Creative Zen 8 gigs (review)

Full Specifications: click here
- capacity: 8 gigabytes
- size: roughly the size of a credit card. 2.5in screen with 16.7 TFT color support
- weight: 65g. that's super light!
- supports mp3, wma, non-protected .aac (m4a)
- plays video (needs conversion though)
- voice recorder
- FM radio
- alarm clock: no built in speakers so you either have to put your earphones on or attach it to a speaker
- multi-tasking: you can view your photos while listening to music! :)
- very good battery life: when fully charged can play for more than 24hours of audio non stop!
- expandable memory: has a SD card slot!

light. compact. handy. supports major music and picture formats. good sound quality. expandable memory. cheap

plastic casing (very prone to scratches/hairlines). video needs conversion (available in cd installer). not much options for integrating external data to built in memory.

overall i would recommend this player to people who need functionality at budget price. price here in the philippines would not go higher than 10k (though i bought mine for 11k since it's a new model then). i've been using mine for more than a year now and it hasn't failed me since then. :)

OVERALL RATING: 9 out of 10

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