today is...

stupid ng title..-_-;;

haaayyy.... sooper naninibago ako sa sarili ko.. bcoz of my kilay...
^^;; funny ba? i mean.. should i blame the bading in the salon for making it so thin, yet fairly nice or should i blame myself for not protesting early enough to prevent this self consiousness that i feel?

naahh.. wala na kong magagawa... haha...
o cge.. since majority of my batch mates enjoyed the prom... cgecge.. i can say that i enjoyed it too... fun naman talaga eh.. if not for me feeling sleepy most of the time... and i think i was the first to leave the program...

... i feel better with the orchestra playing in the upper lobby.. lOl.. ang old fashioned ko tlaga...

people are still under hangovers... can't get enough of the prom eh? was it like a dream or something wherein we wake up one morning facing the evidently boring cycles of school life?

can't wait to graduate.

ate maika visited awhile ago at school, had some chitchat... let her help me with the trigo seatwork and yeah.. the first number was easy for her... but it still sounds complicated to me... haayyy...

and today... hmm... i'm looking for recipes for entrep...
tomorrow... another day to face..
btw... happy birthday ms malayas!

sa wakas!
i finished 'teen idol' na!!
i hate the ending pero sweet so ok lang..

currently reading:
'on the bright side, i am now the girlfriend of a sex god'
by Louise Rennison

haaayyy... can't get enough of teen novels talaga oh...-_-;;

ayoko na magsulat.. babayooooo!

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