About Me

Name: Arianne Grace C. Birog
Nick: R-yan, Yan
Birthdate: November 16th
Location: Philippines
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Why 'A Brain Region'?
It's an anagram of my name. :)

This is like my 4th ever personal blog in blogspot. I started out as melodia04, then moved to yanibirog, then livejunk, then here. I killed melodia04 and yanibirog already. Blogging has been part of my lifestyle since 2004, everything I know about html, css, xml and webdesigning in general, I owe to my certain attachment to the blogosphere.

I am not someone big, I'm simply someone who loves to blog. :)

You can contact me however you want. Easiest way is to comment on any of my entries or drop a line at the tagboard. Or you could email me if you want to. Oh yeah, Y!M is also an option.


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