check this article by Bo Sanchez: Are You Fulfilling Your Life Purpose?

In that article, he poses two questions that will determine your purpose in life.

1.) What do you love to do?
2.) Where do you excel?

Frankly speaking, I already know my purpose in life. If you know me personally, I guess you'll have an idea. I'm a happy person who knows my life purpose, works at it, but not daily. I say not daily because at the moment, I am still wrongly positioned in life. Meaning, I don't like what I'm doing

Sometimes it just doesn't pay that you know your purpose. You have to work at it. True. But what if circumstances are not geared towards you fulfilling your purpose in life? Like in my case, I want to be a full time artist but when I applied for Fine Arts, I failed miserably. I remember a popular saying that says when you want something, the universe will conspire for you to achieve it. Definitely not in my case! -___-;;

which is why i find it reasonable to not take the universe as it generally is, because if you do, it's pretty much saying that you're relying on FATE. and fate is for lazy people who don't want to work their asses. you should at least define your universe, who's in it, where it is and what are you in it. Your universe should include only those variables which work interdependently on each other, with you being the main anchor. Such that when you work hard, all the others will be affected in the right way. That's my kind of universe, and it's the kind of universe that will conspire to your aspirations, given that you work on it of course. Let's not be superficial.

Now, back to why I can't seem to fulfill my purpose.

The only thing I can think of is TIME. I believe that the fulfillment of every purpose has its own time. I believe in God's time. I would complain about it, why did I have to realize my purpose this early when I have to wait for 10 more years to practice it? I would spend my life waiting anxiously for that chance to arrive. it's like a potential that is not given the right break. Then again, I'm still young and need to learn to more. Fulfilling my purpose in life is probably the last stage that I would have to go through before I reap eternal rewards. It's a stage I don't want to enter unprepared.

Anyhow, it doesn't mean that I'm leaving my purpose behind for awhile. I mean, going back to the 2 questions, if it's something I love to do and excel in, it would always come out from me naturally.

It's the fulfillment that has to wait.

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