fight the bad feeling ♥

ja-kku na-ppeun ma-eu-meul meok-kke dwae

those were the intro lines of the song Fight the Bad Feeling by T-Max, a track included in the OST of Boys Over Flowers.
and that was my beloved Woo Bin's paaaart! XP he's part of T-Max, as i've recently discovered, and he has a freakin hot hot hot voice. i'm melting right noooooow. define meeeeeelting!

doot-doo doot-doot-doo
doot-doo-roo-doot-doot doot-doo
pap-pa pap-pap-pa

uhh, i call him woo bin (BOF char) because i don't remember his real name. hehe easy reference. ♥ ♥

yo yo yo wassup! XP

aaah, OSTs probably make up more than 90% of my playlists. :D my music life revolves primarily on the OSTs of the series/movies i watch XD.
and currently, i'm addicted to the OST of Boys Over Flowers! :D i so so so love it. :D

note to self: buy new earphones! XD

i'm only tolerating the fitness first headset because it's loud! and i had go through this day looking weird just so i can listen to the OST at full blast. haaaaaay ♥

i ♥ woo bin

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