finally able to go online right here at home! meaning, daddy already got tired of me pushing him into spilling his 'secret' why the modem just won't fucking work. then he fixed it in front of me, like i'm demanding him on a gunshot. lol, it was so funny treating my dad like that. like he can't do anything but to get the screwer, unscrew some access panels underneath the laptop and remove that thing he stuck in the modem port to prevent it from working. and i was like, LOL DAD! i can't believe you have to go this far just to drive me away from the laptop! but you know, there's zuma and ravenhearst manor, plus the old school chicken invaders and marbles 98. i'm so sick of computer games and everytime dad walks here i have to put up a facade that i'm actually enjoying them when in fact i'm mourning for my apparent incapability to solve the internet problem.

but you know, before he solved my problem, i somewhat ran through the system and did a lot of changes just to see if it will work. well, i forgot to restore them to their original settings so when he tried the internet, it did connect (yeaaah!) but he can't access the net! booooo! and my mind went, 'whaaaatttt? oh come on daaaaaddd!!!'

that's just my mind, i blurted this instead... hah! you think it's over? no daddy, noooo!!! i did a simple trick to prevent you from accessing the web even though you're connected! and lol, why'd you have to reboot? it has nothing to do with that! nothiiiinnng! hahahaha

but deep inside i didn't know what to do! i was mentally cursing myself for ever playing around the internet properties but eventually, i found out what's wrong and spilled the beans to dad. lol

anyway. that's about it.
and that's just item number 1

♥ we're off to Calatagan in an hour! woooh! adventure at last!! swimming yeaaaaah!!! oh come on, i need a break! though i'm not really tired and deserving of it, i still need to feel the summer for its adventure and not for the scholastic workload it dumps on us. so, hoooraaaaay for later!


i just finished whitney my love yesterday! also in time for a new book! coach lent me good omens by neil gaiman and terry pratchett! man, i've been aching to get a hard copy of it cos apparently, i feel screws drilling on my head when i read the ebook. damn the headache. so, thanks a lot coach. :) it'll keep me busy this weekend!

yesterday too, after my pm classes i headed to teriyaki boy katipunan to meet with my friends. we planned a little surprise to our dearest hannah (which i wasn't able to become part of cos i'm late) and it worked! at least i know it did. hehehe by God, i missed them all!!! i truly truly missed the gang!

so may 9, everyone!! i'll be the host! wahehehee

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