what a fool of me

to actually believe my dad that our modem got fucked up (btw, you have to get used to these seemingly barbaric terms to get the drift of my mood swings). and no, even if i discovered the sordid lie, i am not about to beg him to move out of the chair and give way to my ravishing the computer.

i want to agitate my dad by being gone from home without even as much as a peck on the cheeks. fine, so he lied to me about the absense of internet connection to save me from sleeping too late doing whatnots online. he is too much of a father to grant me the discipline i have long lost with my studies by dragging me away from my favorite solitary companion. i appreciate that, as much as i appreciate his having to lie to me about it.

case closed.

haha, no i'm not really serious with provoking my dad! i just want to go online, that's all!! i love the internet! it gives me the freedom i long for! freedom to express everything under my sleeve without being judged for who i am. i love it so much to stay away from it. maybe i can keep my urges in moderation, but to completely remove myself from the browser window forever? definitely not.

will eat dinner with coach bruno ang jay later. have i told you i'm on a diet? naaah. whatever. i single dinner with them couldn't possibly earn me a million calories would it?

oh, i'd also have to credit coach for sharing to me Dead Fantasy. go search in youtube. a marvelously directed animation featuring characters from Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive in a seemingly endless combat. it's magnificent, i promise. go watch it.

oh right, i have classes.

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