code hunter (storm watch)

just watched that movie in hbo... [damn and i still have to practice tolerance with this pirated like scenes brought to us by global destiny]

if these words or phrases appeal to you: computers, hacking, gaming, an artificially inteligent semi-human, and virtual reality scenes, try watching Code Hunter or Storm watch.

it's a bit scifi, has action too and tiny romance... but it's fun...^^;;

er... uhmm.. ano ba... ahh.. ok so what really set my focus on it is the presence of computers and HACKERS (an occupation i found myself dying to learn). lam nyo yun... suspense...hehe..
basta.. ayun.. masaya...

fun kasi... may computers.. doi... tapos suspense kasi... err... may game... basta just figure it out yourself.. hha

ok so basically, it is just your average hacker related virtual reality movie which was made by a low budgeted filmaker... certainly i do not intend to offend such kind of filmakers but that's what i know. and again, hacker related movies never leave the field of VIRTUAL REALITY... am i right?
of course i know i'm right... you wouldn't want to watch some computer geek just sitting his ass there typing relentlessly while in your mind (or what the back of the video cover says) lies the fact that this kid is hacking and he's going to be involved in a serious problem just by sitting there. Then he solves the problem by asking help from some computer guru, who then reffered him to another person who enters him in the world of virtual reality...
that's really common...
and that's what's in code hunter... the virtual reality thing, the 'stuck in a compute game' plot, a mad scientist using a guy's ability to conquer the world... yadda yadda yadda...

well.. bahala kayo...
but still i fancy hackers...

so in the end... it doesn't end in my fave movies list... there's just one movie about hackers existing in my list and that is 'The Net'

no, it doesn't have VR scenes, and no special effects either...hehe.. starring sandra bullock...ok.. done

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