on coffee high

oooh, almost midnight entry. :)

nothing really. :)

so while feasting on crackers and slimming tea, i'm gonna watch DNangel! :)

yey XP

something i've learned about my anime watching habits.

romance/romcom will always be my favorite! :) i go for the usual highschool setting with the typical boy meets girl setup. i can watch series like these continually, yeah, without eating or taking a bath lol.

unlike with general adventure type anime, even though they still tick a big part of my heart...i cannot watch it with sustained interest just like what i do with shallow series LOL. i WILL finish the series, but i will have to take a bath, eat my meals, or even go out malling in between. LOL.

and so far...
anime series i've completed watching both on TV and on disc (as far as i can remember)

death note (fave!)
code geass s1 and s2 (fave!)
special a (marathon!)
ouran high school host club
lovely complex
full metal alchemist 1
yuyu hakusho
hunter x hunter
slam dunk (fave!)
junjou romantica
fushigi yuugi
rurouni kenshin
sailor moon (childhood fave!)

blah blah... i guess there's more! i forgot those series i used to watch in AXN before when we still have cabled tv LOL

and now...
animes series i want to watch/finish watching/re-watch

honey and clover (in progress)
DNangel (in progress)
one piece
naruto (like hell! can't get past season 1)
bleach (in progress)
full metal alchemist 2


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