i ran out of bleach eps to waaaatch!!! grrr

BECAUSE the dvd stopped at episode 151, right when they were already fighting with arrancars at hueco mundo! sucks biiiiig time!!!


tomorrow, my sister and i, BY ALL MEANS, will buy dvds.
and by dvds... we mean...

angels and demons
i am legend (if there's no AnD)

i wanted to buy more dvds...

like naruto, one piece, gravitation, and the whole harry potter series.
but i'm semi-broke. i can only spend enough to satiate my bleach craving.

we're buying at st. francis square cos that's like the ultimate dvd haven for us (not quiapo or any place else) so most probably... we'll be at fitness first megamall afterwards. hehe XD

strawberry banana is my new favorite ice cream flavor! :D


oh, can i comment on the katrina-hayden scandal?

hm... i'm not on either side, but i think both of them deserve what they're experiencing right now.

to katrina: i know hayden looks irresistible, but during the time the both of you fucked, it's already common knowledge that hayden is with vicki belo. you're snaking into their relationship and that's bad.

to hayden: oh god, you look so pitiful on TV. i felt really bad that you're currently a national laughingstock, especially that you look so handsome in white (who knows if you scripted that to gain sympathy?), but what you did was wrong. not just with katrina but with all the other girls your hayden-camera victimized. i know everyone has at least one weird fetish but yours is the most pathetic. and wassup with you doing your pal's girlfriend? that's unforgiveable (same goes to the girl)!

LOL this issue is already very largely sensationalized that i wouldn't be shocked to see that one day, when the scandal dies down, Jun Lozada is already dead.
you know what i'm talking about right?

and what the heck are with these stupid politicians who desperately want to get caught in the issue. it's funny how random politicians keep popping out of nowhere, leaving comments, consoling katrina, criticizing hayden...blah blah. these jerks just want to show their faces to remind us that they're running for position. nice try, really. just a bit pathetic, but at least, you served your purpose. just don't go showing your faces anymore on upcoming major showbiz intrigues if you're not directly involed cos seriously, you're becoming a big joke. it's not like we need your opinions anyway. go spend on your own campaign material! you've hoarded billions for that right?

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