permission to hula

@ i guess it was the other other day when someone approached us and asked us to sign a request letter to include HULA DANCING in the gym's group exercises. of course, being polite, we signed the petition letter. but then, why hula? they already have belly dancing and hula hardly makes people sweat. hmmm. but anyway, if it gets granted, it would be a cute exercise. hehe

@ by the way, the other day, we tried YOGA. freakin complicated positions!!! i'm really out of balance! >___>; but i like it because it made me sweat really hard

@ that's why the next day, which was yesterday, we didn't go the gym. partly because the weather is glum, and mostly because there's a party at our neighbor's house and well, we just had to be there for the FOOD.

@ tomorrow is my dad's birthday! :D yey. ice cream plzzz???

@ for me, this is the best website in whole internet universe! BOSANCHEZ.PH -- this place is just full of blessings! :D please do try his articles and see for yourself. don't forget to subscribe to get free articles on your email! :D

God Bless

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