training day #1

i woke up really early this day, 7am!!! yeah, that's already too early for a bum like me.

then i went to Philamlife Cubao at Gateway to attend the PCTC (pre-contractual??? training course). for a first timer like me, it was kinda hard...but it was one hell of enlightenment for me to finally get acquainted with the mob of insurance terms i hear from my parents all the time. it got me really interested with insurance! haha

i learned that life insurance isn't all about leaving money behind to your loved ones in case of you dying! :) on the contrary, it's one heck of a good investment means! better than the bank and stocks yo! believe me! :D

try me for an appointment and i'll share everything i've learned! :D this is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in the liquid investment industry. usually, we tire ourselves working just to earn money. but with insurance, we put our money to work for US and at the same time, our beneficiaries! not the other way around. :) this is a good way to save up for emergency money issues, and ultimately your RETIREMENT.

hehehe, i was with ate cel the whole day :), we ate lunch at gateway. man, i ate a freakin looooot! XD

btw, our trainor was handsome! :D but he's 26 and is ardy married hehehe i was observing him and found a ring on his left hand! and also, when he was citing illustrations to us, he used a pretty uncommon girl's name so i thought "aaaah, she must be the wife"

turned out i was right.
nice observation-assumption skills huh? hehehe

and he's wearing a cool high-collared black jacket from Arrow.
uhh, yeah, i'm a sucker for tall, lean men in black jackets. LOL

my observation-slash-mental-stalking didn't end there. i have another silly assumption about him. he likes star trek! he's mentioned the fandom twice and also said something about alien invasion, which struck me hard.

i love world domination too sir, why don't we just rule the world together?
he's a geek! i can feel it.

i have geek sensors, btw.

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