what do you get when you fall in love

a guy with a pin to burst your bubble...

hello saturday! bwahaha...
i wanna go out!!! terai left me!!!! grrr... i told her to wait for me while i wash the dishes coz i wanna to go to diliman too! but what the fuck she left!!!! i won't forgive her for that!!! i just lost the chance to consult the college of fine arts!!! what the heeeeelll!

are the departments open during saturdays?

still. I HATE HER.

have i told you we already found an apartment??!?!?!
YEAH. i'm so excited. wahaha... hello independence!!! i mean, the real one. wahoooow.


hahahaha... HPDM still rocks. and i was deceived by a fic in ffnet entitled DH (or HD, too lazy to look at the other tab)... IT WAS...WEIRD. the author was, sorry. but i was amused by his/her weirdness!!! let's be friends!! lalalalalalaaaa... wait, the story was weird, i didn't get the drift... xept for A/N which says... DH doesn't necessarily have to stand for harry/draco... for all you know it could be dobby/harry or dumbledore/harry. and wtf, it's rated M for mentioning candy-sucking? heh? and weird talaga.

ok, ayoko na ng monopoly. i'm back to Zuma!!! it won't bore you, promise!!! yeah, it's that type of game that even though you've finished the ultimate level already, you'd still enjoy repeating the process. hahaha.

ack. gusto ko ng mario!! bwahaha

ok, so looks like di na ko makakalipat sa diliman.
kasi.. err... tinatamad na ko maglakad?? ughh... ako lang naman kasi and game dito eh. my parents are kinda supportive but they're not really hands-on with it.

i'm stuck! i'm stuck!
and i'm still probably going to be a college student after a decade or so.
oo, it's a safe assumption on my part. lol.

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