yo france!

this is crazy! my fic is much appreciated in france now! 5 chapters, 70 reviews (and counting!), and 3,000++ hits! that's beyond awesome! for me ha! course, i'm keeping my standards low. i usually wait until i get 10 or more reviews per chapter before i update. it also helps gauge the popularity of the story. hehehe

oh wow, i feel so great! :) i mean, considering that the audience is limited to France alone (because of the language), theoretically it would mean that only a few people could read it (unlike with English, right?).... so it's ridiculously flattering on my part that it fairs just the same with my English stats. i didn't know that the hpdm fandom in france is so big. hehe

anyhow, i thank all my French readers for appreciating my story! :)

full credit also goes to Agathe Laplante because if not for her genius translation, my story wouldn't reach this far! :) thank you so much! :)

i don't really like bragging about my writing because my friends write better than i do. hehe sorry

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