training day #3

SAMS day 2 :)
i came in 30 minutes late hehehe i also found a new friend! her name is jam and well, we ate lunch, spent the breaks together and strolled around gateway after the training. :)

i have a classmate who is 5'8" tall, is only 17 years old and looks like sandara park. awesome height. she's like the tallest in class! XD

just a segway, sorry. hehe

anyway, while in gateway...we visited 2 free art exhibits! one was called Festival, by the UP almuni assoc and the other one was i dunno, i forgot. >___>;;

here are some paintings from Festival:

done using watercolor. this is pretty awesome! got me inspired! :D

pretty girl. :) though she doesn't seem very filipina. it's supposed to be an exhibit with a theme, philippine festivals. but anyway, she's the prettiest naman. haha and look at the details of her top mehn! great artist

this one is my favorite! it looks like a photograph from afar and when you see it personally, she looks so real. so, err, 3D! hehe ang galing talaga eh!

the colors look richer in person. parang may metallic effect pa sya. cool

isa pang coooooooool! XD

catch Festival at 3/f Gateway Mall, Cubao. you pass by the restrooms at the food court area and you'll end up at the gallery! :D they're up until may 31.

the other exhibit, i really don't know how it's called basta it's just in Gateway, i guess it's at the 4th floor (cinemas) near the Mandarin Suites main entry (not the showroom), malapit din yta sa Globe Premiere Cinema (i only learned about it right now!!! astig pala dun! 300+ pesos, free unlimited drinks and popcorn). oha

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