hello sabadooo!!

as usual we had saturday classes today.. grr.. boring talaga.. pero at least noh... i didn't miss any quizzes... i'm planning not to go to school panaman kanina...
anyway.. i'm in larz's house! damn.. schoolprojects.... -_-;;

bwiset noh?
grr.. walang hiya talaga... nakikigamit lang ako ng computer dito.. naku gusto ko nang umuwi... hayaaku talaga.... bwisettt... bwisett... ayoko ng pumasok.. tinatamad na ko.. sana bakasyon na at nang makapaglibang naman ako...
tapos hindi parin pwede kasi.. i'll be having summer reviews na for the entrance exams... a basta... grr...

walang hiyang buhay toh!!

why do i have to face theconsequences of having a life?
doi... nag drama....

awhile ago mrs torralba got madat us... regarding the impersonation thingy... okkkaayy? so who's that foulmouthedbith?
pero ok lang... it passed na ...hehe...

forgot something..

i'm totally absorbed with that code hunter thing... nakalimutan ko na ung ibang nangyari..
hmmm.... nagkaroon ng suspection sa school dahil may isang 4th yr na nawalan ng 19500 worth of tuition...so ayun.. that day rin naman na solve so thank God.
nakakahiya naman.. although people won't reveal to us who the crime doer is, i believe it is also a 4th yr...
soory... Lol.. feeling ko lng.. kasi.. alam nyo yun.. lumalabas na ang aking pagka chismosa...
tss.. gossip girl...
that bad thing is... rumor says she also had cellphones with her.. that's cellphone with the S.. ayun.

nuff said.

i brought a new set of strings for my guitar in yamaha... nylon na toh! plus a guitar pick.. grr.. i lost my band aid ticket last yr! -_-;;

ah basta.. basta lng.. labo...-_-;;

arrgghhh... i'll find time.. maybe on sunday, i'll watch 'series of unfortunate events'..hehe

code hunter (storm watch)

just watched that movie in hbo... [damn and i still have to practice tolerance with this pirated like scenes brought to us by global destiny]

if these words or phrases appeal to you: computers, hacking, gaming, an artificially inteligent semi-human, and virtual reality scenes, try watching Code Hunter or Storm watch.

it's a bit scifi, has action too and tiny romance... but it's fun...^^;;

er... uhmm.. ano ba... ahh.. ok so what really set my focus on it is the presence of computers and HACKERS (an occupation i found myself dying to learn). lam nyo yun... suspense...hehe..
basta.. ayun.. masaya...

fun kasi... may computers.. doi... tapos suspense kasi... err... may game... basta just figure it out yourself.. hha

ok so basically, it is just your average hacker related virtual reality movie which was made by a low budgeted filmaker... certainly i do not intend to offend such kind of filmakers but that's what i know. and again, hacker related movies never leave the field of VIRTUAL REALITY... am i right?
of course i know i'm right... you wouldn't want to watch some computer geek just sitting his ass there typing relentlessly while in your mind (or what the back of the video cover says) lies the fact that this kid is hacking and he's going to be involved in a serious problem just by sitting there. Then he solves the problem by asking help from some computer guru, who then reffered him to another person who enters him in the world of virtual reality...
that's really common...
and that's what's in code hunter... the virtual reality thing, the 'stuck in a compute game' plot, a mad scientist using a guy's ability to conquer the world... yadda yadda yadda...

well.. bahala kayo...
but still i fancy hackers...

so in the end... it doesn't end in my fave movies list... there's just one movie about hackers existing in my list and that is 'The Net'

no, it doesn't have VR scenes, and no special effects either...hehe.. starring sandra bullock...ok.. done


our club went to outreach knina at gawad kalinga fairview...
napaka sayang experience... now i know na hindi ganon kadali ang maghalo ng semento, mag pintura using the long rolling spongee thing, at mag buhat ng hollow blocks in a ramp like street!

huwawww.. basta natuwa lang ako sa aming teamwork kanina while carrying the hollowblocks... we were in a long line then.. ayun pasa pasa ng hollow blocks! you wouldn't know how exhausting that was!

after that.. rest... kim, larz, steph and i slept in the veranda sa library.. while waiting for the lunch bell.. tapos yun... onga pla.. before going back to school... we stopped over mcdo fview and ate ..doi.. tapos.. i got freee MILO CARDS!!! hulaan nyo cno kinuha ko?

duh.. malamang c japoy.. hehe... ang dami kaya don.. hingi ka?


i'm sooo sooo happy for my sister!!!
she passed UP!!! los banos nga lang.. pero ok na rin.. lipas n lng sha campus nex sem!

i'm sooo happy but what i'm feeling now is a mix of emotions.. im happy for her.. yet scared for me..

you know what?
my sister kasi is in the honor roll.. so what chance do i have? being an average student of shs?


today is...

stupid ng title..-_-;;

haaayyy.... sooper naninibago ako sa sarili ko.. bcoz of my kilay...
^^;; funny ba? i mean.. should i blame the bading in the salon for making it so thin, yet fairly nice or should i blame myself for not protesting early enough to prevent this self consiousness that i feel?

naahh.. wala na kong magagawa... haha...
o cge.. since majority of my batch mates enjoyed the prom... cgecge.. i can say that i enjoyed it too... fun naman talaga eh.. if not for me feeling sleepy most of the time... and i think i was the first to leave the program...

... i feel better with the orchestra playing in the upper lobby.. lOl.. ang old fashioned ko tlaga...

people are still under hangovers... can't get enough of the prom eh? was it like a dream or something wherein we wake up one morning facing the evidently boring cycles of school life?

can't wait to graduate.

ate maika visited awhile ago at school, had some chitchat... let her help me with the trigo seatwork and yeah.. the first number was easy for her... but it still sounds complicated to me... haayyy...

and today... hmm... i'm looking for recipes for entrep...
tomorrow... another day to face..
btw... happy birthday ms malayas!

sa wakas!
i finished 'teen idol' na!!
i hate the ending pero sweet so ok lang..

currently reading:
'on the bright side, i am now the girlfriend of a sex god'
by Louise Rennison

haaayyy... can't get enough of teen novels talaga oh...-_-;;

ayoko na magsulat.. babayooooo!

prom =|

ok... so yesterday was the prom night... i arrived at 6:10 and left at exactly 11:10..
in short. i didn't finish the whole program...
just bcoz i'm sooo sleepy... i slept in my chair for a couple of minutes but i felt uncomfortable so i decided to ... rest somewhere else... to a place where i can freely toss my agonizing shoes... where?


and it's warmer there... good thing.

btw... prom pics will follow soon... hehe...

sighhh... i'm really bored that night, the only thing i enjoyed was the food! and the orchestra on the upper lobby when we left...

manila pen.. hmm... they say Rigodon ballroom was the biggest ballroom there... but i don't think it's big enough...-_-;;

no offense but i hate the water there... it tastes like the fountain in school...
but seriously.. i like the food.. although i didn't finish the main course coz i was already bloated with the soup bread and veggies...
i loooveee the dessert!!! hihi.. chocolateeee...

basta ayun...
congrats to all the winners!

english week...

half day nga lang eh.. hehe.. pero anyway..
i'm happy that, as expected (nag-expect talaga ko!), we won the photo gallery plus the best essay thing... haha.. ang saya saya... hehe...

congrats din sa radio play! astig, i heard the judge said she's going to hire them for her movie, if ever, to be on the special effects field... cool. what a breakthrough. ^_^=v

the quiz bee finished with 3 questions, again, just like the cl quiz.. LoL... the first question was... 'what's the superlative form of former?'
LoL... i can't believe it's FOREMOST... haha.

congrats sa lahat ng nanalo!


but seriously, while my other classmates are busy for the countdown, i'm not feeling anything like excitement... maybe a little nervous bcoz of my shoes. good thing it has a strap.. but bad thing coz its not adjustable so my bad if it fell and i have to walk with my feet rising a little inches from the shoes whenever i take a step...

oh my... i just heard a bad news from yesterday... kasi diba last time i went to commonwealth market and had this traumatic experience of having this teenage guy fighting and exchanging cruel words to this old woman (a relative or parent i think), throwing beer bottles in every direction (of course not aiming at her)and blaming her for being so -i don't know the term- during his birthday.

i was scared because dad left me in the car, with the windows open, so when he closed the engine, the windows won't pull up if want to. i cried afterwards, of fear and empathy to the old woman, who at her old age is being treated like that with his son.

just now, she died.
may she rest in piece.

now here's the hitch. his nephew, yung bakla, was the one who's going to do my hair and make-up for the prom. but unfortunately, because of the burial, he can't make it.
pero it's not a problem na... since we scheduled na in Ystillo. kaso, i wasn't impressed with my sister's make-up there... the blush on was too dark.. but anyway.. she's still pretty. i especially liked the hair. ^_~;

look! i like this gown...

pero hindi ganyan gown ko.. hehe.

should i blame myself?

hey.. good afternoon.
now here's the topic...should you at least ponder on the lyrics of 'welcome to my life' by simple plan... that's where i'm jumping on... i mean the message.. not the real being-a-5th-wheel-person thing...

i'm tired.
i know not everyone are blessed with that popularity that makes you the fad icon or trend-setter in the campus... or maybe i'm just envious of those people who get along well with almost all sorts of people (not exactly all coz i'm out those ^^)

but hell. i feel awful when i'm alone. yes.. i'm a loner.. how many times do i have to tell that? but the feeling of socializing with other people makes me feel on the 3rd, 4th or 5th wheel.

that's why i feel soooo sooo damn out of place. i have another bestfriend, hannah, who is quite on the fam side. sometimes we bond (like awhile ago), but that sometimes means quite rare coz we're not given the time to bond like that. ^_^, pero lamo yun, wala lng... kakamiss

eh basta.. nalalbuan na ko sa sarili ko.. i can't put THESE (thoughts) in words.. haahaaaaaa...
ah basta.. lam nyo ba yung feeling na ganun?
nyeee... bat ba ko nagdadrama.. basta... joke lng yung lahat ng yun..
ewan ko.. labo.-.-

in short. i don't want to be around with the COOL CROWD. kasi i'll just get intimidated. like awhile ago. they're talking about stuff, stuff, stuff.. they're happy... and they're the only batchmates i see around. pero i'm alone.. alone alone alone, sulking myself in romance comedy books by meg cabot.

maybe that's it. i just don't want myself to be alone in the corner while the others are packed on the other side.

pero what can i do? i tried to tag along with this two people (who're my friends) pero i ended up being on the 3rd wheel... so i left them for the book.

yeah.. bookworm.
i'm not sociable enough.
and i don't believe in sociable people... kasi if there's any, then i wouldn't be alone.
pero i know naman na being alone is a matter og choice.. pero basta. i said my point.

haha... in the end...
i really should blame myself.

lam nyo kasi.. imbis na na bublurt out ko lahat ng TAONG galit na galit ako... i ended up BLIND ITEM-ing them.. kasi baka IBLAB ng iba dyan. -_-;;

wee.. check this picture... really nice!
by chocko

wednesday =)

hello there... ^_^;;
weeeee... the photo gallery [including me!] group did a good job awhile ago.. plus yesterday!
hehe... ang kyut nung design nameeennn.... ahahahaaa... plus the essay.. i kind of liked it with my little revisions.. pero oks lng...maganda naman... wish ko lang talaga manalo kami kasi kung sa design lang naman ang pag-uusapan... among the other sections... mas maganda naman ung samen... [hindi naman sa pagmamayabang...^^;] pero that's what i see... eheheheee..

yey! we had p.e. awhile ago. and seriously, i got excited nnman maglaro ng softball.. unfortunately ang init init sa field and miss aureada's hesitating to let us play.. considering na malapit na ang prom.. haha... pero basta.. gusto ko na maglaro..

kaso nga lang... jusko ah! ang tagal na ng group 1 and 4 na maglaro! almost 3 weeks samantalang ung samen... 1/4 of the period lang...-_-;; hmmphhh...

ano kaya club ko sa interclub?
feeling ko mag ta-taekwondo na lang ako! hihi...
or softball kaya? kaso la akong kasamaaaa.....>.<

LoL... speaking of club... buti na lng at G D C9 lang ang chords ng tutugtugin nmen... that means i don't need to bring voldy around at school! instead i'll be bringing a guitar... hehe...
aND... ms. alberto asked me kung bat di na lang daw ako mag organ... (haha! akala ko panaman ayaw mo na ko mag-organ coz i'm being a burden to the club!) sabi ko nahihirapan na ako magdala.. hehe.. 22o naman... ah basta..


happy valentines!

well..belated actually... hehe..
i ate a lot of chocolates yesterday.. and today din.. haha pero sad i didn't get to eat my ferrero...-_-;; because of that stupid CL activity... (yes i'm mad..) and it's not that stupid .. seeing as to how it affected me this much...
cge.. laugh. there's nothing funny actually.

ok off topic. haha.. there's nothing quite valentine-ish with this post...
my love life is still unclear... haha.. still the usual 75 dots per image black and white picture...ehehe..

haayy... this day is so tiring... quizzes, homeworks... that's why i slept laid down on the floor awhile ago after answering the guidance test, which happens to be another mental checkup... -_-;; i'm getting insane.

and then... today is the mounting of the pictures and essay in the photo gallery.. haayy... so tired talaga.. pero hell.. still have to revise ( mean, widen down ) the essay.. haha. kaya ko toh...

haaayyy...-_-... bahala ka na nga Lord...
yey... i can play 'Gone' na.. it's a piano instrumental... got the peice from hannah.. the tune is.. uhm... er.. can't explain basta sad, mushy and often heard in teleseryes.. o diba.. kinareer...haha

and then... uhmm... yeah... i'm reading another book... by meg cabot.. 'teen idol'... evuluation some other time..

speaking of meg cabot.. i visited meg cabot.com and found her diary there (i dunno if it's the real thing tho) and guess what.. it's powered by blogger!
but you can't really see the address coz it's named megcabot.com... blah..

oh well... looks like i need to do my homeworks na...-_-;;
haha.. later na lng muna yan.. tinatamad pa ko eh..
so far.. my hate towards la germania electronics is subsiding na... since she's not so rude with me last time during this period where i have no choice but to join their group...=)

but still.. charles [from the law] is as irritating as ever... she keeps making destructive comments... still bossy, and yeah... EVERYONE is still a whole pile of tupperwares on her... get that?

uhmmm... mililiters [y'know i have to stay corny in naming them.. these are blind items...] is still the same trying-hard-to-make-people-laugh kind of person... and she's quite NOT lucky about that... since she's being.. kind of thrown-out in a popular kind of way... which makes me feel sick about her.. but she's not that bad either...

and this 2 ...are my all time hates.. although they're not doing anything to me now... [just their mere existence makes me want to throw up] bruce and ga(suqared)INV.. blah... [corny talaga ng name pero that'll help me remember them well...] y'know them.. one of the stupid pathetic creatures who tried to ruin my 2nd yr...
to no avail.

this valentines season is not an exception for me NOT to hate...=\

sundaaaayyyy... =)

as promised.. manila bay pics.. hehe...
taken last january [forgot the date] 2005... hehe...

if ur using a laptop.. try to tilt the screen backwards a little to see the rays clearly.. hehe...
so obviously... almost all of them are the same... i'm enjoying the rays of lights... also the smallest kid there... cute... plus the couple... sweet..-_-;;
so generally... lahat naman gusto ko.. haha


guess what? we suddenly remembered we don't have cooking oil left.. as in the last drop was consumed yesterday...
we just reheated the fried rice from yesterday..yes, without oil.. and since we don't have any ulam... i made myself one... bagoong with kalamansi... hehe.. sarap kaya.. haha...
i would love to eat bread and herb cream cheese.. kaso january 25 pa pla expired ung cheese.. haha...-_-;;
ayun.. so far...SO GOOD!

LoL.. i was thinking... what's my favorite chocolate nga pla?
in case u'd like to give me something sweet for this valentines season.. give me ferrero rocher... i'll greatly appreciate that...^_~

oopss.. tomorrow na pla ung notecards.. and i still don't know what to do. i think mag iimbento na lng ako ng laman coz all my sources are in the library and the philosophy shelf was 'please don't use this shelf... books are for blah blah..'.. ohhhkkkaayyy?

i bought ferrero awhile agooo.. for cl nga eh.. kasi pinapadala kmi ng 'favorite' chocolate nmen.. i think we're going to be tested for another sacrifice kind of thing... ok lng.. valentines naman.. pero sana... sana.. may magbigay sakin ng chocolates!!


seriously. philamlife hates me! i mean us...
awarding ni mommy laging exam and may pasok.. so i won't be able to escort her through the night and worse.. i won't be able to go to a hotel! haha...

during church... i was so pissed off with my sister.. she keeps on smiling.... wierdly.. just because the topic is of valentines day and she's... excited.. as if naman noh... her grayscaled love life is turning into 100 dots per image 32 bit color.. while mine stay black and white...

just wait. -_-;;

haha... just for fun...

hihi, i tried searching my name in google... whatever.

whoa. i really thought it's friday today...i slept a lot... grabe tapos when i woke up... (kasi nakatulog ako sa kwarto ng katulong namin sa basement)... i transferred to my room upstairs tapos nagtaka sila... bat ko raw dala ung unan, kumot at rubbershoes ko.. haha.. ok so nagising ako...-_-;; baliw ko talaga.. feeling ko nag s-sleepwalk ako...haha.. tapos...

tulog ulit ako...

sa school... yeah... dapat di na ko pumasok... we never did any formal lesson... pero ok lng. perfect ako sa ap quiz yey!

tss... i sooo hate it when she looks at me that way... parang gusto pa nyang balikan ung dati.. yuck... bwiset...
nakakabadtrip... and she keeps on pointing at me... arghhh... ewan ko lng pero... tss.. gusto ko magtago...
mejo boring ung program.. but the best.. for me is... ung KARATE! haha.. funny... i like the song... hihi...


i finally got a PLOT for 'Blog-girl'
ksi type lang ako ng type ng story.... di ko naman alam kung san patungoo.. sooo..basta.. surprise... haha...

during unwanted circumstances...

again again again... our driver, which happened to be my uncle as well... was fumed up by my not-showing-up when he fetched me at around 4...

hell! how was i to know he's gonna fetch me at 4? when it is clear that my oh-so-damned-sister gets dismissed during 5:30 since they have the rigodon/cutilion practices?

and he left and didn't come back for me.

fuck him.

i won't give him respect since our relationship as of now has gone beneath the uncle-niece one... rather i'm talking here on a driver-master basis...


i know.

i wouldn't be if i'm not fucked up by this.

my mom's secretary fetched me at 5 and said we're going to commute...duh

ok. no problem then we commute... but unfortunately...

my sister... yes.. my GREAT sister brought [take this down]:





FLOWER VASE (with flowers)

and other random HOUSE THINGS stuck in my HUGE giordano monkey printed paperbag...

crap. and we're stuck UNDER the rain.

good thing it's not a heavy downpoour.

so... my mom's secretary left me first in FEU while she gets a taxi...

just how are we going to get home with a whole bunch of household materials?

anyway... after waiting for some while... she unfortunately brought two tricycles coz it's hard to spot a vacant taxi around...

ok... now the problem is... we won't fit... not with the beanbag, the stool and the paperbag...

but anyway.. we got over that... but i'm still not over the whole thing of being stuck (almost suffocated) with a beanbag stuffed in your front which gets all the space you need to grab some air...

but still.

it's ok...

kinda fun...

i still can't forgive our driver for this.

PS. (as if letter toh noh...) given ANY CHANCE.. i WON'T bring a STOOL or a BEANBAG to school.

not unless GOD asks me to.


walk on...[prom musings]

great... i'm figuring out on how to walk with my prom shoes without tripping over the STAIRS.


i did a mistake for choosing an almost 3inches high stilletto [crap..how was that spelled?]

i'm kinda walking it over so that i'd be used to the pain it gives while you walk through stairs, or even cobblestoned streets... if there is such a place here...and of course avoiding banana litters... haha.

-_-;; the shoes. the shoes. the shoes.. -.-;; i'ts really annoying how mom would insist on sticking a RUBBER mat-kind-of-thing on the soles so that i won't slip.

aww.. that's just SOOOO sweet... get me.

my gown.

my sister's gown.

the same gown she used in rembrant.

and now she's still going on the same spot for her senior's prom... how did that suck?

i asked her... she said she wouldn't be on the prom... if not for her partner in the dance program....




i still don't have a date.

and i'm not looking for one.




y'know, i'm not the only one who suffers that i-think-i-have-to-kill-myself thing whenever i get smacked by my dad or something...

here it goes...

jan. 6, 05

my dad just beat the crap out of me awhile ago. and duh! it hurts... but the weird thing is... when i ran upstairs and lock myself in the bathroom, my mind is craving for more PAIN. My arms as of the moment is not heavily bruised but it's numb and i can feel pain trailing throughout my whole body.

yet again. i'm craving for pain. in short, my conscience, which was supposed to be advicing me to clm down, is outdone by my thought of taking SUICIDE.

seriously. i have a huge psychological problem.

i'm thinking of ending my life. unfortunately there were no sharp objects within my reach and so i go for the lesser case of self mutilation (if that's how you would describe my grievous action). I grab a hairclip (yeah.. the one beauticians use to hold ur hair when styling) and held the metal part of it (it's not that sharp but it should pass for a motivational object for suicide) and scratched my right arm for like 20 times until the blood clotted and there was this 1 inch thick and 8 inches long red line of clotted blood.

i wonder why it didn't bleed... hmmm....

i took time to reflect after this really foolish attempt to actually hurt myself physically... i dried my tears and went out to continue my unfinished homework of drawing coconuts, hammocks and a sun (that looks like a burger) for our fliers when dad apporached for this humble and almost polite apology.

pero i'm not in the mood so i keep on ignoring him...and he gave up and left me..

yadda yadda... i hate mushy reconciliations...


after the desperate attempt to hurt myself.. i discovered na... uy.. mag poprom na pla.. gagaling pa kaya toh?


pero ngayon.. we're fine na.. we went out pa nga eh.. o.O

onga pla... we had our prom talk awhile ago... oh well.. didn't enjoy it that much... kasi it's the talk for people with dates.. hehe.. and i'm datelesss..

i'm totally pissed off with the table-mates thing... i don't want to be with people whom i barely consider as my CLOSE friends.. and they're putting me with them.. darn. is this the consequence of not having a date or what? i'm put-in on random tables just to FILL in a buttless chair?

we bought my prom shoes kanina! ok.. not really MINE coz my sister has to wear it first kasi she's having her JS prom THIS friday and we just went to shop for her gown last SUNDAY?... how much early is that?

and look... i have to use her gown next yr.. (if ever may gradball) like i have to use her previous gown this prom...


and her gown is FREAKIN' RED!

how are you supposed to put mocha in blood?

seriously... while RED is my all time favorite color, i wouldn't want to wear a freakin bloodyyy vamp red in the gradball... even though it looks good on me... ahahaaaa...


let's go off topic.. i'm currently browsing for harry potter fics... i'm looking for this certain fic having draco as a vamp.. uh... whatever..

it reminds me of my fic writing seasons... like.. i actually tore my first naruto fic because of guilt... coz I got COMPLIMENTED FOR MAKING IT A REALLY GOOD CLIFFHANGER AND THE MATURE scenes are DEPICTED WELL.

that made me feel faithless.

i mean... that's one helluva nice review.. but y'know. i'm guilty of all those SCENES i wrote.. that's why i tore the paper in half and threw it..

and now... im NOT writing naughty scenes anymore! yipeee.. but my story really got me hanging... bitin nga sha noh...ahaahahaaa... the whole nude sketching and the dreams... uhh... nvm.


it's quarter to ten... haven't changed my dress yet.. im still wearing the uniform

i remember something about ENVY...

i actually envy someone from class having her date as one of my all time crushes...-_-;; starting from the first time he appeared on mag.. i mean.. am i right? in the second edition of questor? with the monster rancher cover?

another thing...

i envy my sister for having really NICE feet! while mine has scratches and wounds and stuff...my sister's feet fits in all sorts of shoes (given the right size of course) and I am so conscious about my super tiny nails, my dark feet and the little scratches i got from playing...

and she too.. is envy of me? for one reason.. she wants to get slimmer..

hello? world to my sister? i'm not even slim.. or does she want the kind of figure that nothing else on your body expands when you eat aside from your stomach? oh... go figure.

basketball :)

i played nnman kanina...

pero this time... i'm using the real basketball.. not the volleyball... haha...

then.. while playing there was this little kid about 2yrs old... he was with his father and he's following me!...


haha... he wants the ball... ok so i gave him the ball...

haha.. ang kyut kyut nya... he tries to shoot the ball but of course.. he's too small to even reach 1/5 ft of the ring...haha... soo cute...



now i know who that ira cruz is.. haha... ang pathetic ko.. hindi ko sha kilala...-_-;;

when people started taking pics of this HOT guitarist of bamboo... i started taking pictures too...tapos yun na yun.. sha na pla yun... haha...-_-

ni hindi ko nga alam na ex rivermamya front c bamboo eh...-_- at hindi ko rin alam na bamboo ang name nya..

OH WELL... -_-;;


hahahahahahahaaa... i'm starting to like OPM...

-_-;; ah basta.. BARBIE pareeeennnN! \m/

sheet ang gwapo ni yael.. shempre.. ngayun ko lang na-notice...-_-;

after a few minutes of struggling out the of the crowd while sponge is playing... me and my sister ate then.. waited for our sundo... after a few minutes pa... sponge cola walked right in front of us...shoot soopper natulala ako ^^:;


ah wala.. ang cool lng na sabay sabay sila lumabas tapos may dalang guitars.. ahahahaaaa... COOL.


i'm imagining... mas maganda kung ang suot ni yael ay isang black leather trench coat.. para astig pag dumaan sa harap mo.. may rockstar ambiance .. unfortunately.. i don't think it'll suit him... um.. consider the height na lng.. haha



fair day #2 & 3

shampre boring pren sepecially mornings and afternoons...

day 2

SILVERED - tux concert plus hiphop hullabaloo finals...

- this time i can say na less boring sha... maybe because i'm busy... coz we (meaning our club) are going to perform for an intermission number... which turned out to be a major disaster...yeah yeah... aside from the fact that the violins, flute, organ and guitars are barely heard from afar, there was a BLACKOUT... maybe the others weren't affected that much.. but me? i needed electricity for voldy to function~_- i soo dread that day... pero on the other hand... the blackout was fun... and i was praising GOD for doing it!

while the whole gym was pitch black.. i was panicking behind my organ... pero not for long kasi duh... i noticed na no one will see mee... haha

after that.. we were given free dinner... tss.. dapat lang diba?

this is how i took the club for granted...

i was happy that i recieved a free access id to the concert but that's all.. that's everything i need...

ang sama ko diba.


boring paren... well except for the band aid...

i don't really care about the contestants... i'm more of BARBIE'S CRADLE!!! BARBIE'S CRADLE!

she's so pretty... and she rocks!


ang galingggg... super naligo na ko na pawis na kakatalon kaka sigaw at kaka singit.. para makita for the 2nd time ang aking idol..

you won't understand how i feel if you've never been a BIG fan of someone. just like when i was in the 5566 mall tour.. yeah (i chose the mall tour over the soph's night! haha) seeing your idol in person.. and actually having an autograph of him makes you cry out with joy right?


wahahahaaaaa... I LOVE YOU BARBIEEEEE!!!!

BARBIE ROCKSSSSS!!!! wuhooooooo!

o cge na nga gwapo na c yael... haha...

pero he's better up close...duh~_^


fair day #1

it's our school fair today...

and to sum all the activities up... boring.

yes.. it's boring for average highschoolers like me.... why?

dinophant. carousel. inflatabble.

exciting? not even close.

even the booths are for the graders' pleasure only.

i soo hate this day.

the only thing i did was...

sountripped- no comment

read - oh yeah.. i'm totally bored, where else would i want to get myself in aside from this geeky hobby?

eat - duh?

avoid batchmates - since we don't know who's in charge of the jail booth, and neither of us would want to get caught, we dodged every suspicious looking batch mate...^^

watch gurlaloo (chorale concert)- i don't really like the name...sorry. and honestly, i got bored. nonetheless, i had a good time admiring THIS person.


speaking of the person i just started admiring (not crushing on) this s.y., i'm seeing her frequently. knowing myself, i'd rather stay back off than actually be friends with her. were not even casual aqcuaintances..hehe

she's cool. sociable. a bit quiet but has a lot of sense. talented. blah blah...

so what are these compliments for?

nothing. i don't know. -_-;

geez, i'm not a stalker. -_-;




i wonder why we should all get semi formal?

as if they're not wearing casual clothes when attending mass, ryt?

and what's with all this conservative-rules? as if there are guys loitering around during the mass.. and if ever.. would they care? would it give our school a bad reputation to have students who wear casual clothes during mass?

tss.. i'm starting to hate our system.

they're like training us to be nuns.



adri's right... teen novels seem very similar to each other... yeah.. i already noticed that while reading 'royally jacked'...

for once i thought meg cabot was unique... but while reading another teen novel like the above-mentioned... i got myself thinking that they're just the same... the way of righting and the whole having-a-prince-as-your-boyfriend plot is similar to all american girl's having-the-son-of-the-president-in-love-with-you plot too...


nevertheless, i'm still not giving up on this romance comedy books... my life is as boring as the lead characters there... and if ever, though highly impossible, i could even make a desperate attempt on making my life a bit fairy tale-y.

yesterday's should-be post


another day i would consider like HELL...

PE... i am sooo disappointed because we never played softball...

we don't have a game yet, that is. and all i did is the warm up thingy...

which, in a way is tiring but not as tiring and FUN compared to playing softball...

i'm not a good player. actually not even average. i just like to play... anything. -_-;;

CLUB... in the very first place, bringing voldy to school more than twice a week

is already a burden to me. and what more if i bring him during the fair... and in

practices as well?

tsss... i think i'm regretting the whole evaluating-this-newly-made-club thing... it's risky...

PRACTICES... unlike other practices wherin you alone is the only requirement,

our practices include instruments which is not only heavy and so noticeable but

also troublesome... look how my passion for music turned from exciting to boring.

and look at how pathetic our performance is during practices. very very patethic..

i don't want to take it as a whole coz i know that some are doing fine and some

are doing just fine and some are not even trying.

where do i place myself?

i wish... i hadn't join the club...

but it's no turning back now.. .face it.

i'm ditched.


another thing... i feel awful with this ocassional twitching of

the region near my nose whenever i feel stage frighten...

yeah right.


new layout...


yeah... i made it in a rush.. although you can't really say i rushed it with notepad...-_-;;

sooper bored na ko sa dating layout kasi the problem with the contractible headers thingy is that you wait for the whole page to be downloaded before you can access thru those links... i hate that.


i feel wierd and ashamed.

without even trying, our club moderator is way obvious with her facial expressions... the way she frowns when sir tanny is pointing at us... the way she would be PLASTIC around my favor of her keeping the organ in the faculty.

i hate her.

i totally hate her.

kaya nga duh.. lilipat ako ng club nxt yr.

and to think.. her kaplastikan moved to further extent when, in front of our group and sir tanny, she said na 'di bale, next yr aayusin namin..'..blah..


is there still a next yr for us in this club?

i. don't. think. so.

e duh... would you still be opening the doors of bayanihan to us, classic players?

maybe if you'll see me carrying a guitar case. ~_-

which is.. uhm.. posible naman kaso, ayoko na.

tss...kung bawal na lumipat ang juniors ng club.. then.. poor me.

i'll have to stretch my fingers with those minors and sharps.

sooper guilty na tuloy ako.

what if.. sabog?


another thing.

cubmates... yeah... they might look innocent [about the whole isolation thing]... but i really feel distant to them.

THIS SCHOOL YEAR... I GAINED NO FRIENDS. but didn't lose one either.

remember. i'm an introvert.

sad to say.


ang bad moooooodddd ko ngayooonn... she (club mod) said it's ok for me to leave the organ in the faculty.. pero after the i-dont-like-some-outsider-helping-us expression she made... i decided to bring voldy home then back again tomorrow.

pano kasi... sir tanny came with the most sincere intention of helping our club.

kaya nya ba yon?

could she handle us?

does she know about the difference b/w teamwork and discrimination?


tsss... totally pissed off.

plus. i'm wondering on how to keep my nails unnoticed...sa prom and everywhere.



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