she can't be serious

well you know, it's still a good 7 months from now so i'd be sure to forgive them if they suddenly backed out or changed plans. mom says she'll bring me to hongkong for my 18th birthday celebration (of course with my family). haha, i'm glad to hear that finally i'd be able to ride on an airplane and go out of the country and experience Disney Land! but you know, err, check the first sentence. hehe i don't even have a passport yet.

btw, just got back from calatagan, all in all took us 12 hours travel time cos of the traffic and comfort room stop overs. oh frkn body pain! we bathed in the pool for 9 frggn hours! and i tutored my big sister and my little nephew the basic swimming skills. apparently, i can only teach well up to the flutter kick... teaching freestyle needs a lot of patience! and fck, i almost drowned saving my little nephew cos he's dragging-slash-strangling me down i was like, 'wtdhl! you're choking me you bastard!' so i just pushed him with all the force i can manage to bring him to the gutter. where the hell did my rescue 101 lessons go?

anyway, can't say i didn't have fun! my arms and legs hurt like hell and i have a really big zit on the forehead (it bothers me because when i sleep in the car, i always lean on my forehead but now i can't cos it may pop haha) but i had a great time. i've been meaning to spend quality time with my family, especially with my cousins. bwahehehe

haaaay. i should be going now! hafta read! yaaaay!

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