she said goodnight

this actually happened weeks ago, i just didn't have time to blog about it, or maybe i always forget to blog about it. :) the 'she' in the title refers to my previous previous previous crush's mother!!! lol, you wouldn't know how dumbfounded i am to actually earn a 'good night' from the mom of my previous previous previous crush!!! the person whom i'm fantasizing to be my mother-in-law, well that's a year ago, and i didn't really think of her becoming my mother in law because in the first place, i never dreamed of getting betrothed to my previous previous previous crush. hahaha

pardon my exagerratedness (gm?), it actually came by chance. i texted her son, asking him about some things. and he replied alright... it says that he's changed his number already and attached is the current number. so i said sorry and thanks... and he (well, she!) replied, 'ok lang. mom nya to. gud nyt.'

hehehe. haaaappy. well, just that!! no burried feelings arose, thank God.
oh, i replied with a good night as well.

haaaay, it's hannahbanana's birthday soon. :) i'm so glad for you pare! lol
will be meeting with my friends later at teriyaki boy katips, i have no idea where exactly that is but i know it's just on the side parallel to ateneo. i even forgot how to commute there already. grrr... >___>;

hay, pera. asan kaaaaa!

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