during unwanted circumstances...

again again again... our driver, which happened to be my uncle as well... was fumed up by my not-showing-up when he fetched me at around 4...

hell! how was i to know he's gonna fetch me at 4? when it is clear that my oh-so-damned-sister gets dismissed during 5:30 since they have the rigodon/cutilion practices?

and he left and didn't come back for me.

fuck him.

i won't give him respect since our relationship as of now has gone beneath the uncle-niece one... rather i'm talking here on a driver-master basis...


i know.

i wouldn't be if i'm not fucked up by this.

my mom's secretary fetched me at 5 and said we're going to commute...duh

ok. no problem then we commute... but unfortunately...

my sister... yes.. my GREAT sister brought [take this down]:





FLOWER VASE (with flowers)

and other random HOUSE THINGS stuck in my HUGE giordano monkey printed paperbag...

crap. and we're stuck UNDER the rain.

good thing it's not a heavy downpoour.

so... my mom's secretary left me first in FEU while she gets a taxi...

just how are we going to get home with a whole bunch of household materials?

anyway... after waiting for some while... she unfortunately brought two tricycles coz it's hard to spot a vacant taxi around...

ok... now the problem is... we won't fit... not with the beanbag, the stool and the paperbag...

but anyway.. we got over that... but i'm still not over the whole thing of being stuck (almost suffocated) with a beanbag stuffed in your front which gets all the space you need to grab some air...

but still.

it's ok...

kinda fun...

i still can't forgive our driver for this.

PS. (as if letter toh noh...) given ANY CHANCE.. i WON'T bring a STOOL or a BEANBAG to school.

not unless GOD asks me to.


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