first day low

wasn't really excited on my first day at fern. i mean, what is there to be excited for? i dunno. i feel dumb as usual, especially that i'm surrounded by freshies. i didn't even make friends. well, i talked to a few people about the room assignment cos there are freakin 2 rooms indicated in my schedule. so stupid. but i didn't go any further. i didn't ask for names. i really wasn't looking for a friend. i want someone my age. i want a transferee friend too. oh man, and the people are... the people in front of the classroom were so uncivilized. i freakin hate it. i suddenly miss uplb.

and the prof. well, of course i can't go harsh with him especially that i learned he's a new prof, but since it's not his first time teaching....why is there something lacking???? i don't get it. he bores me.

my classmates are ugh (&^%%^$@#%^&, but i tolerate them because they're funny... in a foolish way.

i know i sound so boastful here. soooo boastful indeed just because i came from a up unit. then again, i wasn't really proud of the lb in uplb.

oh come on, my brain is rotting and i'm here belittling my new school. you have all the right to criticize me.

tomorrow, i'll be going to elbi to hopefully finish my clearance. dmmt. this is gonna take me another fortune.

and also, i've decided to freeze my fitness first account for x months (i dunno yet). i need the time to save and to study.

i'm saving for a sony dsc-w120.
and of course, a laptop.

C++ is an entirely new thing to me, but it's so interesting i want to study it already.

tomorrow, i'll make friends.

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