no gym for a week

man, i'm wasting my money by not going to the gym!

tomorrow until friday, i'll be attending a training seminar about insurance. then i'll be taking the insurance chorvaloo exam, get licensed and prolly sell insurance as a sideline. LOLOLOLOLOL. i'm doing this because of my parents but it's kinda interesting as well. :D because of this, my mom bought me 2 new tops so that i'll get to look least. we're supposed to buy pants but we ended up buying shirts instead because they're cheaper, the pants will have to wait until we can pay a visit to divisoria. hihihi :) i really really want to buy new pants because i only have one decent pair of denims, the others were either too loose or too old or too old that's why it became loose. hm..

then, my sister and i will pursue driving lessons sometime this year, prolly not later than june? hehe i need to drive already. srsly. :D

and also, we want to register as voters in preparation for the upcoming elections. ftr, my parents' last voted during the time of marcos and well, my sister and i are going to be first time voters if ever.

still still listening to the Boys Over Flowers OST. you know how awfully addicted i can become with OSTs. ♥

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