something to look forward to

i attended my first power memory classes awhile ago. well, it's a make-up class really because i wasn't around yesterday (i was in elbi remember?).
hmmm. it was really interesting, though at first it was so intimidating cos they gave me this diagnostic test which would measure my memorizing skills.
my mind went: "WTH? 50 unfamiliar terms in 4 minutes?!?"
so i went full force... naussa, harare, gobone, belmopan... ugggh!! ok, so it was hard and infuriating at first but coach bruno during the lecture process taught me all about harboring the right attitude for every walk of life! it was so enlightening and yeah... go look at the title. :)
i got a below beginner grade when they checked my paper but they say it's ok and normal, and even added that it's even higher than the others who took the test. but it was still.. disappointing. bleeeeh.
i was planning to go online after the class - cos i'm in convergy's and there's netopia upstairs - but my parents fetched me so gaaah, can't sneak out. good thing we visited lola so here i am - nakiki-internet! woooooh!!
haaay. still have to go back to elbi this friday to do some stuff hehe, i won't be staying for the whole day cos i have class at 330 that day. hehe
i only have one classmate in PM this summer, a filipino-american one if i heard it correctly... hmmm, interesting. :)
alright, it's time to stop being a bummer!
btw, i'm back to exercising regularly! woooooh!

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