1,2,3 fitness firsts visited! XD

excluding my home club of course. i'll be freezing my account soon, probably tomorrow. i need the time to save money and to look for a job. :) oh yes, i'm inspired by the sony dsc-w120/canon ixus 80is and yeah, a laptop.

so, i've been to fitness first sm north, sm megamall and just now, fort bonifacio. XD
i accompanied my sister to her exam at hsbc the fort, and after that, we kinda toured around the place. it wasn't my first time there, but it was my first time to really get the feel of it...

still the same, i wouldn't want to live there... unless they build a SM The Fort or SM Taguig or whatever. the restaurants and boutiques are so high class but it's truly fun looking around! XD and hey, the hot chocolate at mcdonalds (32nd st.) is 2 pesos more expensive than the ones here! that's fuhreakin unfair! that's about the cheapest place there.

anywhoooo, the fitness first there has a really cool, swipe activated entrance! kewl. and at megamall, they lend you a separate card (in exchange of your mem card) to use as your locker keys. and heeeeck!!! their lockers are so hard to figure out! >___> beats me.

oh, i take away what bashful things i may have mentioned about my classmates. :) i know time is going to make things more comfortable for me, and i'm starting to feel it. :) uhh, yey? :)

and so... this brings me to the real business.
i have some things to research on :)
bye for now.

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