damn you headache

my head's been hurting since our class started but i managed to forget about it eventually. ah, we pushed through with the dinner. coach and jay were actually planning to go to burger king (some branch i didn't hear well) but coach got a wee bit guilty about me being dragged on to their, uhh, selfishness? so we ate at tapa king instead.

honestly, i'd like to dine in burger king, at least it's cheaper than tapa king and i get to hitch for free. damn it, both of them has cars so it's like when we push to BK, jay's gonna drive me... then it's coach's turn on the way home. lol, i seriously would like to consider the BK option better. haha, but i was, lemme guess... too shy to approve of it. hahaha

lol. it's actually my first time to eat at tapa king, whattaloser.

and you know, it's fun listening to them. honestly, all i ever did there were do nods of agreement, laugh at certain points and answer briefly when asked. uggh, seriously, i was not very social but i'm very welcoming. and i happen to like what they were talking about it's just that, i couldn't pry in... because, dammit i'm shy!!! hahahaha

maybe because they're both my seniors and... err, yes... that's the only thing. but come to think of it, if they fell a little closer to my age, i would've been more open and jolly and talkative but then you know, not that i refuse to behave more socially... i'm just... whatever. SHY!

ok, no need to read more coz it's gonna be all that junk about this weird thing i feel in my chest whenever i recall those times we 'shared' together. fcktall.

i'd hate to deduce this as love, though seriously, i can't be entirely sure about it.
whenever i think of him, or whenever i think of the times we 'shared' together, i can't help but smile and feel all giggly and just so teenybopper. i even hate sounding like one but since i'm not yet 18, i should be given due right to act all shallow. hahaha

i don't want to entertain the feeling because the chances are slim that we'll meet again.

but hell, i'm still counting on it.

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