i could be violet sky!

woooh! i'm enjoying grace kelly by mika! thanks anne for sharing it to me! wahehehe... i could be brown, i could be blue, i could be violet sky, i could be hurtful, i could be purple, i could be everything you like...

have you heard of Ceragem?
it's a actually a bed massager that claims to be an effective preventive measure for various illnesses. my parents are planning to buy the product so as customers we are given a free trial at their center in q.ave (sunshine bvd, above klownz). they are offering free trials for people who can't afford to pay a trip to the hospital... they have around 30 of those Ceragem beds and people come there everyday to try the product.

i was overwhelmed by how much it has helped a lot of people, especially those who can't afford. imagine, they open at 9 and there are lot of people in line already! they do it by batches of 30 individuals who will use the Ceragem at an automated time of 45 minutes, after them, the next batch will follow. the center gets an average of 16 batches a day! now that's a looooot of people!!!

i am impressed by the charity of this institution. there's a common area there where people wait and while waiting, there's a Ceragem staff in front who holds a sort of seminar on the benefits of Ceragem. what i like about it is that, it's not at all an advertisement but a kind of health-awareness campaign. they show videos and do fun activities, they even have a cheer before leaving their seats and walking to the beds for their time. something like, 'aja!aja!aja!ceragem!ceragem!ceragem!'

hehe. i got to experience the bed for the first time. it was, hot. whew. the bed rollers underneath produce far infrared ray that penetrates the body and lasts for 6 hours... the rollers are made of err, if i remember correctly it's something like epoxy carbon panels and jade stone. i have no idea how effective those materials are but hey... i liked the effect. i felt really nice and sweaty in a good way. and it's entirely different from getting a good sweat from a workout because after a tendious exercise i tend to cool down immediately. but after using the Ceragem and drying myself off, the wind from the fan didn't seem to bring me shivers at all. it feels like the heat remained inside my body.

haha, testimonial agad?

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