haha. i just had to blog about this.
early this morning our parents fetched us from elbi, where we already brought ALL of our things home.
mind you, i had like 10 bags to carry!!! laundry, clothes, books, whatnots, junks, shoes... good thing tita beth agreed to keep my electric fan for a while... hehe i put it with anne's luggage (hehe, you might not know this yet.. anne. hehehe).
i also, intentionally, left my tennis racquet on the top compartment of my cabinet... i'm sure no one's gonna notice it's there... i'll take it back when we transfer to one silangan this summer. hehehe
it's called Crazy House.
no. actually it's Lapis Apts. still in Raymundo, in front of White House.
i'll be sharing it with 4 others: anne, ate jayjay, steffi and yndi.
so ultimately, it's safe to call it Crazy House. bwahahahahaha
i'm frkn excited.
so much so that i immediately placed a partial downpayment this morning to reserve the unit... the rest of the fee will follow later on. hayhayhay.
kkkkk, different story now:
my dad and i just got back from Renaissance Hotel. He is an awardee, yey!!! and he asked me to escort him so ako naman SURE!!! partypartyparteeeeh!!
i didn't know there was a theme: Latina.
but we didn't really comply, at least i didn't wear something farfetched. :) i wore a red cocktail dress... the one i wore during jami's debut. i'm running out of cocktails!! bwahaha
actually, i came for the FOOD....
and the possibility that we'd be having a good stroll together around greenbelt's tech zone. wooh, i always favor strolling with my dad with it comes to techy stuff. but no, we didn't have enough time.
well, we're not used to Makati. if double/side parking is legal then we wouldn't have any problem at all but heck, there are no free parking spaces around so we just left. hahaha, you know much it cost us with just the hotel parking fee? if i heard it correctly it was 200something!!!
WTF diba?
ang ewan kasi ng tatay ko. i told him not to take the valet parking but he said he just wanted to try how it works. whatever. so much for 200something. =\
here's the difference: with the regular parking, you take your car to the parking area. with valet parking, you leave your carkeys to the valet staff at the main entrance and they'll do the parking. then when you leave you just have to wait at the entrance and the valet staff will drive your car in front of you, then off you go. no hassles! but wtfee?!?!?! hahaha
ok lang din, honestly ngayon ko lang din nalaman kung ano yung 'valet parking' na yun eh. hahahahaha ni hindi ko nga naisip na may extra charge pala yun eh... kala ko it's a free service for those who are in a rush and don't have time to waste looking for a good parking space. heh. but no...
ahm, hindi naman talaga kami sosyal ano... mejo case to case yan eh. if the situation calls for it, then go, pwede naman kami magmukang sosyal but on a regular basis we keep our heads low. and most of the time, PAGKAIN talaga ang deciding factor ko.
minsan lang makakain ng libre at masarap!! hahahaha
foodtrip spells heaven talaga.

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