i'm still not sure what will happen to me in the remaining days i stay here... i'm done with all my exams (sans the possible removal exams i'd still take).

good news: it turns out i'm really exempted in the hist2 finals... our prof posted another note at the bulletin board excluding my name on the list of finalists! so much for the fckn hours i spent studying.

chem40 finals: i can smell take-3!! it was hard, as usual. i don't know, i couldn't care less. i'll definitely be pushing through my Fine Arts dream! (or escape, rather)

i don't want to put up another paragraph regarding my redundant insights on my personal escape from doom.

wooooh! even though i'm left with particularly nothing important to do (aside from packing my things and looking for a good good apartment), i don't believe i have the right to party or engage in anything more fun than going online and watching hana kimi! T___T;

i feel like i still have to deprive myself of a night life because i'm still unsure of my other exams... esp. micro1!! but i'm glad i'm already guaranteed to earn 8 units this sem. that's my ultimate goal remember? get at least 8 units to get a move on with my life!

hello, sophomore!!! :D :D woooooooh!!

wait, i'm excited for Baguio! it's gonna be my first time... err, so hopefully we push through. whahahahaha
if not, then i'm happy to just skate with my friends or go to a beach somewhere! wahahaha :)

♥ ♥ ♥
i can't believe it's still HIM after all this time. :)

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