i ran out of bleach eps to waaaatch!!! grrr

BECAUSE the dvd stopped at episode 151, right when they were already fighting with arrancars at hueco mundo! sucks biiiiig time!!!


tomorrow, my sister and i, BY ALL MEANS, will buy dvds.
and by dvds... we mean...

angels and demons
i am legend (if there's no AnD)

i wanted to buy more dvds...

like naruto, one piece, gravitation, and the whole harry potter series.
but i'm semi-broke. i can only spend enough to satiate my bleach craving.

we're buying at st. francis square cos that's like the ultimate dvd haven for us (not quiapo or any place else) so most probably... we'll be at fitness first megamall afterwards. hehe XD

strawberry banana is my new favorite ice cream flavor! :D


oh, can i comment on the katrina-hayden scandal?

hm... i'm not on either side, but i think both of them deserve what they're experiencing right now.

to katrina: i know hayden looks irresistible, but during the time the both of you fucked, it's already common knowledge that hayden is with vicki belo. you're snaking into their relationship and that's bad.

to hayden: oh god, you look so pitiful on TV. i felt really bad that you're currently a national laughingstock, especially that you look so handsome in white (who knows if you scripted that to gain sympathy?), but what you did was wrong. not just with katrina but with all the other girls your hayden-camera victimized. i know everyone has at least one weird fetish but yours is the most pathetic. and wassup with you doing your pal's girlfriend? that's unforgiveable (same goes to the girl)!

LOL this issue is already very largely sensationalized that i wouldn't be shocked to see that one day, when the scandal dies down, Jun Lozada is already dead.
you know what i'm talking about right?

and what the heck are with these stupid politicians who desperately want to get caught in the issue. it's funny how random politicians keep popping out of nowhere, leaving comments, consoling katrina, criticizing hayden...blah blah. these jerks just want to show their faces to remind us that they're running for position. nice try, really. just a bit pathetic, but at least, you served your purpose. just don't go showing your faces anymore on upcoming major showbiz intrigues if you're not directly involed cos seriously, you're becoming a big joke. it's not like we need your opinions anyway. go spend on your own campaign material! you've hoarded billions for that right?

yo france!

this is crazy! my fic is much appreciated in france now! 5 chapters, 70 reviews (and counting!), and 3,000++ hits! that's beyond awesome! for me ha! course, i'm keeping my standards low. i usually wait until i get 10 or more reviews per chapter before i update. it also helps gauge the popularity of the story. hehehe

oh wow, i feel so great! :) i mean, considering that the audience is limited to France alone (because of the language), theoretically it would mean that only a few people could read it (unlike with English, right?).... so it's ridiculously flattering on my part that it fairs just the same with my English stats. i didn't know that the hpdm fandom in france is so big. hehe

anyhow, i thank all my French readers for appreciating my story! :)

full credit also goes to Agathe Laplante because if not for her genius translation, my story wouldn't reach this far! :) thank you so much! :)

i don't really like bragging about my writing because my friends write better than i do. hehe sorry


#1: you complain too much. what are those bible verses for??? i don't like your blogging bragging style. you complain, you site verses, then you calm down. one your next entry, you complain more, you site more verses and calm down. you never change. you sound like a hypocrite.

#2: i dunno if it's just me, but are you purposely ignoring my comments? i don't like it! we used to be friends! or have you forgotten about it already? -_-


gosh! i'm nearing the end of my dvd! less than 10 episodes to go before i have to buy a new one! T___T;;

i feel pretty sad cos i only scored 30% (6/20) on my bestfriend's how well do you know me quiz part 2! :( it was hard! :\ lol -_-

hm hm hm.
it's raining so i can't go outside.

oh btw, i'm downloading bleach music sheets right now! :) hehe, imma print em now! hihi

upperclass idiots

maybe when i get my uniform, i'll stop being mean.

i'm getting super interested with C programming, even though we haven't started doing the real thing yet (and i might suck at it too). the only thing i hate is that i can only borrow books from the library during the afternoon...and most of the time i get dismissed before lunch! argh. -__-;

by the way, i've already freezed my account. but it will take effect this july, so i still have the whole june to maximize the gym. then, i'll be back on october then transfer the membership to my mom the following month. that's because they require at least 1 month active membership before you can transfer your account. :)

after the short trip to SMF, my sister and i headed to trinoma for the green light sale. we went, despite the rain, to window shop and just see how an ayala mall sale feels like. i tried a couple of shirts, a lot of shoes (black office shoes excites me now) and ate a lot too. in fact, i felt super guilty after eating a chicken fillet meal, coke float and fries from mcdo, 8 pcs cali maki from tokyo2x and a 12oz strawberry banana blizzard from DQ. shet talaga.

kaya naman...kaka-biofit ko lang. hurrah.

more about the sale, it felt super humid after the rain, but when i got inside the mall i felt worse! there were a lot of people and they all walk at snail's pace, plus the temperature is getting meaner. blah. we just ate, diba.

oh, about school. awhile ago was very funny. i dunno, even if i want to say a lot of cruel things i have to contain it because it's baaaad diba? pero wth! i bet my life that the area of a square is s^2!!!! and people are shouting s^4?!?!?! that's too stupid. the people are soooooo *&^%$@#!!!!!


1,2,3 fitness firsts visited! XD

excluding my home club of course. i'll be freezing my account soon, probably tomorrow. i need the time to save money and to look for a job. :) oh yes, i'm inspired by the sony dsc-w120/canon ixus 80is and yeah, a laptop.

so, i've been to fitness first sm north, sm megamall and just now, fort bonifacio. XD
i accompanied my sister to her exam at hsbc the fort, and after that, we kinda toured around the place. it wasn't my first time there, but it was my first time to really get the feel of it...

still the same, i wouldn't want to live there... unless they build a SM The Fort or SM Taguig or whatever. the restaurants and boutiques are so high class but it's truly fun looking around! XD and hey, the hot chocolate at mcdonalds (32nd st.) is 2 pesos more expensive than the ones here! that's fuhreakin unfair! that's about the cheapest place there.

anywhoooo, the fitness first there has a really cool, swipe activated entrance! kewl. and at megamall, they lend you a separate card (in exchange of your mem card) to use as your locker keys. and heeeeck!!! their lockers are so hard to figure out! >___> beats me.

oh, i take away what bashful things i may have mentioned about my classmates. :) i know time is going to make things more comfortable for me, and i'm starting to feel it. :) uhh, yey? :)

and so... this brings me to the real business.
i have some things to research on :)
bye for now.

first day low

wasn't really excited on my first day at fern. i mean, what is there to be excited for? i dunno. i feel dumb as usual, especially that i'm surrounded by freshies. i didn't even make friends. well, i talked to a few people about the room assignment cos there are freakin 2 rooms indicated in my schedule. so stupid. but i didn't go any further. i didn't ask for names. i really wasn't looking for a friend. i want someone my age. i want a transferee friend too. oh man, and the people are... the people in front of the classroom were so uncivilized. i freakin hate it. i suddenly miss uplb.

and the prof. well, of course i can't go harsh with him especially that i learned he's a new prof, but since it's not his first time teaching....why is there something lacking???? i don't get it. he bores me.

my classmates are ugh (&^%%^$@#%^&, but i tolerate them because they're funny... in a foolish way.

i know i sound so boastful here. soooo boastful indeed just because i came from a up unit. then again, i wasn't really proud of the lb in uplb.

oh come on, my brain is rotting and i'm here belittling my new school. you have all the right to criticize me.

tomorrow, i'll be going to elbi to hopefully finish my clearance. dmmt. this is gonna take me another fortune.

and also, i've decided to freeze my fitness first account for x months (i dunno yet). i need the time to save and to study.

i'm saving for a sony dsc-w120.
and of course, a laptop.

C++ is an entirely new thing to me, but it's so interesting i want to study it already.

tomorrow, i'll make friends.

a 10 minute kitchen wonder! --- Veggie Pizza Roll

see? my sister and i just made this awhile ago and called it, Veggie Pizza Roll. inspired (or brutally speaking -- stolen/copied/improvised) from Plato Wraps' very veggie! of course, we're great eh! :D


Green Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
White Onions
Canned mushrooms
Tomato ketchup (or pizza sauce)
Olive oil (or just any oil)
Tortilla wraps


slice every vegetable in the list. green and red bell peppers are preferrably in thin strips. mix altogether. add a bit of olive oil. saute in a pan for a few minutes, like 5 minutes, depends on you. hehe. on the tortilla wrap, put a tablespoon of tomato ketchup, spread evenly. then put on the mixed veggies, top it with grated cheese, then close it with a toothpick like how you see above. heat in the oven for 3 minutes. we did ours for 5 minutes that's why the top is kinda burned. hehehe

that's it! :D

you should have something like

hehehe :D

oh, the proportion of the veggies are all up to you. we didn't have any recipe with us when we did this. it's very easy anyway. :D we decided to do this on our own because at Plato Wraps, a veggie wrap costs 50 pesos already (around 1$) and that's too expensive. when we went to the grocery awhile ago we learned why it was priced like that...

olive oil is expensive, tortilla wraps it expensive, and the most expensive of all is the RED BELL PEPPER (215 pesos/kilo!!!!), they also have sesame seeds but since it's not a dominant factor we didn't include anymore (where the hell do you get those anyway!)!!! i never knew it was that pricey until now. -_____-;;

but still, if you could do it on your own, that's gonna save you a lot of money already! :D

my second godchild

early this morning we drove to sta. rosa to attend my godchild's (my cousin's baby) baptismal and house blessing. :) it was an unexpectedly short trip from qc to sta. rosa, only took us an hour! their subdivision is just in front of enchanted kingdom. weow. anyway :) here are some pictures...

waaaaiiii!! so cute! :D

gianne alexa, welcome to the christian world! :D

on another note, i was so amazed by my cousin because at a young age of 30, he has already provided a house and lot, plus a car for his family! isn't that wonderful to be so young and established?

i admire him so much for that :)

whew. this day probably ends my busiest vacation week. 4 days of training plus a saturday affair really wore me out, but not really...just exagerrating. hehe this is, by the way, also my last vacation week because my classes starts at the 26th so i'll probably be busier by then.

then again, not really! cos my schedule is so awesome hahaha

training day #3

SAMS day 3!

at last it's over!!! :)

i learned a lot! :) hehe, will take the ATS exam probably next week. hehehe

with my co-trainee, jam :D

can't stop eating

this is just too bad. i've had 12oz plus 425mL of ice cream JUST NOW. i bought strawberry banana at DQ Farmers' awhile ago then when i arrived home i realized that i still have some mango ice cream left in the freezer. so i finished it all.

dammit! T__T;;

and my feet freakin hurts because i wore heels the whole day. rar. T___T;;

training day #3

SAMS day 2 :)
i came in 30 minutes late hehehe i also found a new friend! her name is jam and well, we ate lunch, spent the breaks together and strolled around gateway after the training. :)

i have a classmate who is 5'8" tall, is only 17 years old and looks like sandara park. awesome height. she's like the tallest in class! XD

just a segway, sorry. hehe

anyway, while in gateway...we visited 2 free art exhibits! one was called Festival, by the UP almuni assoc and the other one was i dunno, i forgot. >___>;;

here are some paintings from Festival:

done using watercolor. this is pretty awesome! got me inspired! :D

pretty girl. :) though she doesn't seem very filipina. it's supposed to be an exhibit with a theme, philippine festivals. but anyway, she's the prettiest naman. haha and look at the details of her top mehn! great artist

this one is my favorite! it looks like a photograph from afar and when you see it personally, she looks so real. so, err, 3D! hehe ang galing talaga eh!

the colors look richer in person. parang may metallic effect pa sya. cool

isa pang coooooooool! XD

catch Festival at 3/f Gateway Mall, Cubao. you pass by the restrooms at the food court area and you'll end up at the gallery! :D they're up until may 31.

the other exhibit, i really don't know how it's called basta it's just in Gateway, i guess it's at the 4th floor (cinemas) near the Mandarin Suites main entry (not the showroom), malapit din yta sa Globe Premiere Cinema (i only learned about it right now!!! astig pala dun! 300+ pesos, free unlimited drinks and popcorn). oha

training day #2

yesterday was PCTC, today was SAMS (sales analysis and management systems??? or sales and management systems? dammt i suck)

i really love the trainors at cubao. they're all good looking and they're all effective speakers. we had a new trainor this morning but right this afternoon we resumed to our previous trainor. yes, the one i'm crushing on. lol

yesterday i was excited about the whole insurance concept, how it's not just about death benefits but also about savings, protection, investment and blaaaah. but upon being oriented with a single product...specifically the A&H or the Accident and Health product, i instantly got a headache. damnit, i get the drill! i just hate the figures.

and it's funny how the details were told (narrated and role-played as well by our dear trainor ♥). you get a hand dismembered and you get 50% of the principal value, you accidentally got both of your hands chopped off and you get 100% of the PV. a single ear earns you 50% of your PV. both ears equals 100%. same goes for the feet and eyes. so imagine if that program existed some centuries ago, Van Gogh could have had his lost ear covered. stuff like that. i was mentally laughing why it has to be so exagerrated but then i realized that the name of the product has a term 'Accident'.

btw, because of this whole day training for a week, i am left with no choice but to eat fastfood during lunch! dammit. i'll probably be gaining a lot of weight after this week.


ok. i just stalked him at friendster! found his account. including his wife LOL

super sry. you know how i am with new found crushes. hehe


i've deleted yanbirog.blogspot.com and melodia04.blogspot.com
i'm back to blogging here at this address.

i know it's confusing! it confused me like hell too! i 've already imported all the entries from my previous blog so hopefully this'll stay for real.


i've actually figured out a way to transfer blog ownership to a different email account. yey XD
thanks google. that's what i've given up on doing before i started at yanbirog

livejunk is where the juice is now, k?

training day #1

i woke up really early this day, 7am!!! yeah, that's already too early for a bum like me.

then i went to Philamlife Cubao at Gateway to attend the PCTC (pre-contractual??? training course). for a first timer like me, it was kinda hard...but it was one hell of enlightenment for me to finally get acquainted with the mob of insurance terms i hear from my parents all the time. it got me really interested with insurance! haha

i learned that life insurance isn't all about leaving money behind to your loved ones in case of you dying! :) on the contrary, it's one heck of a good investment means! better than the bank and stocks yo! believe me! :D

try me for an appointment and i'll share everything i've learned! :D this is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in the liquid investment industry. usually, we tire ourselves working just to earn money. but with insurance, we put our money to work for US and at the same time, our beneficiaries! not the other way around. :) this is a good way to save up for emergency money issues, and ultimately your RETIREMENT.

hehehe, i was with ate cel the whole day :), we ate lunch at gateway. man, i ate a freakin looooot! XD

btw, our trainor was handsome! :D but he's 26 and is ardy married hehehe i was observing him and found a ring on his left hand! and also, when he was citing illustrations to us, he used a pretty uncommon girl's name so i thought "aaaah, she must be the wife"

turned out i was right.
nice observation-assumption skills huh? hehehe

and he's wearing a cool high-collared black jacket from Arrow.
uhh, yeah, i'm a sucker for tall, lean men in black jackets. LOL

my observation-slash-mental-stalking didn't end there. i have another silly assumption about him. he likes star trek! he's mentioned the fandom twice and also said something about alien invasion, which struck me hard.

i love world domination too sir, why don't we just rule the world together?
he's a geek! i can feel it.

i have geek sensors, btw.

sinking fund

i drew that for the org newsletter which i think won't get published anytime soon. tsk tsk tsk. it's an editorial cartoon that tackles one of the main problems of the organization: money, folks!

i did a bit of research on how to create editorial cartoons (cos it's my first time to do so) and found out that a maximum of 3 objects are preferred in a frame and symbolisms are a must. i also looked for photo references, so thanks to google images and pugad baboy :)

i thank you, if you do get what i'm trying to say with the drawing.

no gym for a week

man, i'm wasting my money by not going to the gym!

tomorrow until friday, i'll be attending a training seminar about insurance. then i'll be taking the insurance chorvaloo exam, get licensed and prolly sell insurance as a sideline. LOLOLOLOLOL. i'm doing this because of my parents but it's kinda interesting as well. :D because of this, my mom bought me 2 new tops so that i'll get to look presentable...at least. we're supposed to buy pants but we ended up buying shirts instead because they're cheaper, the pants will have to wait until we can pay a visit to divisoria. hihihi :) i really really want to buy new pants because i only have one decent pair of denims, the others were either too loose or too old or too old that's why it became loose. hm..

then, my sister and i will pursue driving lessons sometime this year, prolly not later than june? hehe i need to drive already. srsly. :D

and also, we want to register as voters in preparation for the upcoming elections. ftr, my parents' last voted during the time of marcos and well, my sister and i are going to be first time voters if ever.

still still listening to the Boys Over Flowers OST. you know how awfully addicted i can become with OSTs. ♥

*insert fangirl squeal*

this is tortuuuuuure!!!! woo bin's voice is too hot for me to handle.
takteng intro yaaaaan! omg. pati sa rap kinikilig ako! XD


fight the bad feeling ♥

ja-kku na-ppeun ma-eu-meul meok-kke dwae

those were the intro lines of the song Fight the Bad Feeling by T-Max, a track included in the OST of Boys Over Flowers.
and that was my beloved Woo Bin's paaaart! XP he's part of T-Max, as i've recently discovered, and he has a freakin hot hot hot voice. i'm melting right noooooow. define meeeeeelting!

doot-doo doot-doot-doo
doot-doo-roo-doot-doot doot-doo
pap-pa pap-pap-pa

uhh, i call him woo bin (BOF char) because i don't remember his real name. hehe easy reference. ♥ ♥

yo yo yo wassup! XP

aaah, OSTs probably make up more than 90% of my playlists. :D my music life revolves primarily on the OSTs of the series/movies i watch XD.
and currently, i'm addicted to the OST of Boys Over Flowers! :D i so so so love it. :D

note to self: buy new earphones! XD

i'm only tolerating the fitness first headset because it's loud! and i had go through this day looking weird just so i can listen to the OST at full blast. haaaaaay ♥

i ♥ woo bin

almost cleared

today i went to elbi to accomplish the most important thing i must accomplish to get my life straight. at least, in my point of view.

people are asking me, "how are you? did you pass diliman?"

i say "no, but i'm transferring to a different school"

"to take fine arts?"

i reply, "well, no. i'm taking computer science at feu-fern, the nearest school to our place"

"but why did you have to tranfer?"

i tried to be honest, "well, i don't like it here anymore."

"aww, what a waste. but you really like fine arts right?"

"yes i do. but it has to wait. i need to earn a diploma first, and this is not where i want to get it."


"i know. but really, my life's going to suck even more if i stay longer. sorry"


honestly, the way i took the conversation made me realize that there's still an ounce of regret in me for leaving UPLB. if not, i would have been more honest than that. then again, exact details are reserved for exact people only. it wasn't an easy task to explain to every orgmate i pass by that i failed my Plan A and is pursuing my Plan B now. because Plan Bs don't always sound good.

because i want to be over and done with explaining, here's what you want to know.

- failed up fine arts
- filed for honorable dismissal
- enrolled at FEU-fern diliman
- will take Computer Science instead of fine arts

that has to be the end.


can i brag about the entrance test?

i was the last to finish because i found it hard! abstract reasoning, graphic relations and *%@#^&%$^T& (i forgot). but when i got the result, it wasn't as bad as i thought. perfect ako sa graphic relations chuva! yey.

Boys Over Flowers OST

Download Full Album at Mediafire
or go here for individual download links

hehehe, i'm here at elbi. :) while waiting for people to arrive at the office, i opted to go online first to download the OST. the mediafire link kinda sucks cos tracks 1,2,3 and 8 were cut so i had to download them individualy. :) anyhooow, i've finished downloading the whole album so cheeeeers! :D

whew! time to go back to ceat! :)

wish me luck! :D


ahh damn

i haven't left my room for 5 hours now! 5 freakin hours man, i don't know what to do! i'm hungy dmt.

i can just go out anytime i want right? why the rant?!

anyhow, i've just finished watching boys over flowers on dvd! hahahaha super long series. :) it was nice, it had a good ending. i hope they don't make a part 2! i would love to hate that! -___-;; i never liked part 2s, they come out really boring.

hm hm hm

i want a job


for the 3rd time now! :D
someone from ff.net wanted to translate my fic into french! :) i want to be proud but lol i'm not really comfortable with my writing style. maybe they liked the story. but hey, i had that beta-ed! XD nyehehehe
if i remember correctly, this is the second time someone wanted to translate my fic in french. heh, but i haven't heard from the first one since way back. lol, the other was russian. but idk, really. i don't keep tabs on my fic translators. who knows.
ehem ehem.
classes for me starts at the 25th! omg. way too early.
but heeeeey,
this is how glorious my schedule is:
- i only have 3 subjects, 10 units (the rest are credited from my previous school)
- i have no classes on MONDAY! so like my previous school
- all my classes are half-day (hurray to free time!)
and so, because i have a lot of free time... i shall
- continue going to the gym
- learn how to drive
- look for a part-time job

free net

still here at the gym, waiting for my sister to tidy herself up after working out.
damn it, i'm not losing weight! T_T;;
ftw, everytime i workout ---- i always indulge in sweets! >____>;;
news!!!! i'm growing my nails pretty fine already! :) it looks like i've lost all my appetite for it. nyahahaha
goal: nail polish!
currently watching: boys over flowers on dvd, duuuuhvcourse
and whenever i get tired, i switch to bleach! nyahahahaha :D
aaaaahh, GU JUN PYO!!! ♥
@ bleach: the bounto season looks awfully like the whole FMA thing. it's so not bleach! -____-;;

for sure

i'll be transferring to FEU-fern this coming schoolyear to take computer science. all i have to do is make a letter regarding my honorable dismissal, have it signed by my parents, dept chair and my adviser then pass it to the college secretary. if it gets approved, i'm off to accomplish my clearance.

now i'm thinking if getting approved is hard, just like how i earned my approval for transfer. oh God, please. -_-;;

problem is, my adviser won't be back to the dept till the 25th. oh well, i've got alternatives, hope they work. dmn.

Creative Zen 8 gigs (review)

Full Specifications: click here
- capacity: 8 gigabytes
- size: roughly the size of a credit card. 2.5in screen with 16.7 TFT color support
- weight: 65g. that's super light!
- supports mp3, wma, non-protected .aac (m4a)
- plays video (needs conversion though)
- voice recorder
- FM radio
- alarm clock: no built in speakers so you either have to put your earphones on or attach it to a speaker
- multi-tasking: you can view your photos while listening to music! :)
- very good battery life: when fully charged can play for more than 24hours of audio non stop!
- expandable memory: has a SD card slot!

light. compact. handy. supports major music and picture formats. good sound quality. expandable memory. cheap

plastic casing (very prone to scratches/hairlines). video needs conversion (available in cd installer). not much options for integrating external data to built in memory.

overall i would recommend this player to people who need functionality at budget price. price here in the philippines would not go higher than 10k (though i bought mine for 11k since it's a new model then). i've been using mine for more than a year now and it hasn't failed me since then. :)

OVERALL RATING: 9 out of 10

LJ serious - modified version (#2)

the better version with more features like the RSS feed link, Google Ads and Label Cloud (w/c doesn't work with IE).

also, i've fixed this version such that it will look pleasing on all browsers (IE included at last)

tested in Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Opera 9.24 and Internet Explorer 7


though there's nothing quite substantial in here yet, in case you want to be updated with this sad-excuse-for-a-serious-blog, either you follow me through blogger (it's an option somewhere in your dashboard) or SUBSCRIBE TO RSS. see RSS link above (with the feed icon).

just to let you know, i spent an hour trying to overlap that RSS image link with the header image because they are two independent widgets. what a pain in the neck, seriously. it's not like it's that easy! hah, you try.


watermarks are only for celebrities, photographers and stock-quality photos.

i don't mean to ridicule/offend/discriminate but i find it funny that ordinary people would watermark their photos as if they're steal-worthy. as if.

first of all, it's a big waste of time photoshopping each of the photos.

and worst of all, by the end the day it'll be disappointing to know that no one actually stole it.

save the stamps when you're already hitting it big time.



check this article by Bo Sanchez: Are You Fulfilling Your Life Purpose?

In that article, he poses two questions that will determine your purpose in life.

1.) What do you love to do?
2.) Where do you excel?

Frankly speaking, I already know my purpose in life. If you know me personally, I guess you'll have an idea. I'm a happy person who knows my life purpose, works at it, but not daily. I say not daily because at the moment, I am still wrongly positioned in life. Meaning, I don't like what I'm doing

Sometimes it just doesn't pay that you know your purpose. You have to work at it. True. But what if circumstances are not geared towards you fulfilling your purpose in life? Like in my case, I want to be a full time artist but when I applied for Fine Arts, I failed miserably. I remember a popular saying that says when you want something, the universe will conspire for you to achieve it. Definitely not in my case! -___-;;

which is why i find it reasonable to not take the universe as it generally is, because if you do, it's pretty much saying that you're relying on FATE. and fate is for lazy people who don't want to work their asses. you should at least define your universe, who's in it, where it is and what are you in it. Your universe should include only those variables which work interdependently on each other, with you being the main anchor. Such that when you work hard, all the others will be affected in the right way. That's my kind of universe, and it's the kind of universe that will conspire to your aspirations, given that you work on it of course. Let's not be superficial.

Now, back to why I can't seem to fulfill my purpose.

The only thing I can think of is TIME. I believe that the fulfillment of every purpose has its own time. I believe in God's time. I would complain about it, why did I have to realize my purpose this early when I have to wait for 10 more years to practice it? I would spend my life waiting anxiously for that chance to arrive. it's like a potential that is not given the right break. Then again, I'm still young and need to learn to more. Fulfilling my purpose in life is probably the last stage that I would have to go through before I reap eternal rewards. It's a stage I don't want to enter unprepared.

Anyhow, it doesn't mean that I'm leaving my purpose behind for awhile. I mean, going back to the 2 questions, if it's something I love to do and excel in, it would always come out from me naturally.

It's the fulfillment that has to wait.

permission to hula

@ i guess it was the other other day when someone approached us and asked us to sign a request letter to include HULA DANCING in the gym's group exercises. of course, being polite, we signed the petition letter. but then, why hula? they already have belly dancing and hula hardly makes people sweat. hmmm. but anyway, if it gets granted, it would be a cute exercise. hehe

@ by the way, the other day, we tried YOGA. freakin complicated positions!!! i'm really out of balance! >___>; but i like it because it made me sweat really hard

@ that's why the next day, which was yesterday, we didn't go the gym. partly because the weather is glum, and mostly because there's a party at our neighbor's house and well, we just had to be there for the FOOD.

@ tomorrow is my dad's birthday! :D yey. ice cream plzzz???

@ for me, this is the best website in whole internet universe! BOSANCHEZ.PH -- this place is just full of blessings! :D please do try his articles and see for yourself. don't forget to subscribe to get free articles on your email! :D

God Bless


every friendship is still worth restoring, i've learned that after making ammends with my housemate earlier this afternoon. i suddenly can't bear the guilt that i was too sarcastic and sharp-tongued just because of some misunderstanding. >____>;; from now on, i promise myself not to bring any unresolved conflicts to my deathbed. i could just die of guilt.

that aside, here's something i made while in the gym. remember the day when i failed to workout because of my period? here's the result. XD

:D hehe


bati na kami.
feels good :)

on coffee high

oooh, almost midnight entry. :)

nothing really. :)

so while feasting on crackers and slimming tea, i'm gonna watch DNangel! :)

yey XP

something i've learned about my anime watching habits.

romance/romcom will always be my favorite! :) i go for the usual highschool setting with the typical boy meets girl setup. i can watch series like these continually, yeah, without eating or taking a bath lol.

unlike with general adventure type anime, even though they still tick a big part of my heart...i cannot watch it with sustained interest just like what i do with shallow series LOL. i WILL finish the series, but i will have to take a bath, eat my meals, or even go out malling in between. LOL.

and so far...
anime series i've completed watching both on TV and on disc (as far as i can remember)

death note (fave!)
code geass s1 and s2 (fave!)
special a (marathon!)
ouran high school host club
lovely complex
full metal alchemist 1
yuyu hakusho
hunter x hunter
slam dunk (fave!)
junjou romantica
fushigi yuugi
rurouni kenshin
sailor moon (childhood fave!)

blah blah... i guess there's more! i forgot those series i used to watch in AXN before when we still have cabled tv LOL

and now...
animes series i want to watch/finish watching/re-watch

honey and clover (in progress)
DNangel (in progress)
one piece
naruto (like hell! can't get past season 1)
bleach (in progress)
full metal alchemist 2


note to self: dvds to buy


*boys over flowers
*1 liter of tears

*gossip girl
*the L word

*harry potter

post gym entry

i'm probably taking the gym for granted. thing is, i don't really want to but fck i have my period right now. T__T;; even so, i've gained 2 lbs already and that's not a freakin good thing. i will resume to extreme gyming after i get over this bloody crap.

i went to FEU-fern this afternoon to take the entrance test. even though i knew the exam is just for formality's sake, i was nervous about the result.

the exam was, i dunno, hard. 28 minutes, 100 items of abstract reasoning, figure logic and sequence problems. i don't know but i kinda lost my mojo for taking entrance exams. i'm kinda cursed with em. >___>;; but i think i passed, since the lady at the admissions office already gave me a list of fees and requirements to pass.

i remember when i first took the entrance exam there, it was almost the same, except that back then there were additional questionnaires for math, english and science. it way easier that time. i was the first to finish.

now i'm the last.
i've gotten dumber, seriously.
beats me.

hm hm hm

after that we went to the gym. i just didn't feel like exercising because i'm having mild stomach cramps. and so i just sat at the lounge for the most part and doodled random stuff at a random paper (which happened to be the bfa viscomm curriculum).

oh, i did some weights too. just some, didn't really stress myself too much. >__>; the easiest machines there were focused on the wrong body parts. parts i don't want to develop. pectorals and lower back. like, where

which means thaaaaaat, we have to invest in the right pain in order to develop the right parts in our body. :)

hay hay hay

5th Philippine Blogging Summit

wanna come? i might! but the agenda isn't so interesting eh. ooops, but i want to! XP

may 9 ,2009
malcolm hall, UP College of Law
UP diliman

details at iblogph.org


i've completed the move. it was terribly tedious, having to sit in front of the computer for hours just to import my contacts, resubscribe and update my email settings on ALL of my accounts. i have like 10 of them. lol and i also had to make a new layout so that makes this day extremely taxing. but i'm enjoying it hahahaha. i'll buy this kind of job. lol

anyway. hopefully i'll forget everything about my old email add because it's very confusing. even this blog address in confusing me. rar.

so how's life?
ugghh, boring. even the gym isn't alluring enough.

according to the free nutritional assessment i got the other day, i have to shed off 14 lbs to get into the desirable weight range. 14lbs is a lot! but that's quite manageable naman hahahaha. my sister has to lose some 40lbs! XP

and and and!!!! i'm starting to grow muscles on my legs and i'm freakin not liking it. they look horrible. -___-; well, right now they're not so obvious but when i put stress on my legs, i see an odd shadow of a burgeoning mass of muscle tissue and it's so stiff. T_____T;; thanks to the treadmill.

i particularly don't like growing a lot of muscles because i hate looking like a buff. but since i plan on getting serious on my gym habits this month, i would have to care less. :)

i just wanna lose weight!

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