post gym entry

i'm probably taking the gym for granted. thing is, i don't really want to but fck i have my period right now. T__T;; even so, i've gained 2 lbs already and that's not a freakin good thing. i will resume to extreme gyming after i get over this bloody crap.

i went to FEU-fern this afternoon to take the entrance test. even though i knew the exam is just for formality's sake, i was nervous about the result.

the exam was, i dunno, hard. 28 minutes, 100 items of abstract reasoning, figure logic and sequence problems. i don't know but i kinda lost my mojo for taking entrance exams. i'm kinda cursed with em. >___>;; but i think i passed, since the lady at the admissions office already gave me a list of fees and requirements to pass.

i remember when i first took the entrance exam there, it was almost the same, except that back then there were additional questionnaires for math, english and science. it way easier that time. i was the first to finish.

now i'm the last.
i've gotten dumber, seriously.
beats me.

hm hm hm

after that we went to the gym. i just didn't feel like exercising because i'm having mild stomach cramps. and so i just sat at the lounge for the most part and doodled random stuff at a random paper (which happened to be the bfa viscomm curriculum).

oh, i did some weights too. just some, didn't really stress myself too much. >__>; the easiest machines there were focused on the wrong body parts. parts i don't want to develop. pectorals and lower back. like, where

which means thaaaaaat, we have to invest in the right pain in order to develop the right parts in our body. :)

hay hay hay

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